Thursday 26 July 2018

The Big Move

Ok so another short blogging break wasn't planned but here I am. New chromebook to type on and a wonderful Google photo account which uploads straight from my phone.

Obviously there is a back story which many of you won't know so here is a quick run down. I fell out of love with blogging in 2013/2014. I had split up with the boys Dad and the boys & I moved to a gorgeous Victorian semi. We had 3 amazing years there so much happened - the boys grew into young men, finished school and both went to Uni. I met a really lovely man and we got married last August (more on that another day).

The Victorian house was sold in March 2017 as I was by then living with S in his flat in South West Suffolk. I had a full time job in the same school as him and all was wonderful. We married in August 2017 and after that decided we really did need more space for when both giants were home from Uni. Many of mine & the boys things were in storage as the flat was just not big enough.

We saw this little cottage on my birthday in March 2018 and put an offer in the next day. A tense few months passed before we got the keys on the last day in June. 

The cottage dates from 1880 and is quirky & colourful with the most gorgeous wildlife friendly garden. We have been here just 4 weeks but it already is our home. We moved the flat contents in one day and had it all unpacked by the end of the first weekend! The stored things came the beginning of the next week and we have worked like crazy to get them sorted and either unpacked, or sold or given to charity. Proudly only a tiny amount has gone to landfill - our local recycling centre really does have facilities for recycling everything!

Anyhow - less waffle more photos!!

 One of many stained glass windows.

 You know a house with a bat doorknocker is going to be fab!

 The kitchen is a favourite space - I have discovered my love of cooking again.

 The open shelves are wonderful - its great having our favourite things on display and at hand.

We have this little area at the bottom of the garden - a wisteria covered gazebo - its our favourite space to sit of an evening - glass of gin in hand. By day its pretty but at night it sparkles with 100's of solar fairy lights - a proper grotto. I must take a picture one evening!!

 Just another picture of the kitchen - our collection of vintage kitchenware is growing. I love that S totally understands my love of vintage and floral and I love his collection of more folk / pagan inspired things - and the 2 collections together work wonderfully.

It was wonderful to unpack treasures that had been stored for 18 months and put them out again. I culled quite a lot and only kept things which had really special meanings. I have quite a few of my childhood toys still and many of these are out on display - waiting for small visitors to come and use them. 70's Fisher Price toys were made to last - the camera was for my 5th or 6th birthday - and has been used by all my younger siblings, my boys and all my nieces and nephews.

The orange room is our front room which also doubles as a study and spare room! Hard to believe 2 weeks ago it was full of boxes - it had its first visitor this week. Small giant came to see the new house which was lovely.

We have Big giant here living with us whilst he has a break from things after 4 tough years at Uni. The final months were not easy - exam stress and losing both Great Grandma's in the space of a week.

Right I think that's enough for today. I promise I will be back soon - there is so much to share. 

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx