Monday 23 June 2014

Summertime fun

Good morning

Another sunny start here - with an increase in the pollen count too - which means I am sneezing like Mr Sneezy from the Mr Men series but hey ho.

Its been a lovely and busy past week here at No6. I have to keep a written note of who is doing what/when/where. The best thing - big son finished his exams and whilst he still is slightly 'shell-shocked' from the whole finishing thing, his big smile has appeared and the stressed look from the past few weeks has gone.

We decided to celebrate the end of exams for both boys at once and properly. It involved takeaway pizza, their favourite beer/cider, a huge water fight with water bombs& super soakers and this monster paddling pool;

 Doesn't look too huge in this picture but here's how it looked when we blew it up and propped it up overnight in the dining room;

It's large enough for those two giant boys of mine to lounge around in/throw each other and me into as well.

Here's big son on his first day of school 13 1/2 years ago;

 Apart from one leavers BBQ today at lunchtime, that's the end of school till results day in mid-August.

This past weekend of course was the summer solstice/midsummer. Our Morris side headed a few miles inland to the village where we practise and to their Midsummer Folk Festival. The weather was perfect for dancing and camping. I've topped my tan up nicely.

As I was getting the camping stuff and kit sorted for the weekend I snapped this pic of our morris kit;

Oh yes, I've tweaked my kit again and added a corset top - surprisingly comfy to dance in.

Here's me and my man together yesterday;

One last photo for today - a snap from the garden of one of my favourite things about summer - the geraniums coming into flower;

Right I'd best go and wake little son - he seems to think he might sleep till school for him restarts in September - sadly I have other ideas!!

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx

Wednesday 18 June 2014

A handful of good stuff

Good evening

Its that age old problem again - lots to write about but not enough spare time to sit down and do it.

Part of the busy bit comes to an end tomorrow - Big Sons final exam. We've something planned for tomorrow night which involves water, cider and lots of fun - must remember to take a photo or two!!

Here's just a few good bits from the last week;

Picking the first raspberries from the garden.
 Opening the curtains to find its another sunny day.

 A leisurely weekend breakfast - just me - the boys were still asleep.

 Warm, sunny evenings - perfect for another BBQ.

A very rare photo - me and the boys together - at a get-together with my family.
I promise to be back soon with photos from tomorrow promised celebrations and also from a weekend of folk music and Morris dancing which I'm taking part in.

BTW did I mention - last exam tomorrow! I'm almost excited as Big Son is!! 

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx

Monday 9 June 2014

More sunshine - more dancing

Good morning

Where has the past week gone? In a blur of exams for the boys and just a very busy life here for all of us.
Another 10 days and its all over - no more exams for either boy and a long summer break for them both. Holidays have been booked for us all - one for the boys & I is very special - off to Cardiff to see the Doctor Who exhibition - not sure who is most excited!

Anyhow back to the past week. Firstly car boot bargains - lavender plants to make a hedge for the front garden - amazing the difference it makes - hopefully soon they've grow bigger and attract lots of wildlife;

 Even after just a week they seem bigger and starting to flower.

The picture at the top is big son and his 2 best mates taken a couple of years ago on a 6th form charity dress up day. When I found the 2 Thunderbird figures for sale I knew they'd go with the Brains from a birthday cake I made for him a few years ago and I'd be able to recreate this favourite photo!!

This past weekend I've been dancing again - this time in Aldeburgh on the seafront. It was a perfect day - sunshine, blue skies and a slight sea-breeze. We shared the spot with another side and a great time was had by all. Even little son came to watch me dance for the first time - though perhaps I need to rename him as you can see - he towers over me;

I as usual had loads of fun - twirling around and flashing my bloomers!!

As well as Little Son, a further 11 members of my family came along to watch - my baby sister took the photos of me;

As you can see - I'm having far too much fun!! and best bit - it happens again on Thursday night - we're off dancing in Southwold down at the Harbour Inn.

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx

Monday 2 June 2014

A fab night out :)

Good morning

I could be wandering around the house with a hoover but instead its time to have 5 minutes in front of the computer and blog! I have been good though - laundry all done, kitchen tidy and bank account checked and balance reconciled - one thing I have got really good at over the past 18 months - checking my balance and managing my spending accordingly.

Anyhow I left off last time saying I was off to a gig with friends. Ok so some of you know via Facebook and Instagram there is someone special again in my life and it was this person I was off out with. 

We were off to see some friends play a gig in Bury in aid of the local hospice - in fact out of the 10 musicians involved that night - 8 are friends of ours.

I didn't take any pics during the evening but this one was taken last year when I was in the same theatre having danced in public for the first time!

 Afterwards we headed back to our hotel - a rather lucky find. Cheaper than the chain budget hotels and much much nicer. A gorgeous country house in the middle of nowhere;

The breakfast was amazing - I took this pic to taunt Big Son!!

Sadly these days I can't clear a plateful like this - I tried blooming hard though!!

We headed home late morning but via John Lewis - time to treat myself to something I've wanted for ages - a DAB radio that I can take around the house and garden so I have music to work to - big dilemma time - what colour! I opted for a deep reddy/pink colour;

 Right back to work time - I have a mountain of paperwork that needs copying and I keep putting this task off!

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx