Thursday, 30 June 2011

What we did on our day off.

Good evening

I survived the house of 5 children - it got quite noisy at times but we had a fab day;

 Wii playing

 Deciding what to do next

 A picnic lunch




 Watching tv when it rained

 Dusting down the PS2 and another gaming session

We also played a massed mad game involving a foam ball and assorted racquets - even I got to play too - hence the lack of photos. Another mad (and loud) game of Sharks - I played this too so sadly no photos of me being outsmarted by a 6 year old!

The boys have also fitted in other things too - big son cycled over to see a mate and little son has been to his last sailing lesson (a reward for working hard at school this year) and his now rushing about getting ready for band practise!

I'm not sure how they all have time to go to school normally!!

I think I might doze off early tonight!

See you next month ;)

xxx Vicki xxx

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt 2011 - June

Blimey if I'm posting pics for June then we're half way through the year - where does the time go?

As with the other months - some pics were easy to find and others took some thinking and meant I actually had to shop for one of them!!

Anyhow here goes;

 Architectural detail - tricky - the best I could find was our bay window - one of the nicest bits of our house. We appear to have bats roosting in the space about the bay !

 Branches - on the dead but very much lived in and ivy covered tree in the corner of our garden - I think it was an elm.

 Cheese - grated and ready to be added to a pizza.

 Cutlery - a basket of mismatched teaspoons.

 Elephant - I chose my weekend bottle of wine because it had elephants on the label - it tasted good too ;)

 Farm animal - a painted cow which is in fact a photo holder.

 Childhood memory - I had this Fisher Price school house for my 6th birthday, it was the best present and I spent hours playing with it - its still used by visiting children. It also reminds me of my first school - in a converted church in Berkshire. When I read the Miss Read books that reminds me so much of how I remember my school.

 Night - my bedside table.

 Something with town name on it - not my town but one I visit so often its like my 2nd home!

 View outside a door - taken on our camping trip at the beginning of the month - big son, MrVV and the campsite from the tent doorway.

 Wheel trim - from MrVV's car.

Something beginning with Z - I was pondering over this when I looked on the corner of my desk and there was Zippy waiting for 'his'? pic to be taken!!

Trying to guess what might be on the July list - must be something holiday related??

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx

Monday, 27 June 2011

Beeing kind

Good evening

Yep me again - well I am a creature of habit - its Monday so it must be a blogging night!

Thanks for all the comments on the crochet - yes it is addictive - I am just glad I've cracked it - means I'll be able to take it to Dorset with me next month and probably to Latitude too!Am hoping to have a completed blanket by winter time.

Today has been so hot here even with a sea breeze, all the windows open and the ceiling fans in the kitchen working overtime. I hated those fans when we moved in but every summer they come into their own and make the kitchen the best place to be on a hot day.

Everyone knows about the dwindling bee population in this county - well I think I've found where lots are living - my Hebes in the front garden;

 They move so fast, it took me ages to get a photo!

Despite a severe trimming in the autumn, both Hebes are massive again.

Now I'm not much of a garden but I do like plants that attract wildlife. The lavender hedge we planted last summer has taken off and will soon be in full flower;

I must find something to put into that chimney pot.

When it was my Mum's birthday a few weeks ago I bought her several lavender plants for her garden - I couldn't resist adding an extra for me - I knew there was a perfect empty spot.

So next time you're wondering where all the bees are - don't worry, lots of them are in my garden. I must find an identification book - apart from big fat bumble, normal bumble and honey I couldn't tell you what types there were!!

Right I ought to go for a bloggy wander and then try and do some of the jobs it was just to hot today to attempt - most importantly putting sheets onto our bed - failing that it will be the camping mattresses in the garden for us tonight - you just know that would make it rain!

Another beeing kind thing - I've volunteered to have my little nieces and nephew here on Thursday when their school is closed due to strikes  - by Thursday evening I might regret that!

