Monday 25 October 2010

Rainbows & thank you's

Good evening

Surviving half term so far. TBH apart from eating us out of house & home the boys are fairly easy to have around the place. Mrs Thirfty, I would love to offer you a piece of cake but its all gone. I think they've also made a dent in the pile of apple muffins I made earlier too!

We had visitors here yesterday, friends & their boys. Lovely day, good company and lots of catching up to do. We had hoped to go for a walk but the weather put paid to that. Too many heavy showers for our liking. It seemed to be like that lots this weekend - sunshine, showers & lots of rainbows - just didn't manage to capture one on camera.

Instead here's a lovely rainbow that arrived in the post on Saturday. I won a giveaway over at The Felt Fairy - a gift voucher to spend in her gorgeous ebay shop. So spoilt for choice - so many gorgeous colours of felt to choose from. In the end I settled on a colour that I'm finding hard to get this year - the perfect shade for gingerbread men. 6 large pieces of that and a wonderful selection of embroidery floss made up my parcel - very pretty. Thank you Annie :)

This morning when I logged into blogger, I found I'd been tagged by Heather @ Pink Milk here's my answers to her 7 questions;

1. Have you ever been in the newspaper? If so, why? Yes - when one of my little sisters was born, she was the first baby born in a new maternity unit so a family pic was taken & put in the local paper. I got most upset when one of the boys in my class painted over my face when a copy of the paper ended up on the painting table at school (I was about 6 at the time!!)

2. If you were given £1000 which you had to spend which would be the first shop/s you'd head to? Apple - for a Ipad for MrVV and then probably CK for pretty things and lastly TopMan so the boys could have a good spend.

3. Is there a skill you wish you had? Crochet - I keep trying and am slowly getting somewhere but I want to be able to make a blanket - one day.

4. What was your favourite sweet as a child? Toffos and Texan bars.

5. What is your favourite time of the year? Spring - the days length & slowly get warmer and also my birthday is then.

6. If you were marooned on a desert island with a celebrity, who would you like it to be? David Tennant - hopefully with his Tardis.

7. When did you last cry? Quite a while ago - July on what would have been my grandads 89th birthday.

Next part - 7 new questions;

1. If there was one item you could have regardless of cost in your stocking this Christmas - what would it be?

2. Who are your current favourite band or singer?

3. Which band/singer is your 'guilty pleasure'?

4. What is your favourite tipple?

5. Your house is burning down - apart from pets & family - what 3 things would you try & save?

6. If space travel became affordable - would you try it?

7. What one thing would you like to do / try before you die?

and finally - the 7 lucky 'victims' chosen at random are;

Claire @ Are We Nearly There Yet?
Tracey @ Deben Days
Florrie @ Florrie's Crafting Adventures
Alijane @ Gingercat
Serenata @ The Balancing Kiwi
Beki @ The Ramblings of an Everyday Mummy
Karen @ Tilly Rose

Phew that took a while to do - not if its my computer or blogger that's slow tonight.

Off to message all my victims!!

Speak soon

xxx Vicki xxx

Friday 22 October 2010

Happy Half Term

Good evening

Hurrah its half-term - a break from alarms, pack-ups and white shirt ironing :)

It needs to be celebrated and it was today with a cake - quite bright already but enhanced by Picnik;

Lots to do in the coming week - boys have appointments, work and plans with friends. I'm looking forward to friends coming this weekend and a day out with my oldest friend in Beccles next Thursday. Hoping to fit some sewing time in to - was hoping to have some things to share with you but they are not quite finished.

Have a great weekend people and those with children, enjoy your half-term break.

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx

Monday 18 October 2010

Mostly Wols

Good evening

It seems that Wols are taking over - sorry Owls, blame Winnie the Pooh for renaming them. Last week in the charity shop it seemed everything we were donated was owl related - clothing, books, ornaments & painting - all from different people but all owl-themed.

Then I started the cushion for my sister - another owl. BTW I finished it at the weekend;

I rather like him - I think she will too.

Yesterday we headed as a trio (having deposited big son at a badminton tournament) to the Vintage Market on the Waterfront in Ipswich. It was a sunny morning, perfect for browsing and possibly buying. MrVV & Little Son wandered off quite quickly - they were more interested in the marina & food stalls than vintage & handmade items. I bumped into a couple of friends including Julie from Beach Bygones - who has done a lovely write up on the market. I actually started my christmas shopping - a ring similar to this one (which is for me) but in yellow for my sister;

and again more owls - for the same sister - so much easier when you only have one sibling rather than 6 to buy for!!

Can you guess what it is??
It's a fob watch on a neck chain - perfect for some who is (like me) always drowning her watch!!

Quite pleased that I've actually made a very small start on my festive shopping - I suppose at some point I might have to write a list. Might even have to give some thought to things that I might like to receive - now that sounds more fun - off to browse the net ;)

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx

Thursday 14 October 2010

Parcels, bats, owls & things

Good evening

Well what an excellent day in blogging terms - 2 visits from the Postman!!

The first knock was quite early - not long after the boys had gone to school. I thought it might be one of them returning having forgotten something! It wasn't - instead MrPostie stood there with a parcel for me  - a quick look and I could tell by the pumpkin picture on the front that this was going to be my Pumpkin Patch Swap (organised by Crafty Helen) - I was partners with Ness from Hapi-ness. Here is what she sent me;
Lots of lovely things - we'd agreed a mix of autumn & Halloween -   candles which we've agreed here smell of caramel (so very scrummy), a pumpkin soap (which the boys are eyeing up), a jar of Halloween sweeties (hidden from the boys), an apple paperweight, a necklace and a gorgeous leaf brooch. Can you see the card? well its hand-drawn and gorgeous. Thank you Ness very much :) I know you've received my parcel and I'll let you blog about that - mainly because I didn't get a very good picture of the contents :(

A couple of hours later, there was another knock on the door - different postie with another parcel for me. This bemuses MrVV - he still struggles with the concept of swaps & giveaways within the blogging community.

This parcel was a giveaway win from LissyLou ;

A beautifully decorated jar which was full to the brim with pretty bits & bobs;

It was a real treasure trove - stickers, ribbons, tags, buttons, threads and much more. I love this idea and think its something I could adapt for pressies for friends & family in the future. Thank you LissyLou very much :)

As its now mid-October I think it is safe to start mentioning the C word event at the end of the year. As a crafter who likes to include handmade in her celebrations, I need to start early so there is not that nasty rush come mid-December. I've been fiddling with felt again and adapting a crochet pattern from Lucy's Attic24 blog (I still can't crochet more than a chain) I made;

A little felt robin - please note the crochet chain legs ;)

At the weekend when I was out with my siblings, we did our not-so-secret-santa draw and I now know which sibling I am buying for this year. Was especially pleased as its a sister I am very close too. I know that at the moment she has a love of owls and all things owlish - so I've started to make her a cushion;

It still needs all the bonded on pieces over stitching and I've found some perfect 'old mans cardi' leather buttons that look great as eyes - hoping to get it finished over the weekend and I'll show you the finished result.

Lastly for tonight - I've seen this mentioned a couple of times on other blogs and I gave in today whilst shopping - there's an excellent freebie in this months Easy Living magazine - an Emma Bridgewater tea towel - there's a choice of 2 colours - I opted for the reddy pink one;

Oh I can hear fireworks outside - guess someone nearby has a birthday - off to look.

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx

Monday 11 October 2010

Monday Round-up

Good evening

Excuse the randomness (such a teenager phrase -blame big son for this one) of tonight's post - lots of little bits to share with you all.

Firstly, I've started some festive sewing, working in my favourite medium - felt. It started with this fella;

I didn't have enough felt left to make him a partner but he is now a single father to these two;

Hoping the postie comes tomorrow with some more supplies as he's finding it rather tough ;)

How was your weekend? Ours was ok - Saturday saw all the men in the garden tackling our back hedge - 2 trailer loads of cuttings later it was looking better if slightly bare. That evening we headed out in 2 groups for dinner - MrVV & Little Son out to a local carvery for a roast and Big Son & I headed to the Indian, we met up with all 5 of my sisters and my little brother to celebrate a sisters birthday - no photos, I forgot.

Sunday dawned sunny & bright. 75% of us headed off out to a local Country Fair with the remaining 25% staying at home to do homework (his choice). Plus he wasn't feeling 100% so thought the peace & quiet would be good for him.  The 3 of us had a good day though it felt strange with one missing. Loads to see & do - though sadly the big wheel was missing this year just as I'd decided to be brave and go on it :(

I rather enjoyed the marching pipe and drum band - you certainly knew they were coming - so loud!

Now at any one time in blogland there are some wonderful giveaways happening and like most bloggers I try hard to enter as many as possible and also to share the details with others. Well here's one I've found that I really don't want to share as I'd really really like to win it - however I'm not mean so here are the details. The lovely & generous Jackie @ Sew Special Bears is offering one of her special edition Breast Cancer Awareness bears to one lucky blogger.

Isn't it the most gorgeous bear - Jackie is one clever lady.

Right off to wrap my Pumpkin Swap parcel - I must get that posted tomorrow.

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx

Thursday 7 October 2010

Parcels & a garden 'surprise'

Good evening

Well its been the most gorgeous day here in Suffolk - sunshine, warmth & blue skies after what seems like days of rain & dampness. A perfect Autumn day and it was wonderful to get out & about on my bike this morning - our lane for once was rather busy with a local breast cancer support sponsored walk talking place - just wish I had my camera with me when all the ladies in pink were about.

