Wednesday 19 June 2013

Happiness is......

Good morning

I've not taken many proper pictures recently - the habit of taking my camera with me everywhere has lapsed. However I have captured happy moments on my ipad and these get shared by Instagram - its instant blogging I guess. However I do want to keep this blog running as its a more permanent record of my life - its ups, its downs and of course my family.

Here's just a few pics from the past week - all filtered via IG first;

 Those blooming named coke bottles - once Big Son found his name, we had to find one for the rest of us - even though I really don't like the stuff! I found mine on the way home from my cancelled Op appointment - hence full fat coke was ok - after 9 hours of nil by mouth, I felt I'd earned the calories!!

 Gardening time - pretty frock of course and wellies 2 sizes to big - despite everything I still can't get my ankle into my wellies - I've just adopted an old pair of little sons instead!!

Big Son taking on the task of grass cutting - he did a fab job - completing the task despite a wheel coming off the lawnmower with just a small area left to cut! A new lawnmower is on the shopping list now - had hoped to wait till we move but heyho!

 A peony rescued from the garden - just so gorgeous.

 Dinner for one on a night when the boys were with their Dad. The perfect excuse to indulge in all things local - asparagus.

Followed by strawberries - all served on vintage china - why not ;)

Last but not least - someone who makes us all very happy. My little nephew - just so cute. The boys visited earlier in the week and took lots of photos - I just love this one of him with Big Son;

Right I'd best go and get sorted - work later and then S&B group tonight.

See you soon 

xxx Vicki xxx

Tuesday 11 June 2013

Oh well - so it's changed again!!

Good morning

This wasn't what I'd hoped my next post would be about. I'd wanted to tell you I'd had my op and I was home getting better. Instead I am at home but no Op has taken place!!

I got to the hospital yesterday at midday as planned - I was admitted to the ward at 2pm and then I waited and waited. My BP started to rocket due to the stress. I called P who works in town and he came over and sat with me to take my mind off stuff. At 4.30pm a nurse appeared in my room with a sheepish look on her face. I knew what she was going to say before she spoke. Due to over-running previous ops mine had been bumped off the list :( So after almost 5 hours at the hospital and 10 hours without food or drink I was on my way home still with my dicky gallbladder inside me :(

Cross is an understatement - so much planning had taken place to ensure I had got people to look after me whilst I recover. Friends/family had taken time off work to help out and having my Op yesterday meant I wouldn't miss much other stuff in my life that I want to do - sadly this now means I will miss things I was looking forward too.

I've spoken to the hospital this morning - a new date has been arranged and this time I am first on the list - however its 3 weeks away and it clashes rather with things I had wanted to do and also getting sorted for my move. Luckily P and I are getting on well so we are going to work together to make sure things happen as smoothly as possible. 

I might have kicked several cushions today and ripped up the odd newspaper!!!

And now for something lovely - my garden always looks at its best in June - so whilst trying to calm down after this mornings call, I wandered around with my Ipad and took some photos which have of course already appeared on Instagram (I do love that place rather a lot these days);

Oh btw I've added a new widget to my sidebar - I wanted to see where my blog visitors were visiting from - its not entirely accurate but it is interesting - lots of UK (seems there are plenty of readers in Suffolk) and US visitors. Does seem that Sid the grass snake is still bringing in people - ever hopeful he will appear again soon - just need some long hot sunny days!!

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx

Tuesday 4 June 2013

Be Back Soon


Thanks to those who've wondered where I am disappeared to :)

Just a bloggy break as life has taken over recently - so much stuff to sort, rehome etc. One move has taken place and the boys & I should (keeping it all crossed) be having ours early August.

Another big event in my life takes place next week - my pesky and sometimes very painful gall-bladder is being removed. It has caused no end of problems recently - another trip to A & E and some days I rattle with all the painkillers I take. The upside of it all - since this first started to play up in the Autumn, I've lost 3 stone and dropped 2 dress sizes! I was wearing an old pair of jeans today to paint some garden furniture and its just crazy to think that they fitted in the autumn - they are so huge now. I fully intend to never fit those jeans again!

The Morris dancing continues - I am so grateful to my friend for dragging me there in early Feb - I never realised how much fun it could be. The butterflies no longer plague me - instead a wonderful calm happens for several days after a day out. Off out again in a little while - this will be my last one for a couple of weeks. I have no idea how longer it will take for me to feel ok to dance - the hospital say a couple of weeks and others who have had the same op vary from about 10 days to the more pessimistic 6 weeks! I am aiming for the shorter recovery - life is to short to slob around in baggy joggers!!

Right - just checking my list - twizzly skirt, big stick, boots, mask and tailcoat - oh and beer money!!

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx