Thursday 29 April 2010

Swap Shop but without Noel Edmonds!!

There always seem to be so many swaps going on in blogland and since I've been a blogger, I've taken part in quite a few.  I love them - the fun of 'meeting' a new blogger and getting to know them, the hunting out/ making of pressies for them and then the excitement of waiting for your parcel from them to arrive.

At the moment I'm signed up to 3 swaps (see below) - some of the bloggers I am familiar with and one is a new one to me (so I have been reading back and getting to know them).

I've been rummaging through my supplies this week and adding some more bits - some will be used in swaps and others for pressies for forthcoming birthdays;

Might use some of this fabric - might not ;)

Might use some of this ribbon - might not ;)

Might even raid my button tin - again I might not ;)

My 3 current swaps;

Organised by Em's Shabby Shack

Organised by Crafty Helen
Paired with Tilly Rose

Organised by Sarah @ Red Gingham
Paired with Traci @ My handmade happiness

Don't forget about the bloggy meetup in Southwold in June - all invited - it's a meeting in Suffolk for Bloggers - not just for bloggers from Suffolk ;)

I shall end now on a high note - Little Son passed his Grade 2 Violin exam (only just, but it was pass). Now means he needs to start practising and learning more stuff for his Grade 3 sometime next year.

xxxx Vicki xxxx

Wednesday 28 April 2010

Midweek round-up

Good morning from Sunny Suffolk - another day of blue skies & warm sunshine :)

This is how I'd like to spend at least a small part of today;

Finishing this - a knitted bag;

I might have to spend sometime in the kitchen later - need to do some more baking so those boys have something for the lunchboxes tomorrow. They got excited last night when the saw this cake in the kitchen - had to tell them it wasn't for them! Its for Stitch & Bitch tonight - a late treat for my sister who had a birthday at the weekend;
I shall be wearing my new ring which came this morning - oh yes time to scare the posties again!!

The weather for the rest of the week is set to be unsettled so I shall be spending more time indoors - probably in my sewing space - lots of WIP for the craft fair next month.  The room is getting a more lived-in look and I've added lots of lovely things I've received from other blogs - both gifts and cards;

Right I'd better go and get started on my tasks for today. BTW whats happened to blogger? I don't like this new way of uploading photos - very slow & cumbersome :(

xxxx Vicki xxxx

Sunday 25 April 2010

When a knight won his spurs in the stories of old,

He was gentle & brave
He was gallant & riding on a pony at the head of the Scout Parade, just behind MrVV's band!

Big son got the honour of carrying the Union Standard :)

Little son scrubbed up well - polishing his shoes & ironing his scarf - shame some of the others didn't bother!!

I spent a busy afternoon in the drinks tent - we made over 300 cups of squash and I've no idea how many biscuits were consumed by the boys & girls but it was alot!

Off to see which Dorothy is sent home - we're all hoping its Emilee. Still routing for Jessica to win.

xxxx Vicki xxxx

Saturday 24 April 2010

Sunny Saturday

Its been glorious here in Suffolk today - blue skies & sunshine :)

Nipped into town this morning - might have called into the fabric shop (will share that another day).

The cherry tree has burst into blossom;
This afternoon 3 of us (big son has become a teenage bedroom hermit) headed off to buy some chairs for the garden (came home via Southwold & the icecream shop ;) ) - here they are modelled by little son;

Off to find my party shoes - friends 50th party tonight - we're all going :)

xxxx Vicki xxxx

Thursday 22 April 2010

A very mixed week - illness, awards, wins & buys

Good evening

Seems so long since I was last on blogger and I've so much to catch up with - both reading, commenting & replying.  The reason? Tuesday afternoon I was struck down with the worse migraine I have ever experienced :( I went to bed about 2pm and slept for 3 or 4 hours - normally that would do the trick & I'd feel ok - not this time :( At 9pm MrVV called the out of hours doctors as I was in such pain I thought my head would split open. They sent a doctor who arrived about 11pm and he prescribed some very strong painkillers which took the edge off it - enough for me to get some more sleep. I slept most of Wednesday too and a big part of today as well - however I now feel more 'normal' - hopefully tomorrow I shall be back to my usual self. I've got a doctors appointment for next month as I think its time I got some proper advice & help with these attacks.

Onto the good stuff;

An award from Sue @ Dollytub Cottage;
The postman brought me a parcel one day - I can't remember which. It was from Ellouise88 - I was the winner of her first giveaway;

A gorgeous soft snuggly scarf and some fab East Of India postcards - thank you :)

Tuesday morning before I started to feel ill was the first morning I'd spent by myself for what seemed like weeks. The boys had gone back to school and MrVV was working elsewhere.  After a while the silence was too much so I headed into town - the lure of the charity shops and the fabric shop was too much!!

another Ladybird book for my growing collection.

Strawberries & Stripes - no idea what I shall do with them yet - shall ponder a while more.

Don't forget this - Suffolk Bloggy Meetup. Looks like it shall be on Sunday 27th June in Southwold. Quite a few signed up and room for plenty more - even if you're not from Suffolk ;)

Last but not least for now - its this chaps special day tomorrow;

He's also the Patron Saint of Scouts and we've got a big parade in town on Sunday which the boys (along with 300+ other scouts, cubs & beavers) shall be taking part in - MrVV's band is leading this and I'm told there is a special surprise too ;)  My role? I'm in the refreshment tent!!

Until next time

xxxx Vicki xxxx

Monday 19 April 2010

Ok who's feeling brave??

Been pondering this for a while and after consulting with my mate Country Girl, I've decided to put it to the rest of the bloggy world.

Who's up for a meet? In Southwold? Either Sunday 27th June or Sunday 4th July?

Would suggest meeting at either the cafe by the boating lake or the one at the beginning of the Pier. Could meet for tea&cakes or an ice-cream or both. Loads to do in Southwold - beach, shops, silly stuff on the Pier or just loads of nattering and getting to put faces to names.

Up for it? If so, please leave a comment & what day is best for you and we'll go with which one is most popular :)

If you want you can borrow this pic and put it in your blog too.

xxxx Vicki xxxx

Added 20th April - Looking like 27th June is the favoured date so far :)

Sunday 18 April 2010

A marmite day and lots of flowers & planting

Saturday was definately a marmite day. We headed as a family to Bury St Edmunds for this event;

Oh yes 1,000 Morris, Molly & Clogg dancers in 55 troupes from all over the country - like I say Marmite- either love it or you hate it!! MrVV & I loved it, little son tolerated and big son kept his ipod turned on!!  As lots of the dancing was taking place in the main shopping area the boys did wander off to look in the shops and big son even bought himself a hoodie with his own money.

Like I said dancers from all over - some traditional;

and some less so - these pink & black ones were morris meets punk style

and these ones were quite gothic

Now you can't go to Bury without visiting the Abbey Gardens as these are always gorgeous and colourful;

Today has been another sunny one - this afternoon was spent in the garden. MrVV planting & pruning, big son cutting the grass and little son & I playing with the veggie patch and planting a few pots;

We also planted a new lavender hedge by the back gate - hoping when its grown it will attract lots of bees and also provide lavender for cutting & drying;

2 best bits about today;

Being able to have bare feet & wear sandals :)
and getting an award from Bad Penny @ HenHouse ;

Now I have had this award before but am grateful for getting it again. Just need to think of 7 things to tell you about me........
1.  If it wasn't for my 6 weekly hairdressers visits, I'd be almost grey.
2. I am scared most dogs :(
3. I swim as well as a stone.
My mind has gone blank so I'll leave those till another time! I also need to pass this award on - again I shall do that another day too. I need to get into the kitchen and prepare dinner.

See you soon

xxxx Vicki xxxx

Friday 16 April 2010

I love Fridays :)

Well this one in particular I've loved!

Woke to more sunshine which is always a good start to the day.

Boys were busy doing nothing this morning so I left them to it and popped into town. I was having CS withdrawal symptoms! Went into all 4 shops in town & 2 came up trumps :)

4 more pairs of coloured plastic needles for my ever growing collection;
2 more Ladybird books

Came home to find the postie had been and brought me my final birthday pressie!!

Well worth waiting for - lots to inspire and when I've time I shall be doing something inspired by this book.

Its was quiet here this afternoon, MrVV was out today, little son was at the cinema with a friend and big son spent his time happily battling things on the Wii. On my to-do list was 'make a birthday card for a sister' who's birthday is next week.  Thought I'd try something a bit different - quite pleased with the results;

Have a good weekend - I believe its going to be sunny & warm. We have plans for Saturday which hopefully will happen.  Big son is out tonight bowling with the Explorer Scouts - means MrVV can't have a drink as he's got to collect him later :( - doesn't mean I can't have a cider though ;)

Till next time

xxxx Vicki xxxx

Thursday 15 April 2010

Pinny wearers of the world unite :)

Oh yes - a swap for us pinny wearers :) Sarah over at Red Gingham is organising this swap - pop over and join in - should be worldwide pinny fun :)

Now ever since I became a Mum, I've taken to wearing a pinny, whether its cooking, cleaning, dealing with small children, especially when mine were small or even just general household stuff, 99% of the time I'm wearing a pinny. I've got quite a collection and as I'm messy tend to have a clean one each day!

The last one I got was from MadMummy as part of the Colour Swap;
and I even received this book the other year for my birthday;

I've been meaning to show you this one I picked up in a charity shop a few weeks ago;

It has this label on the front - I think it is a genuine 40s one - can anyone confirm this?

Today has been a real change for me - I've been looking after my 8 year old niece whilst her Mum was at work. We've had such fun baking, making a makeup bag (first time I've used my zipper foot in 14 years of owning my machine!!), making some button earrings, designing an Alice in Wonderland theme park and just playing outside in the sunshine;

Just heard from some family who are in the US - they are stuck there till after the weekend in LA - shame!! Fortunately they are staying with family so haven't got to worry about extra expense of hotel rooms etc.

See you soon

xxxx Vicki xxxx

Tuesday 13 April 2010

A Sunny Suffolk day :)

I was woken again this morning by the sun peeping through a gap in the curtains (much nicer than the nasty alarm thats out of work till next week). I was quickly up & out of bed - can't waste a minute of that blue sky & sunshine.

Apart from the constant loading/unloading of the washing machine there were more exciting things to do.  We were expecting visitors for lunch, a sister & her 2 children.

Cakes were needed and these scrummy lemon ones were made using the receipe from the Hummingbird Bakery book - that book has far too many nice things in it;
When my sister arrived she brought a surprise with her - my baby sister (who is actually 26). She arrived bearing Easter Eggs for the boys - think they are late for this year rather than early for next ;)

Its my nieces birthday later in the week so as it was ok with her Mum she had her pressie early - she was thrilled with her dolly & things from this post.

After lunch had been eaten it was time for a sweetie hunt in the garden - this was supposed to be for chocolate eggs but the shops sold out rather quickly this year. Instead it was for a various sugary treats which even my 2 large boys where happy to hunt for;

Now where has Auntie Vicki hidden them all?

Look I've found all mine :)

Both the little ones love playing in our garden as it is big space compared to theirs at home AND it has a huge collection of swords (which kept the 3 boys amused) and a swing which my niece can spend hours on;

Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine & school holidays?

See you soon

xxxx Vicki xxxx