Tuesday 29 September 2009

Best bit about back-to-school

Well we've been back at school now for nearly a month and already we're into a routine of last minute panics and morning chaos!!  There seems so much to remember - pe kits, music, instruments, homework, lunches, glasses and cookery ingredients.  Actually the last one is something that seems to get remembered as my youngest is turning into quite a keen cook.

This weeks offering from school was scones - they were scrummy with some butter and homemade strawberry jam.  The only improvement would be the addition of some cornish clotted cream.

Boosted by this success he decided tonight that he'd like to help with dinner.  We've had a glut of tomatoes in the garden that have been ripening indoors rather faster than we can eat them.  So we decided to make a roasted tomato sauce to have with pasta.  I gave instructions and Will did the chopping and cooking.

It was delicious - think I might have my very own Jamie Oliver :)

Monday 28 September 2009

Weekend - part 2 & Make do and Mend Monday

As much as I'd love to reclaim all my weekend from the delights of domestic chores, some still have to be done.  One of the least painless is shopping especially as for once it was stuff for the grown-ups and not the boys.  We still needed to get a 2nd duvet set for our room and so headed off into the nearest big town to find something that we both likes, didn't break the bank and also was available in super-king size.

Not an easy task but eventually after much searching we settled on this one - definately has hints of CK and shabby chic.

We also bought a large canvas print of an opening poppy head which looks fab hanging over the bed.


The final part of my plan to revamp our room was to change the curtains, however in the spirit of make do and mend, I decided to dye them.  They started out as cream with little tiny red flowers on them.

And are now a rather pleasing shade of 'Vicki' green - such named as I'm forever picking this colour whether it clothes, paint, fabric or in this case machine dye! Yes it is deliberate that the tie-backs remain undyed.

The mend part of my day? Repairing a pair of scout trousers and replacing buttons of school shirts. 

Sunday 27 September 2009

Weekend - part 1

Well what a difference a week makes. Plans made and with just a minor tweak carried out :)

Saturday saw me heading off to the Vintage Fair in Woodbridge - and yet again it was packed with loads of lovely stalls selling all sorts of treats and treasures. I had a good look around and saw soooo many lovely items it was hard to make a choice.

I had promised Lisa at BoboBun that I'd say Hi if I got to the fair and indeed I was brave and went to have a chat with her and her friend from Kitschen Pink. I bought a gorgeous badge from KP and a beautiful crocheted brooch from BB. Was lovely to meet you ladies and I hope to see you again at the next fair.

I also bought a couple of snazzy VW camper printed tea towels which I hope might appeal to the males of the house and make them more inclined to dry up?? Unlikely but worth a try. Finally I could not resist the buttons earrings - the hardest part was choosing which set I wanted.

As I’d time to spare before my return bus I went into the town of Woodbridge and spent some time browsing the many pretty shops and packed charity shops. Treated myself to a set of stacking cake tins from Laura Ashley – printed with polka dots & gingerbread and double whammy of loveliness. Finally I bought an essential item – new nightwear for me.

Was really lovely having a day to myself and its something I shall be repeating more often.

What did I do on Sunday? I'll tell you tomorrow ;)

Friday 25 September 2009

Friday again - thank goodness

Well my first week of blogging has passed and we are now at the start of the weekend.

Am hoping things go better than last weekend.

My plans for tomorrow include going the Vintage Fair in Woodbridge and making a start on my 'C' word shopping and also having a few hours to myself to look around both the fair and the town itself.

Was thinking today that it has been absolutely ages since we have any rain here in Suffolk - the grass has turned the most fetching shade of straw yellow and even the dandelions have given up trying to grow.  It has meant that this summer I've had to spend lots of time watering my veggie patch and pots & tubs.

This picture was taken in the spring of the summerhouse in the corner of my garden - the grass then is looking quite lush and green. Looking out there today I wonder if it will ever look like that again. 

BTW the cupcake card from yesterdays post was very well received.

Have a good weekend.

Thursday 24 September 2009

Beds, cards and a busy week

First of all I must thank everyone who has commented so far on my new venture into blogland - I love reading all the comments. Thank you also to those that are now followers of my blog - makes me feel very special :)

Well where has this week gone too? Good news Will is now better and is back at school.  He's still to regain his appetite but we're getting there.  Had a funny incident the other night with him sleep walking and me nearly having to clean out the camping gear cupboard!!

As I mentioned on Monday we have a new bed.  Am very lucky that MrVV imports & sells furniture - have been waiting ages though for something new to find its way to our house. Is always the way the cobblers children were always the poorest shod!  Anyhow we've gone for hotel luxury living style and have a superking size monster - great as it means I actually have space at night and no longer nearly fall out everytime MrVV turns over.

Am planning on dragging MrVV shopping at the weekend as we still need to get another duvet cover set and I think its about time we finally got some new pictures for our room too.  The ones you can see are very old and match colour schemes in a house we've been left for almost 7 years.

I've not been neglecting my blog this week - its more the fact that the week has run away from me. I've got a college assignment to hand in next week and I've been working on that.  Have also been doing some work on health and safety in the workplace - is a miracle I survive each working day the amount of 'hazards' I've found!

One last thing to show you, as I've mentioned before I've recently started making cards for birthdays and occasions instead of just turning to the high street.  Well its a workmates birthday tomorrow and I've made her this - hope she likes it.

I found the Union Jack material in a charity shop today - 2 whole flags just perfect for cushions.  Also got a bag of pretty white buttons that are currently in the dishwasher.

Hurrah tomorrow is Friday - see you then.

Monday 21 September 2009

A weekend reclaimed (sort of)

Had such great plans for the weekend but sadly these were not to be. Little son woke Saturday morning after a dreadful night (in with me). A quick check with the thermometer revealed what I'd already guessed - he was running a temp :(. Eventually got through to the weekend doctors and an appointment made. Anyhow I was right he did need meds as his tonsils were 'yucky'.

However this unplanned weekend at home did mean that I could finally get round to completely a few tasks from my to-do list.

First of which was making a batch of green tomato chutney. Despite a bumper crop of tomatoes this year very few have ripened.  Thought I'd be clever and make a double batch - was a minor panic that the pan was going to be too small but it fitted with an inch or so too spare.

Had 18 clean jars waiting to be filled - used 17 of them. A good bit of guess work on my part.

The next task to get to get ticked off the list was to use up all the sloes we picked the other weekend and turn them into some warming for the winter months ahead.  I think 1.5 litres will keep us going!

Final task was to finish making a card for my nieces birthday - I'd taken the photo ages ago - it just needed mounting and some birthday trimming round the edge.  Am quite pleased with it - the whole card making thing is new to me and so far the results have been very well received.

Thats all for today - tomorrow something special is happening - we are finally getting a new bed. Might even share some photos with you ;)

Friday 18 September 2009

End of week treat

Its been a busy week what with work, an ill child and starting college. On my way to work this morning I popped into my favourite charity shop and the picture above just called out at me - it looks so like my 2 boys when they were smaller - right colouring and clothes too.

It was quickly paid for and loaded into my mode of transport - my much loved bike.

Earlier in the week another treat arrived for me - a new book. Am planning to try this weekend reclaiming business so shall start in a while when I turn off my computer and open a bottle of Adnams finest carbon-neutral beer :) and tune into Strictly Come Dancing.

Thank you to those that have read my blog so far and have commented.

Have a good evening xx

Thursday 17 September 2009

Am still playing with the blog and its layout and also all the different functions - so far so good and no need to call my smarty pants teenage son to come and help me.
Pictured up there ^^^ is my latest patchwork quilt - think its my 4th one now. I love making these - they are no quite perfect but this one is the best yet.
Think over the next few weeks I'll be gradually adding more pictures of things I've made and places we've been too.
Oh blimey - I've done it - have set up my first blog!

After months of reading the details of other peoples lives its time for me to share mine with you.

Not quite sure what to say today.

Hello I'm Vicki, I'm almost 40 and live in Suffolk with my husband and 2 sons (Ed 13 & Will 11).

I love all things vintage, messing about with my sewing machine, baking, making jams and spending time with my family.

I've been keeping a diary this year with pictures and memories from family events and days out so I guess this blog is the logical next step.