Thursday 29 July 2010

Spacemen, parcels & raindrops!!

Good evening

The holidays are going to quickly - could someone slow them down please. So much we want/need to do and already we are finding it hard to achieve everything!! 

Its quiet here tonight - MrVV & Little Son are at brass band practise and big son is at badminton. I've made it a little bit noisy - I've plugged my Ipod into the stereo (ingenious bit of wire - about £2 - instead of a docking station which would have cost lots more pennies - thank you Ebay).

This morning, I got to indulge in one of my favourite games - scare the postie!! Poor lady - least she didn't drop the parcels!! Apart from my bit of wire and another violin book for little son, there was also something lovely for me - my Shabby / Vintage Swap parcel from Aija @ Craftsmiles ;

All looked so pretty - it was hard to choose which one to open first.

Inside there were;

Hearts - one in patchwork and another in vintage fabric

Buttons, ribbons, smellies, some CK bluebell (my favourite), a notebook and a couple of books - all gorgeous and in Little Sons words - "very you Mum".
Chocolates (hidden from the menfolk), a pretty rosy pot and fabric (including the lovely folded fabric design in the background of the pictures).

Thank you Aija for my lovely pressies and Karen for organising this fun swap. 

Here is what I sent Aija;
A UJ cushion made from a selection of vintage fabrics, a CK purse, an vintage tray cloth, a bag of sweets, a shabby chic chalkboard, some needles, yarn & book to help her learn to knit (something she says she wants to do - and if I can do it then anyone can!!).

Talking of knitting - in between housework and gardening this week, I've been busy knitting more triangles - this time to make a cushion cover - one side is sewn together & I'm 2 triangles from having the 2nd side done;
The reason I've had lots of breaks is because after weeks of drought, we've have quite a bit of this;
The boys have been pretty self-sufficient - finding things they want to do and also helping me with various jobs which need doing before we go camping again soon. 

One thing we wanted to do together this summer was to go to the cinema to see the 3rd part of a film that is a family favourite. Plans were slightly scuppered when big son saw it with the school during activity week (and decided that once he'd seen it in 3D - normal 2D was not going to be as good) - so only little son & I headed off the other afternoon for a hot date with a cowgirl & a spaceman ;)
Definitely worth the 11 year wait :) - would recommend this to all - seems to suit all ages - I know my 24 year old brother has been with his mates - he remembers clearly seeing the first one when he was about 8!!

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx

Monday 26 July 2010

The wilds of Norfolk

Good evening

Back from our little weekend camping trip in Norfolk with friends - actually we got back yesterday but its been so busy here today that I've only just sat down at my computer.  I see that Dawn has got in first with her account of the weekend - I shall try not to show you the same pictures again ;)

Friday really just saw us setting up, having a drinkie or 2 and just catching up on news. It turned rather chilly in the evening and so we didn't stay up very late.  I was rather glad of my decision to bring both my knitted blanket & patchwork quilt as in the middle of the night I was very chilly indeed.

Saturday dawned bright, sunny & rather warm. After a minor hiccup - steam trains leaving rather earlier than we thought ;), we instead ended up heading to Gressenhall and the Museum of Norfolk life. So much to see and do - I think another visit as a family is on the cards at a later date.

The 5 boys heading off along the river bank - not sure how much of their surroundings they were taking in - at least we'd managed not to lose any of them for this bit!!

Similar picture to on Dawns blog - except its my boys on the horse.

I loved the recreations of the houses - I had seen so many of the lovely things either in my childhood or in other bloggers homes!

I can never resist knitted toys or dolls clothes.

Big son 'milking' a bucket - just after this he got into a water fight with one of the Dads.

Back at the campsite, a game of rounders was played - Dads v Boys - not sure who cheated the most!!

That evening we wandered into the village to a pub for dinner. Every time we've been on one of these massed camps I seem to have taken a picture of the child with the biggest meal - this year it was big son;

Yep - he cleared the plate. I guess another growth spurt is in the offing.

It was a good weekend - great location - very peaceful and unhurried. A campsite I am sure I will be heading back to in the future.

Today has been the first proper home day of the holidays. We have been sorting out the boys rooms - they have been brilliant and have been very honest about the stuff they have and what they actually will use every again. A huge pile has formed for a car boot sale, lots has been recycled and some things have sadly been consigned to the grey landfill bin. Apart from a sort of clothes and some curtains to wash we did it all - brilliant hard working helpers they were - lets hope the rooms stay that great.