Last time I blogged I mentioned a parcel that I'd received - would you like to see what was inside?? Well I'm going to show you;

This was from Alijane @ Gingercat - all looking gorgeous in pink & purple with ribbon around. Inside were;

Some CK tissues & notelets, a rosebud heart, gorgeous bath salts (these smell divine) and a bloggy parcel is never complete without chocolate - maltesers, one of my favourites.  Thanks Alijane :)

I know that my 2 recent giveaway winners have received their parcels so I can show you what I sent. For my winner Florrie I sent;

and for Serenata, a little runners up parcel;

Thanks to everyone who took part - wish you all could have won.

Oh today's garden surprise? Well just next to our little close is an old house that has been derelict for many years, its been sold several times to different developers but nothing has happened. This means the site has become a haven for wildlife and we regularly see foxes, deer, badgers and squirrels running around there. Well sadly they have in the past week started to demolish the old house and of course this has scared the wildlife away. Many have turned up in gardens nearby - we have a constant battle with the squirrels who insist on trashing bird feeders in the quest for nuts.

This afternoon I went down the garden to collect some washing that for the first time in ages was hung on the line rather than indoors. As I got there, I saw a sudden movement and flash of wriggly green! A snake - it went one way and me the other!! A quick google discovered that this visitor was harmless and just a grass snake - however I'd never seen one before and it was a huge one - over a metre long!! A bit like this one;

I mentioned this to the boys when they came home tonight - apparently they saw one similar in the lane one night after school last week but forgot to tell me!!

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx

Monday 4 October 2010

An anniversary weekend in Brighton

Good evening

Lets see if Blogger is playing ball tonight?

As promised, a few pics from our weekend in Brighton.

When we arrived on Friday, the plan was to park on the seafront and walk down to the Marina for a late lunch - it didn't happen. The wind was wild and the rain torrential. Instead we nipped into town to get a few bits & bobs and then ran back to the car and drove off to lunch. The marina was deserted, hardly a surprise - the sea was coming over the harbour wall and outside was not the place to be!!

Saturday was much kinder - the weather was lovely. We decided to head out for a walk after breakfast. Weren't really sure where we were heading but set off vaguely towards Beachy Head. Infact we stopped @ Seven Sisters Country Park. We walked along the river and then up to the top of the cliffs - the views were brilliant;

Back into Brighton we headed - as we came past the Marine Drive we spotted something very interesting happening below - Brighton Breeze, over 1000 VW campers & Beetles;

Then onwards into town - can't be in the same town as a CK shop without visiting ;). There was something I'd had my eye on and there was one left in stock :)

One other little treat from the weekend - a new charm for my bracelet;

(a ball of yarn with knitting needles - how perfect).

Yep, blogger is still playing up - at least tonight it let me load the photos even if it was incredibly slow.

Florrie and Serenata, your giveaway parcels will be on there way to you tomorrow :)

Oh the postie came today but I'll show you that next time ;)

xxx Vicki xxx

Swaps, wins & awards :)

Good evening

Of course the first thing to tell you is, we had a great weekend in Brighton - weather wasn't great but we had a good time - more on that another day - lots of pics to sort out.  Thanks for all the messages on the last post - I'd never seen Friends until yesterday morning - put TV on in the hotel & it was on - can sort of see what you mean about the young MrVV!

I thought I'd best do a post to update on all the wonderful swaps etc that have happened in the past week.

Firstly there was the Pincushion Swap organised by Beki. My partner was Maria @ Me&Ma. You can see what I sent her on her blog. Here's what she kindly sent me;

Inside were;

I'd seen one of these pincushions that Maria had made Beki so was everso hopeful when we were paired up that I'd get one too - I did so am very happy :)

Also in the parcel were;
Some gorgeous fabric squares, polka dot FQ, lace, a great knitting book and some of Maria's pegs with hearts of them - all lovely - thank you Maria so very much.

The postie came again over the weekend - this time it was my Autumn magazine swap parcel from Joy. She was a naughty lady and included 2 magazines & a little notelet book in my parcel;
I look forward to having a good read of these over a coffee or 2 later today. I've never seen a copy of the US Country Living mag so I'm really looking to reading this. A quick flick through shows I won't be disappointed.

You know how it is - at any one time there are so many giveaways in blogland - you enter lots and keep your fingers crossed that it 'might be you'. Well it seems in the past few days it has been me - twice!! Looking forward to lying in wait for Mr Postie as I await pretty parcels from -  Ali and Lissylou :) 

I must organise myself as I have a couple of parcels to send off to my lovely giveaway winners this week too.

Last but by no means least - I've been given an award too - from Lissylou;

I think I need to pass this on as well so shall give that some thought today and do that when I next blog.

BTW is anyone else having trouble uploading pics into blogger? I tried last night but it just wouldn't play ball - instead I'm blogging and eating my branflakes this morning!!

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx