Saturday 8 March 2014

Time to say Goodbye

Good afternoon

Its been a long time coming - I've been pondering this decision for the past six months since we moved into No6. Whether to keep blogging or to stop. I've tried to keep going but life has changed so much in the past 12 months and even more so in the past 6. It's time now to say goodbye.

For many reasons - our lives have changed and how we spend our time has changed. Those boys of mine are growing up fast and they are less keen on having their photos taken and their lives shared online. There have been changes in my life and again some stuff is not for sharing as not everyone is happy  with stuff being 'out there' online - all of this is fine with me. 

There's also the age old problem of people reading stuff who you'd rather didn't - I could make this blog private etc but I think its rather too much like hard work.

Instead I'll thank everyone who has ever read or commented on here. 

I am not disappearing entirely offline - I still have my Instagram account and can have a bit more control over that - I've now set it to private so existing followers can still see my pictures but I can control any new followers - sounds horrid doesn't it but one bad apple etc etc.

Thanks again

xxx Vicki xxx