We've lots to look forward to this week - friends visiting, cinema trips, seeing family and the boys intend to spend lots of time perfecting their new diabolo skills too.

Aija - your swap parcel has been wrapped tonight and will be on its way to you tomorrow :)

See you soon.

xxx Vicki xxx

Thursday 22 July 2010

Flowers, clocks and a camp heap ;)

Good evening

Hurrah term has finally ended - the boys are both very happy about this. Though they have both enjoyed their last week of term - both had activity weeks and have had a great time - particularly big son, he's been to a theme park, seen Toy Story 3 in 3D, spent the day learning more diabolo tricks and today he's been paint-balling - lucky child. I remember our end of term trip when I was young was either Norwich Castle or Bressingham Steam Museum!!

Many months ago as part of a swap (can't remember which one) - I received from Jen @ TheMadHouse some sweetpea seeds. After a slow start they've suddenly sprung to life this week and this afternoon after they took a battering in a heavy shower, I cut some to bring into the house;

Gorgeous - they smell divine - thanks Jen :)

I also finally collected something today that I've meant to for several weeks. This little clock belonged to my late grandad & it was one of several he used to remind he to take his medication.  I have been helping my Mum & Aunt sort out his belongings and asked if I could have this as a little reminder of him and his ways;

This week has been so busy - getting sorted from last weekend and preparing for forthcoming  camping trip. Just as I finished my last load of  washing, when my machine died!! Have arranged for the engineer to come first thing on Monday ( a washing free weekend then) to sort it out - it could be such an ouch moment IF we didn't rent our machine. Instead if he can't repair it - he'll just swap it for a replacement - phew!

Now this camping trip is an annual ritual - 3 families (6 adults & 6 children) - a new campsite each year. This group includes my mate Country Girl and a friend we've known for many many years. Heaps have been forming all over the house & this afternoon to make space to get to my sewing machine (must finish my latest swap pressies!!), lots of it was doubled checked and dragged downstairs and it can clutter up the hall instead!!;

Tomorrow is day 1 of the hols - wonder how it will go? Whether I'll be looking forward to day 2 or counting the hours till September!! I shall let you know next time ;)

xxx Vicki xxx

Tuesday 20 July 2010

Knitting with (L)atitude

Afternoon from hot & muggy Suffolk.

Well what a weekend - so much to tell you that I could fill pages with lists of who we saw and of course lots of photos too. Those poor people who are my Facebook friends will have been able to see some pictures - however there are a few that were specially taken for my lovely blogging friends.

Little son & I had a great time - we've walked miles, seen so many acts and of course sampled all sorts of great festival food. We've also meet some lovely people both in the campsites & arenas and also bumped into friends that have moved away from the area too (that was quite a surprise!).

No visit to the festival would be complete without a walk around the lake to visit the rainbow coloured sheep;

Of course they are popular with everyone - including celebs dads and the Sheriff of Nottingham;

Now you can take a crafter anywhere and she'll find something to do. Imagine my delight when we found a Knitting/Crochet tent - the idea being you knitted/crocheted a square which will eventually be made into a blanket & used at another festival for people to sit on while they knit/crochet!!Of course I had to this;

The phrase if you can't beat them - join them sprung to mind when Little Son decided he'd have a go;

The first square was not bad and he was soon badgering me to let him use my needles & yarn to start another;

So another blanket has been started in the VV household or possibly a cushion cover - depends how long this new hobby lasts.

One of our favourite performers this weekend was Phil Jupitus and we knew he was staying on the site for most of the weekend and infact everyone seemed to have met him & had a photo taken. Well just as we'd given up hope and were heading back to the tent on Sunday night - we finally bumped into him. What a great man - genuine and friendly. So one happy small boy ends today's post;

Off to battle the laundry pile and make the most of the final days of peace before the holidays begin. I shall be blogging over the summer but probably more hit & miss than normal so don't worry if I seem to disappear - like Arnie - I will be back!!

PS - big son & MrVV had a very great lads weekend - a party, a huge cycle ride and plenty of meals out and fun - just a shame they forgot to take any photos!

xxx Vicki xxx

Wednesday 14 July 2010

I'm going to London - to buy a Heat magazine.......

Actually I'm not but that 'ear-worm' has been in my head all week!!

I am actually off tomorrow with little son to the Latitude Festival just up the road from me in Henham :)

Packing has sort of started - heaps of stuff are on the floor of little sons room and lists have been written!!

This is my 4th year of going - for the past 2 years we've been accompanies by Country Girl & her daughter MissP - sadly this year due to other commitments they are not with us :(

Instead we've plans to meet up with other friends & family and to generally have a good time.

See you all next week

x x x Vicki x x x

Sunday 11 July 2010

Boats & Beans & other bits

Good evening from still hot & still sunny Suffolk - wonder how much longer this weather will last.

Am expecting it to change soon - mainly as there's a sports day this week and of course the Latitude Festival next weekend (getting a tad excited now about that)!

Friday night saw MrVV & I deposit the right boy with the right gear at 2 separate locations - with only the minor hazard of a closed road (and 3 mile detour) to negotiate!! However the detour did take us past the pub and it would have been rude not to call in for a quick drink wouldn't it ;)

Saturday we knew as soon as we woke was going to be a hot one - decided that as a treat for big son we'd head to Southwold for a fish & chip lunch on the Prom. Very scrummy - no pics - I forgot. We did a bit of celeb spotting too and spent a little while having a chat with Sean Lock (comedian) and his rather cute toddler son.

Had a wander along the prom - a perfect day - sunshine and calm sea;

A few mad people were being made dizzy on the boat trips;

Rather them than me - I'll settle for dry land any day.

The beach was fairly busy - lots of children digging and parents soaking up the sun.

We decided to head back home for the shade of our garden - MrVV with the papers and me with my knitting.

We were up very early this morning - 6am, so big son could catch the coach for the Youth Games. We managed to scare his old PE teacher - she really was shocked to see him taking part in a sports event - just shows with there is probably a 'right' sport out there for everyone.  He had a great day - playing singles/mixed & doubles - some wins and some close loses. I don't think he'll be awake too late tonight.

We had wanted to go and watch him this morning but as we had to collect little son in the middle of the day this wasn't possible :(

What a shock we got when we arrived at Little Son's camping base - he was covered in mozzie bites - 20 in total  including 5 really nasty ones on his face around one eye. They nearly called us last night to collect him but he wanted to remain with his friends. Lots of ice has been applied this afternoon and antihistamines taken - hopefully he won't look too bad for school tomorrow.

I've been looking enviously at lots of pics of homegrown veg on other blogs - well today its my turn to show the first few things picked from the garden - not much - enough to be added to a salad for dinner tonight though;

Very tasty they were too - look forward to more of these over the coming weeks.

Have a good week - just think for most its only 9 school days till the hols :)

xxxx Vicki xxxx

Friday 9 July 2010

Thank Pimms Its Friday

Good afternoon - long time no speak. Its been so busy here this week in the VV household - life has been hectic and many things have happened - sadly very few photos taken or much time to write about them. Add to that the fact that I've been doing admin work for MrVV and you'll hopefully excuse my absence from blogging and commenting.

It has been so warm here this week - I think one morning was slightly wet (a welcome relief) but otherwise its been hot, hot, hot. Not ideal for sports events nor for just every day activities. The weekend is promising much the same so I expect I shall spend time trying to keep cool.

I don't think I'd be a good blogger if I didn't share the good news with you all. I often mention my 2 boys and the various things they do - some good - some not so (losing a school polo shirt with 10 days of term left in one that springs to mind - nevermind, he's learning about using the washing machine ;)).  Well its been a good week :) 

Eldest has been selected for the Suffolk Youth Games this Sunday - he is part of the badminton squad - he got his team t-shirt last night and reluctantly agreed to pose for a pic first thing this morning;

As you can see - he's not quite awake!! Mind you it was about 7.30am!!

Last night was little sons school awards evening - he was playing there with the brass band AND he had been nominated for an award. Until they are actually called up they have no idea what they are getting - he was shocked & surprised to receive 2 awards - one for French and the other for Music.  Again he was dragged outside this morning for a quick photo shoot;

The reason for the early morning pictures is, I've been to see my Grandma today and of course I can't just tell her whats been happening - she likes to see pictures too!!

Little son is off on a wild camp this weekend with some of his scout troop - we've packed for all eventualities - suncream and raincoat!!

Keep cool and enjoy your weekends.

xxxx Vicki xxxx

Sunday 4 July 2010

In a jam ;)

Good evening

Another weekend has whizzed past in a mix of lie-ins, washing, band engagements & sunshine.

Am sorry that some parts of the UK didn't have great weather - its been another hot one here so many ice-creams have been eaten & glasses of Pimms drunk ;)

Yesterday we went strawberry picking - the jam cupboard is empty so it needed re-filling;

So simple - just strawberries, sugar & a splash of lemon juice. Made even simpler as my smallest assistant wanted to help - the reasoning? some of this jam would make perfect end of year pressies for a couple of his teachers!!

This morning, labels were written & the jars with plainer lids given strawberry themed hats;

4 big jars & 1 little one for us - should last a little while.  Hopefully soon we'll be able to pick raspberries too and come September, blackberries.

We decided this morning that a long walk was in order - selling this to the boys now they are bigger is never easy - some days we're referred to them as Cushion1 & Cushion2 due to the amount of time they are sat on a sofa!! Today's selling point - walk, then lunch, walk again, ice-cream - it worked!!

Thorpeness to Aldeburgh - lunch bought from the Deli & eaten on the sea-wall. Return walk back along the beach with ice-creams from the little tea rooms as an end treat :)

No idea who these people were!! Was too busy today to get just a view!! Sizewell A&B to the left and Thorpeness village to the right.

I love this point on a Sunday - its peaceful - the Cushions have been joined by Senior Cushion and they've watched the Tour De France and now its Top Gear time. I get over an hours peace to sew, knit & blog :)

Have a good week - the end of term stuff starts to go up a gear this week so my blogging might be a tad hit & miss.

xxxx Vicki xxxx

Friday 2 July 2010

Not a hooker and no monsters!!

Evening - how was your day?

Its been another hot one here and the promise that its going to continue into the weekend and

It does mean that the strawberries are ripening on a daily basis - today I manage to pick them and use them before the fridge monster appeared!!

Put my strawberry swap jelly to good use :)

Now I've tried hard with the crochet but we just aren't getting each other - I wanted some hooky bunting but that at the moment seems like a distant dream - however not one to be completely defeated, I've been knitting some instead!!

The triangles would also make an interesting cushion cover;

Nine triangles done - another 3 to go

9th one was still on the needles when I took this pic - finished it and number 10 when I watched the tennis this afternoon.

I've also this week finished my 81st blanket square;

Big enough to take camping and to the festival this summer - another 40 squares can be knitted/attached over the winter!!

Came home yesterday from a jaunt into town - no bargains in the CS's - must be too hot to sort/donate. However I did find something on my desk;

MrVV rescued it from the garden after he jammed in the patio doors!!

Got a bit of shock when picking strawberries earlier this week - this little 'fella' was lurking in the damp shaded patch behind the strawberry box - not sure who jumped the highest/furthest - I do know who screamed the loudest though *blush*

Have a great weekend - keep cool and drink Pimms ;)

xxxx Vicki xxxx

Thursday 1 July 2010

Thank you (straw)berry much ;)

Good evening

What a week - its been hot & hectic here. Everyday something special to remember and somewhere special for someone to be.

Hasn't the weather been great - a bit hot to sleep properly in sometimes but that's what fans were invented for!!

The postie called yesterday with a parcel for me :) - it was my Strawberry Swap parcel from Jackie @ Sew Special Bears;


Inside that (yes I know I'm teasing)

Lots of strawberry loveliness - a mug, some napkins, fabric, a jelly, a gorgeous card and chocolates (well the box was strawberry red ;) ). Also in there were 2 items that need special pics of their own;
A knitting bag - something I've wanted for a while - I will now feel a proper knitter when I take it too S&B next week :)
Jackie had also included a very pretty strawberry covered tin;

and hiding inside that was this really sweet little mini album for memories of this summer - definitely something which I shall enjoy filling up;

Thank you Jackie so much for my lovely pressies and for Pixiedust @ Faerie Nuff for organising this lovely swap.

I ventured into the garden this morning to pick some strawberries to put together with the jelly as a pudding for tonight - sadly just after this photo was taken a big monster came in and ate the strawberries thus depriving the children of a pudding tonight - heyho I'll try again tomorrow (he's out all day!!);

See you soon - lots to show you.

xxx Vicki xxx