See you soon.

xxx Vicki xxx

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Molliemakes winner and a tah-dah moment!

Good evening

I know you want to know who's name was first out of the hat for my spare copy of this lovely mag - but I'll make you read to the end of the post ;)

How was your weekend?? Ours was good. No brass engagements - just some exam practise for little son - he is almost there and the exam is 2 weeks away.  We managed lots of family time which was rather lovely. Yesterday the weather was pretty pants so no outside jobs could really be done. Big son asked MrVV nicely if we could head into Ipswich for a little while - he wanted to get a new game controller and also a pressie for a mates birthday later this week.  It would have been a shame to waste the opportunity for a little light shopping - little son needed a few bits (he is currently having a growth spurt) and I needed new pjs for a forthcoming camping trip.

This morning the sun was shining from about 4am and by 6am I was awake and ready to get up! It didn't help that the pollen count has been extremely high here this weekend and almost as soon as I awoke the sneezing started :( Least it gave me a couple of hours of peace before all the menfolk awoke.

I didn't waste the time I spent it finishing sewing up my crochet cushion and also taking some pics;

 The front - obviously

 Backed with this gorgeous vintage style fabric - I got this in a blog swap ages ago and wanted to save it for something special - just wish I could remember who sent it.

I've got 2 new projects on the go now - one I can't show you yet and one I can. The obvious thing for a new crocheter to make after a cushion is a blanket. After a rummage through my yarn stash I think I've settled on these colours. However one square isn't big enough - I think another 99 are needed - that should keep me busy over the summer.

Right the menfolk are settled in front of Messrs Clarkson, May & Hammond and I am happy with Glastonbury highlights online and a glass of red. Glastonbury is certainly putting me in the festival mood - in only 3 weeks time I get my annual festival fix at Latitude - can't wait.

I suppose I ought to put you all out of your misery. Sadly there can only be one winner - and that lucky lady is;

Fee - if you could let me have your address, I can get this posted out to you asap. Sorry to those who didn't win - but I can assure you its worth taking out a subscription to this mag if you can - its like lots of blogs but in paper form. I actually cancelled two long term mag subscriptions so I could have one for this.

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx

Thursday, 23 June 2011

A nation of shopkeepers & a little giveaway

Good afternoon

Just a little post for today - I had wanted to show you some crochet progress but I'm not quite there so shall save that till next time.

However there are two pieces of good news from the VV household today;

1) My little folksy shop is up and running - first 3 items added yesterday with more to follow, once I've taken more photos and written some descriptions ;

I've gone with using this picture as my shop logo and have also ordered some little cards from the lovely people at Moo - thanks Kandi for the code :)

2) I've subscribed like so many people to the lovely Molliemakes magazine - due a mix up in their mailing department I've received a 2nd copy in the post today. So I thought I'd offer it as a little giveaway to another blogger who maybe hasn't been able to find it or who would just like to see what all the fuss is about. Leave a comment on this post and I'll draw names on Sunday night (I know I'll have a quiet hour - Top Gear is back!!).

Right back to housework - least if I'm hoovering I can't hear the thunder - I really don't like it :(

See you Sunday

xxx Vicki xxx

Monday, 20 June 2011

Morris can Can-Can!

Good evening

Blimey where did the weekend go? One minute I was settling down to a Friday night glass (or 2) of the red stuff and the next minute the alarm was whining in my ear and apparently it was Monday morning and time to get up!!

It was one of those weekends - taken up with hobbies and being busy. Big son has just kept himself busy over the weekend - out with friends and then just enjoying not having to do any revision! Little son & MrVV have played for 3 different brass engagements and I've sold a few more bits and been a brass groupie!!

Saturday was Little Son's school fete - the weather was typically British - sunshine and showers. Most of the showers happened whilst the band weren't playing. MrVV got roped into joining in with them - as the teacher pointed out - he was going to be there so he might as well play too!

No photos from Saturday - I was just too busy - selling stuff and catching up with friends I only ever seem to bump into a school events these days.

Sunday was brass x 2. The morning they took part in an event on Aldeburgh beach which was part of the Aldeburgh Festival. Brass players - playing random pieces, scattered over the beach and then brought together - all conducted by Semaphore! Yep, very different. They weren't quite sure what to expect but it seemed to go really well;

 One small boy - hiding behind his instrument.

 Their brass band - also taking part where musicians from local schools and youth groups.

 Gorgeous deckchairs - never sat on - just for display.

The sharp eyes amongst you may be thinking you've seen similar pics today - that because you have - Dawn was there as her son was playing with the school brass group. Little son had the choice and opted for the silly clothes wearing option - wanted to be like his Dad on Fathers Day!!

In the afternoon, the school band were playing in Dunwich and the plan had been to drop me off and for just the 2 of them to go together. However, my mind was changed for me and I went along too. Rather glad I did - not only the band but Morris Dancing too and you know I love that!!

 The dancers were invited to join in when the band played the Can-Can (hence the post title!!)

Don't tell anyone but next weekend, there are no brass engagements!! Already we are planning a weekend off - just some family time. Whats the betting something crops up in the week!!?

I had hoped to show you some more crochet progress but to be honest there hasn't been much over the weekend - a few stitches here and there but nothing more than that. Maybe next time!!

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Sunshine on a rainy day

Good afternoon

What a mixed week weather wise - we've had everything from hot sunshine to hail and a thunder storm too. On Sunday night it was very windy and the huge climbing rose at the side of the house took a battering. One branch was hanging in front of the window and as it was full of flowers I had to rescue it;

The flowers are just the most gorgeous pink and have been such a delight to look at and watch open as the week has gone on. 

My pile of little hooky squares has grown and when it reached 9 it was time to sew them all together. However they weren't going to be quite big enough to make the cushion front I wanted so I've started to crochet around the outside - another 2 rows to go I think. I did do some at last night S&B session but I think I pulled it out a few times - nattering and not concentrating made for some 'interesting' stitches! At least crochet is easier to pull out and put right!!

Hopefully this evening I can add the other rows - should be quiet here. Big son will be 'revising' ie listening to music/playing minecraft and chatting on Facebook - amazing multi-tasking skills that one!! Little son & MrVV will be at band practise - another weekend of engagements for both of them looms. One at little sons school fete on Saturday (I've a craft stall there) and another on Aldeburgh beach on Sunday - here's hoping for decent weather for both events.

As well as crocheting and all the boring domestic stuff, I've spent time this week finishing a few makes for the weekend and doing some light reading. I had time to kill one afternoon this week between appointments so I called into the library - some lightweight Aga-sagas for me :) Oh and the postie finally brought me my copy of MollieMakes 2 - I am just loving this magazine. 

I am really hoping to get some serious blog reading in tonight too - I am behind with that (again)- sorry. 

Just to let the 2 birthday swap ladies who have birthdays this week know - your parcels are in the post - again I am rather disorganised at the moment - hopefully they'll arrive on time.

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx

Monday, 13 June 2011

Vintage Tea Parties and good deeds.

Good evening.

I guess most bloggers are like me - you get loads of requests to post about different products - often items I've never heard of or would never use. Normally my response is to delete the email or just ignore it.

The other day I received an email which had the title 'Vintage Tea Parties and good deeds' - intrigued I opened it and found that it came from Marie Curie Cancer Care. They wanted to tell me about their big fund raising event that is due to happen soon and asked if I was able to help in any way.

The event that is being planned is a vintage tea party -  you hold one and invite your friends. This idea appealed and I shall be asking my S&B friends if we can arrange something small scale for our group. I've also noticed posters around my town advertising a bigger event in a local cafe later this month. Events are being held all over the country between 12th June and 12th July.

What could be easier - tea & cakes;

 All pictures sourced via google images.

So if you are interested further then either visit the website - to find out more or just keep a look out for a teaparty near to you.

Thank you for reading.

xxx Vicki xxx

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Happy little hooker & other new skills!

Good evening

Yes not one new skill but two! Don't worry I'll revert to 'normal' again soon!

Here's a weekend round mosiac (skill 1) I've wanted to find a different mosiac programme - Picnik is great but unless you pay its very limiting. I remembered seeing lovely mosiacs on Sue @ The Quince Tree blog and decided to give this company a go. After a bit of glaring at the screen I'd got it sussed and below is my first attempt. 

Oh the second new skill - see if you can spot it ;) - again its taken a bit of practise and I've spent lots of time with one of the tongue sticking out of the corner of your mouth faces!!

(1) new delivery of teacup pincushions to the shop - lovely steady sales there.
(2 & 3) Another weekend and more brass playing for little son at a local school fete.
(4,5,6) Carboot bargains - the Freds are a cruet set - might use these for camping.
(7 & 8) New skill number 2 - I can crochet granny squares - I've now finished 6 of the 9 I need for a cushion cover front :)
(9) My next project - granny triangle bunting :) - ny friend let me take a picture of hers so I can see what mine should look like!
There would be more pictures of gardeny stuff that big son & I did this afternoon whilst the other 2 were off banding elsewhere but rain stopped play :(

All quiet here at the moment - motor sport and something car related are on tv. So me & my hook are off to find a cozy spot together.

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx

Thursday, 9 June 2011


Good evening

Can't believe its been a week since I last blogged - where does the time go to. My Grandma was right - time does go faster when you're older. Every time I've thought of blogging or just having a good blog reading session something else or someone else has distracted me. However this evening the menfolk are all out so I've plonked myself down at the computer to have a jolly good catch up session.

First things first - the pretty, eye catching first photo for a post - a field of poppies just near a friends house;

I love poppies - one of my favourite flowers in one of my favourite colours :)

Last weekend, was the first camping trip of the year - we headed with friends to North East Norfolk - a lovely campsite new to us all. The only downside - the wind - coming north east off the north sea and I'm sure our tents were the first big things it found - made for a few restless nights - though that might have been down to MrVV's snoring too ;)  One of the best things was the view from my camping kitchen 'window' ;

Just big skies, open farmland and the sand dunes to one side too. Loads of bird life about too - we had our own Bill Oddie who was excellent at pointing out some things that we might have otherwise missed.

One of the best things about a camping trip is just being busy doing nothing - MrVV's work is pretty full on so when we're away we like to take it easy - catching up on light reading and just watching the world go by;

A quick packing up session was required on Sunday morning - we needed to get home, unpacked and off to a very important event. My Dad's Mum was 90 last week and this meant a party. Now I've mentioned before that my own family is big - I'm the oldest of 7. Well my Dad is the 2nd of 9 children. This meant the party included about 50 of my closest relatives plus another 50 people including nieces/nephews/cousins of my Grandma's and her friends too. All in all a lovely afternoon. Family had flown in from Australia which was a lovely surprise. Here's my Dad (bottom left) with Grandma and Dad's 7 remaining siblings;

 That took quite a few attempts to get them all looking at the camera and not pulling too silly faces!

We tried to get a pic of all my parents Grandchildren together with my little brother - there are only ones of silly faces though!

I seemed to have spent lots of this week catching up on stuff that didn't get done over the weekend and also fulfilling all the orders I have and making a few bits for stock too. However I have found time to start trying to learn to crochet. My friend who runs our S&B group is incredibly patient and she sat with me last night whilst I made attempts to learn. I am pleased to say I think I understand the basics and have managed to produce some tiny one round 'square sort of shapes' today. I've been instructed how to start the second round so am going to give that a go later. Watch this space - if it succeeds there may be pictures next time - otherwise just listen to the sound of crochet hooks and yarn flying through the air!

I'll leave you with just one more poppy pic;

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx