Thursday, 18 February 2010

WIP, Vintage Cath & a hint of crafty stuff

Good afternoon

How is half-term going for all those with school people?  So far so good here - though the awful weather (except yesterday) has meant the boys have been indoors more than I really like.

Work has continued on my doll and as of first thing this morning she looked like this;

Anyhow back to yesterday - it was a gorgeous spring day here in Suffolk - ideal for getting out & about.  I took myself off out for a few hours & caught the train to visit my oldest friend.  She lives in the lovely town of Beccles.  For once as we'd no children to please we decided to meet in town & have a potter & lunch.  The pottering naturally took us round the shops. Despite the town having a huge amount of charity shops, I found no bargains jumping out at me :(  However it also boasts a wonderful wool shop, a superb sewing shop and a few other great places.  I didn't come away empty handed;
(an EB beaker - currently holding pencils)

(more ribbon, some self-cover buttons & knitted card toppers)

(red, white & pink buttons which were then crying out to be put into jars)

We've busy here again baking as today we've had visitors for lunch - one of my sisters & her 2 children.  Little son appointed himself chief-cake decorator;

My nephew who is 5 rather looks up to both boys but especially big son.  Usually they play upstairs with lego or other delights dragged from the back of the boys cupboards.  Today was different, nephew has discovered Nintendo and the wonders of MarioKart, he was determined to beat the boys at this (amazingly they didn't even notice the camera - though looking at the pic I'm wondering if I forgot to switch the flash on!!);

Last but by no means least, Melmel mentioned on her blog about vintage cath stuff and the wonderful wishing books.  I've had a quick hunt through the cupboards & dragged out the oldest ones I can find - Spring 2005 is the oldest one I have and I've completed lost the 2008 ones - am wondering if someone (MrVV?) has recycled them :(.  Trying hard to rack my brains as to my first CK purchase - think it was a classic rose pinny in the blue colourway.  I always wear a pinny when I'm cooking, cleaning and doing stuff in the house and sadly this pinny has worn out completely - and been replaced with a strawberry print one which is also now showing signs of wear :(
I wonder what others will find and blog about??

See you soon

xxxx Vicki xxxx


TheMadHouse said...

Wow, I am loving the doll

Linda said...

Glad you enjoyed Beccles, lucky to have it as my local town. I'm a big fan of the Tilda Books - Faeirie Nuff blog is orgamising a Tilda Springtime swap at the mo if you are interested ? Linda

claire said...

Great doll.
I love Beccles, did you go in the sewing shop that is the wool shop..or the fabric one round the corner (which I haven't been in for it there??)
I chucked tons of CK books before I realised how much I needed a pile of them!!!
I have from 07 I think...

VintageVicki said...

Linda - I've seen that but have also soon how professional everyone seems so will pass this time. You are a lucky lady living in Beccles - I shall definately be back.

Claire - both!! Was like a kid in a sweetie shop. Next time I go I shall make sure I've saved up more pennies.

melanie said...

Your doll is perfect, I love her!
The pink ribbons you bought are so pretty, and I love the covers on your CK books. :) xxx

A Country Girl said...

Wow! She has hair now.