Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Wet,windy Wednesday & the week so far

Good morning

Seems spring has sprung away & winter has returned.  Its wet & very windy out there this morning. Have a feeling that I shall have to do a mercy dash to rescue some battered & bruised daffs later :(

Thankyou to all those who wished Little Son well - he was much better on Monday but still spent the day at home. Mainly giving me a running commentary on what I was doing!! Back to school on Tuesday which he was pleased about as he really loves school.

As the cake tins were empty on Monday and as I'd received 2 new cookery books for my birthday, it was time to get baking.  After much deliberation, we chose Coffee Cupcakes from the Primrose Bakery book and Oat & Raisin Cookies from the Hummingbird Bakery book;

(note the presence of Ernest standing guard ;) )

In a brief lull in the rain yesterday it was out to the garden armed with secateurs to collect some braches & budded twigs to make an Easter tree - am hoping that by the weekend, the buds will open & it should be a mix of green, pink & yellow :)

Amazingly Ernest didn't sneak into that photo - he's certainly got about this week.  Little son has taken a real shine to him and was concerned that Ernest was due another trip via Royal Mail soon. We then had a flash of inspiration - Ernest is travelling to his next home by car - he's coming with me & Country Girl to the Vintage Fair at Woodbridge on Saturday. There he (along with his travelling box & goodies) shall be handed over in person to Julie (Beach Bygones)

Ernest spent sometime yesterday in my sewing room - here he is with Amy having a gossip & wondering why there are legs all over my sewing table!!

The legs are part of a mass production of ragdolls. I've rather bravely agreed to a 1/4 share in a craft stall with my sisters at the end of May. Rather scary as I've not done anything like this before - but as they say nothing ventures nothing gained. Least its only 1/4 of a stall & I shall have plenty of company that day.

A little celebration is in order this morning - I've reached another blogging milestone - 100 lovely followers :) Thankyou to Claire (Are We Nearly There Yet) who helped me reach this last night;

One last thing before I go and enter the world of domestic bliss - don't forget to enter my giveaway (button in the sidebar). I shall be drawing the winner out on Easter Monday (5th April);

Here's hoping Spring returns soon - see you later in the week

xxxx Vicki xxxx

Monday, 29 March 2010

Weekend - part 2

Right where did I leave off?

Oh yes - waiting for a phonecall.  It never came, in fact just as I was about to call MrVV & Little Son, they arived home.  The exam had gone ok & Little Son hopes he did enough to pass. We shall find out in about 4 weeks time.

There was a quick turnaround - shower & eating - and then they headed out to LS's brass engagement.  Apparently that went well too - MrVV might have embarassed LS by tumbling across the stage when he was infact just helping to sort a rogue snare-drum out!!

It was quite late when the pair of them arrived home - in fact I was dead to the world, having gone to bed to read but I'd dozed off with the book across my face (no photos though).

Sunday morning was a bit muddly - the hour change confusing all & meaning there wasn't time to do much before we headed out to lunch.  It is FIL's 75th birthday this week so we headed out as a group of 9 to a lovely pub near Woodbridge.

Afterwards, we dropped big son at home (he'd opted out of fresh air & a walk) and the remaining 3 of us headed to Aldeburgh. Ernest had come along to so we thought we'd take him to have his picture taken on a local landmark, Maggi Hambling's Scallop;

It was lovely there yesterday - quite warm and not too busy. I suspect next weekend it will be very different as Aldeburgh fills with visitors for the Easter weekend.

When we got home it gave us time to do all the normal Sunday things - getting ready for school in the morning etc etc.

Was going ok when LS was suddenly struck down with a migraine :( - first we ever know about these is when he is sick :(  We packed him off to bed with some painkillers. Fortunately he's fine this morning if a little wobbly so he gets to spend the day at home with me. 

I was saddened to read yesterday of the death of one of my favourite authors & bloggers, Elspeth Thompson.  I am a big of fan of hers & have referred to her books on this blog on several occasions.

I shall see you later in the week & reveal where Ernest is heading next ;)

BTW who is heading to the Vintage Fair in Woodbridge next weekend??

xxx Vicki xxx

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Weekend - part 1

Well weekends always start on a Friday don't they?

Had a good morning out with my friend, Country Girl, we headed over to Saxmundham, a little town that I've not been to much in recent years.  Was amazed at how much the high street has changed & the excellent mix of shops there now.

Most importantly coffee was the first stop of the morning;

(oh yes Ernest came too)

We then had a good wander round the town & shops. For once the charity shops turned up nothing for me :(  However I made up for it in the haberdashery shop, where one or two pretty buttons came home with me ;

As it was still sunny in the afternoon & I needed to buy birthday pressies for my FIL, I headed into my little town.  The call of the charity shops was great & I managed several pretty little things - 2 pieces of flowery fabric - perfect for bunting, a pretty pillowcase & an Enid Blyton book which was one of my childhood favourites - total spend £1.50!

Friday night was spent watching the start of Somewhere Over the Rainbow - looking forward to see who wins and of course singing along each week.  All this was accompanied by some birthday chocolates & some of MrVV's homebrew cider *hic*

Saturday morning dawned bright & sunny.  MrVV had a brass engagement this morning - the opening for the season of the museum in town;

(these letters were made by my grandfather who worked in this factory in its heyday).

The museum was keen to show off its latest engine - this used to work in the town 40+ years ago taking things from one factory across town to the other & also to the railway mainline.  It was brought back here about 6 years ago and needed major repairs - now almost £100,000, it looks like this;

This steam roller was made in the Garrett factory & is a familar sight around town & at steam fairs all over the place;

Ernest wanted to sit on both of these but as it was very busy it was not possible. Instead he posed in the workmans van which was also restored by the museum;

Ernest has gone on a special mission this afternoon, he accompanying little son to his grade 2 violin exam.  Little son is a tad nervous & Ernest is hoping that his presence will help him overcome his nerves.

As Mum left at home I need my own Ernest - will be glad when the call comes through to say it is all over & they are on their way home.

A quick turnaround is required as little son is off out tonight to play his baritone with the training brass band he plays with - MrVV is taking him & is picking up T (son of Country Girl) on the way.

Another busy day tomorrow - more birthday celebrations - this times its my FIL's 75th birthday & we're off out as a family for lunch :)

xxxx Vicki xxxx

Thursday, 25 March 2010

A feathered houseguest ;)

As I mentioned in my last post, the VV family  has been expecting a houseguest.  Well there was a knock on the door this morning (and this time I was dressed ;) and the postie handed me a box.

Inside was this little fella;

Meet Ernest - he normally lives with Bad Penny @ The Hen House but during 2010 he is having a gap year and planning to visit as many bloggers as possible!  He arrived with his own nest box, passport & bucket in which he is collecting little items from all his stays!

He came to me after staying with Pomona & Princess Bunchy @ Little Cottage Comforts. 

So far he has been the idea houseguest. After lunch he sat & watched me add a few rows to my latest blanket square;

He was left in charge whilst I went to little sons parents evening - he even made sure that little son had his after school bun & drink;

Its been a lot cooler here in Suffolk today and this afternoon was wet & windy.  Ernest found it a little chilly in the VV house until I quickly knitted him a little scarf ;

One very happy visitor - happy then to check little sons homework;

Both boys have gone to scouts tonight so the house it quiet :)  Little son has decided that Ernest may share his room and before he left he took Ernest up to meet the rest of the bedtime gang;

Tomorrow I am off out with my friend Country Girl and I expect Ernest will come too. 

I've been wondering how to entertain my little friend over the weekend - dependant on the weather, he may be off to see some steam engines and hopefully the seaside :)

Already we need to think where Ernest can head next - though I might be naughty & let him stay here over the Easter weekend so he doesn't spend it in the sorting office. If you think you can offer him B&B next - leave a comment on this post & between Ernest & Little Son they'll decide where he fancies visiting next ;)

See you soon

xxxx Vicki xxxx

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Another day - another parcel!

This time it wasn't a birthday pressie but a one-2-one swap with Floss, all the way from France.

The poor postie was greeted by the sight of a mad-haired, dressing gown clad 40 year old clutching her bucket of coffee - just hoping I wasn't the worst sight that greeted him that day!!

Anyhow - back to the parcel & the reason it is here with me in England.  When I first started blogging I soon found Floss & her blog and we started commenting on each others blogs & discovered that we've quite alot in common - the biggest being that we've both got 2 boys & the said boys are all of a similar age.  In one of my comments I mentioned chocolate and an offer was made to send some over to France.  Well the offer was remembered and last week we parcelled up our respective gifts & they were sent.  I'll let Floss show you what ex-pats miss most about british easter chocolate and I'll show you my parcel & its contents;

The card told me that in France chickens, bells & fish play as an important role in French Easter tradtions as bunnies & chicks do in ours.  I had to google this and am proud to say I learnt something new.  I explained this all to the boys who are now also aware of another countries tradtions.

The chicken in the middle of gorgeous and it will be hard eventually to break that up to eat it.  It reminded me so much of the 80's TV series Bread & I found myself singing the theme tune alot yesterday at random times!!

Also in the parcel were a selection of pretty french haberdashery items ;

All gorgeous & all for me :)

Thankyou Floss very much from me & the boys xxxxx

Yesterday afternoon I was entrusted with the job of collecting one of my nieces from school as her Mum was working an extra day & needed a hand with some childcare.  Its such a long while since I've collected a child from the primary school and I was quite looking forward to it.

'A' came skipping out of school and surprisingly for her had remembered all her stuff and there was no sending her back to collect forgotten items.  I even managed to collect the details for a playdate for her at the weekend - just call me SuperAuntie!!

She is such a sweet little girl - and was quite happy to amuse herself with my collection of vintage ladybird books - her she is snuggled up with little son whilst she reads him Snow White;

Middle of the week already - must sort my basket out for S&B tonight - no Country Girl as she is tied up with school plays at work :(  Nevermind we're planning a catch up on Friday.

I also need to get sorted for a very special houseguest who is arriving this week ;) - I've been promised that he is housetrained and easy to look after. I've roped in little son to help me. Who is it? I'll tell you soon ;)

xxxx Vicki xxxx

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Thankyou Everyone :)

Thankyou everyone for all your birthday wishes yesterday.  It was another brilliant day which followed on nicely from the fantastic weekend :)

I was thoroughly spoilt - so many lovely pressies & gorgeous cards. Thankyou to Country Girl for my birthday blog post - complete with a couple of old pictures. I've since found a few old pics to which I'm sure I'll use on this blog eventually!! Another thankyou needs to go to a group of friends I met via another internet forum - thanks girls for all my pressies & not too rude cards ;)

MrVV & I went to Prezzo's for lunch which was very scrummy. Not the wisest move for me to have a large glass of wine @ lunchtime but heyho you're only 40 once.

Here are a few pics of all the gorgeous pressies I received - totally spoilt & I loved it :)

(bracelet & 3 beads from MrVV & the other 2 were from my family)

Little son was very keen to make me a cake so he roped in MrVV as chief assistant & here it is (was bright pink inside - I said 3 drops of colouring NOT 3 cap fulls!!)

Thanks all once again.

See you soon

PS - the postie has just been & I've a parcel from France - shall share that with you all next time ;)

xxxx Vicki xxxx

Monday, 22 March 2010

Happy Birthday to me :) Oh no 40!

Oh yes that day has finally arrived - the day life is supposed to begin! Wonder what I've been doing for the past 40 years then?

40 years ago - a little Vicki eventually was dragged kicking & screaming into the world. Delivered by Major something or other at the British Military Hospital in Berlin (Dad was in the RAF).  The first child for 2 people who really didn't look old enough to be parents & fully admit to holding me in one arm & the baby book in the other!!

As its such an important birthday, celebrations have been strung out all weekend and some more are happening later today (more on that next time).

Saturday was party day and my family arrived to help me celebrate in style - proper party food & pass the parcel (complete with original vintage FisherPrice record player - well we always used this at parties when I was small).  My parents bought me a proper cake - though we opted not to put 40 candles on there!!

I was thoroughly spoilt - lots of lovely pressies (which I was allowed to open :) ) - craft things, CK breakfast set, some things for my dolls house, lots of things with russian dolls on and some money :)  My little niece who is 6 made me these flowers & decorated the jar vase too;

Sunday we went out for a roast dinner and afterwards we headed off for an ice-cream pudding in Southwold;

Off out to lunch again today - just me & MrVV this time. More pressies to open and the menfolk apparently have made me another cake!!

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx

Friday, 19 March 2010

Sunny Friday :)

Good afternoon

How has your week been?  Its been a lovely sunny week here in Suffolk - proper springlike.

Washing has been hung outside and come in a few hours later, dry and with that wonderful linedried smell :)

The sunny weather has made everyone happy - MrVV hasn't felt cold in his office all week and the boys have been happy as they've not needed coats for school.

We've a busy weekend planned here in the VV household - a birthday party for me tomorrow, lunch out & a trip to Southwold on Sunday and then my actual birthday on Monday (and another lunch out).

Today I've been baking towards the party tomorrow - one of my little nieces asked last weekend if there would be pretty cakes at the party? So of course I've obliged;

Lemon cupcakes with lemon icing topped with a mini-egg (well its almost Easter).

When I was out with Country Girl for afternoon tea in the week, these vintage inspired postcards jumped out at me & at just 25p each it would have been madness not to get a whole set. They remind me of sunny, summer days spent at the beach;

Here's hoping you all have a good weekend and we all get some more sunshine.

See you next week

PS - Don't forget to enter my giveaway ;)

xxx Vicki xxx

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

***Giveaway Time - 100th post :) ****

Well who'd have thought it - my blog is now 100 posts old :)

Can't believe I've arrived at this significant number nor that so many wonderful people read it & comment on it. Thankyou to each and every one of you.

I love blogging - both taking the pictures, writing the posts and of course reading all your blogs & the insights into your lives & families :)

As is tradition in blogging, I'm having a giveaway :)

This dolly who the boys have nicknamed Amy is looking for a new home :)
Along with her in the parcel will be;

A selection of things that are very Vicki - there may be more depends whatelse I find in the next week or so.

The rules? - there aren't many. Just leave a comment on this post by Monday 5th April and your name will be put into the hat/bag/bowl/bucket.  One tiny rule -you must have a blog to enter - just makes it easier for me.  If you want to you can pinch the pic of Amy & put it into your sidebar - spread the word far & wide :)

Good luck

xxxx Vicki xxxx

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Spring has sprung :)

and brought lots of colour with it :)

Crocuses have flowered and look gorgeous
The sky has been mainly this colour :)
My spring coat has been brought out and a Bobo Bun crocheted flower added :)

The conservatory has been spring cleaned & the table given a new oilcloth top.

Pretty buttons bought - like I need an excuse ;)

Even my blanket has grown!! Now 36 squares big :)
Last but not least - this is my 99th post - here's a clue for next time - someone will be looking
for a new loving home ;)

Must be the season for giveaways - make sure you check out my sidebar as I'm trying to list ones I've signed up for - I'd hate you all to miss out on some lovely things :)

BTW - Happy Birthday to my friend Country Girl - was good to meet up for tea this afternoon :)

xxx Vicki xxx

Sunday, 14 March 2010

A Weekend of muchness :)

Thankyou ladies for all the comments about my last post - reading back I do sound grumpy don't I - oops!

Amazing what a trip to the hairdressers can do for a persons wellbeing - a cut & a colour later and I felt much more like a normal Vicki (whatever normal is ;) ).

Yesterday I went to see my Mum and take her card & pressies - as there are so many of us we tend to break our Mothers Days visits up as otherwise it gets rather overwelming!!  Mum loved her card & pressies :) and no sooner had she opened those when another sister arrived along with my little niece & nephew.

They had a great time exploring the cupboard where the toys are kept - I hadn't realised what a collection of vintage toys were still at my parents - Fisher Price & original fuzzy felts - was great to see them played with by a young ones more used to Nintendo and modern plastic stuff.

Whilst I was out MrVV & little son built my dolls house :) ;

Just needs the paintwork touching up, then decorating & furnishing - think this is very much a long term project.

Today as we all know was Mothering Sunday - and true to their word I've had a day off :)  Meaning the menfolk have cooked, washed up and looked after me.  Big son was given the job of pudding (Apple Crumble) for tonights dinner - how he managed to break my peeler I'll never know - have nicknamed him Hulk for the moment ;).  MrVV took the boys out yesterday so they could buy cards & pressies;
Lastly with all my spare time today, I've just about finished my colour swap things (MadMum I shall email you this week) and have also made something as part of a giveaway (more on that another day).

See you later in the week - I must get myself organised with my photo taking - have things I want to show you :)

xxxx Vicki xxxx