Monday, 4 August 2014

Suffolk Sunshine

Good morning

Another sunny morning here in Suffolk - weather seems to have got it right at the moment - sunny days and rainy nights :) We've been spending lots of time outside - we've rather mastered the art of cooking over fire and Big Son seems to have assumed the role of chief flipper of burgers and bbq food.

We had a day out en-masse last week, - me, S, Little Son, Big Son and his girlfriend. We headed over to Thorpeness first and hired boats on the Meare;

 Just a gorgeous day - sunny and breezy and despite the empty looking Meare in this photo it was in fact rather busy.

 We were in 2 boats - we left Big Son and his girlfriend in one and we headed off in another. They took a while to get the rowing mastered but eventually they were getting around rather well.

 There were many swans about and racing across the Meare to be fed. They are surprisingly tricky to photograph - turning their heads at the last moment - eventually I managed a picture!!

After a lunch of chips and ice-cream on the beach at Aldeburgh, we dropped the teenagers back home and S & I headed up the coast to Southwold. As big kids we spent time playing on the arcades and continuing our Air Hockey battles - I always seem to loose whatever dirty tricks I try!!

 Still one of my favourite views - Southwold seafront taken from the end of the Pier.

Lastly for today - a mosaic for July - very hard to limit it to just 6 pictures - its been a lovely and busy month;

Both boys proms, more dancing and plenty of festival fun.

August is shaping up to be busy too - we've a holiday with some Daleks, more festivals, a carnival and of course 2 lots of results days!

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx