Thursday, 31 May 2012

Photo Scavenger Hunt - May 2012

The end of another month is here again.

The camera has been emptied of pictures and I'm pleased to say another successful month of scavenging has been completed;

 Beverage - 3 pints of Adnams shandy after a WI meeting!! Not all mine - there were 2 friends with me!!

 Yellow - one of the many fields of rape which brighten up the Suffolk countryside (and make me sneeze).

 Currency - the contents of the change jar

 Do you see what I see? - a sparrow on the bird feeders - it didn't notice me lurking in the summerhouse!

 Fragrance - Lilac - such a wonderful scent

 Front Page - I loved this cartoon on the front of the weekend paper!

 Good things - Bertie what more can I say!!

 Historic - the north window in the church I got married in - also where I did the craft fair.

 Nine - big sons collection of Converse where on his bedroom floor - I added mine and one of little sons!

 Small packages - new makeup - new via ebay much cheaper than the High Street.

 Nose - it looks like the conductor is tapping Little Son on the nose at the recent Mayors Parade!

Station - the RNLI Lifeboat Station at Aldeburgh.

Thank you Kathy for another month - looking forward to June's list.

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The 400th Post with added Giveaway!!

Hello again

I knew it wouldn't be long before the temptation to write post 400 came along - actually its a choice between that and a mountain of ironing - as ever blogging won!!

Yep post 400 - I am amazed and pleased with myself for sticking to this blogging lark - I never dreamt I'd still be doing it for this long - now 2 3/4 years! Perhaps I didn't realise how many things I'd find to waffle about or events that would happen in my little life - both happy, sad & painful!

Anyhow - the giveaway - I've gone for things that represent me - some made & some bought - some yet to be bought - chocolate wouldn't stand a chance in this house - it will be added just before the parcel is sent off!!

There is crocheted bunting, a raggydoll, a felted purse, a UJ notebook, a little CK soap and pretty rosy beaded necklace.

All you need to do is add your comment to the bottom of this post and I'll pop your name into the hat.

Closing date - next Tuesday 5th June.

xxx Vicki xxx

Monday, 28 May 2012

Weekend views & Monthly Makes (May)

Good evening

Phew what a scorcher ;) Another lovely hot & sunny day here in Suffolk.

The weekend was gorgeous - this was my view for lots of it;

Blue skies through the leaves & bunting

I found a string of bunting in with our camping stuff - it has been used many times to identify my tent at festivals - it was just long enough to tie between a tree & the swing.

My corner - pink deckchair, table, drink, lunch and a magazine - happy days

We did get out and about - as well as a car boot sale (dire - lots of overpriced clothes and tat :( ), MrVV & I headed to Aldeburgh for a walk - we parked at the top of the town and here's the view over the houses to the beach;

What you can't see are the 100's of day trippers - we opted for a quieter walk along the seawall between the sea & the river.

Right - its that time again - Monthly Makes photos - it was just going to be this;

A crochet T for our WI banner, a flowery frock (front & back) and my finished granny square blanket.

However on Saturday I came over all patriotic and decided I needed a new dress for the Jubilee weekend! I popped into my friends shop and left with some fabric in the most gorgeous 50's style print. I added in a strip of polka dot fabric I had already - and here it is - red,white,blue with a hint of 50's too;

Oh and on the back I added a couple of buttons I'd bought months ago;

I might as well add my Monthly Mosaic picture to this post too;

Now this is post 399 - I've taken some pictures this afternoon for something special to celebrate post 400 - and also to celebrate reaching 400 followers too :) I missed my 2 year blogversary in September, I was too plastered to celebrate!! So watch out later this week - Vintage Vicki's 400 posts/followers giveaway will be happening :)

See you soon - here's hoping there's another sunny day tomorrow, I getting rather used to them.

xxx Vicki xxx

Thursday, 24 May 2012

The one with sunshine in it :)

Good evening

Firstly - thank you to all my lovely new followers - I've been to look at as many blogs as I can - blogger is being a pain and won't let me add any new ones to my follow list at the moment but I've got you all bookmarked so I can visit that way instead.

What a stunning day its been - wall to wall sunshine and blue skies.

The old saying 'Ne'er cast a clout till May be out' is certainly true - the May (Hawthorn) blossom is out and you definitely don't need a vest at the moment - unless it replaces a t-shirt ;)

Also growing  in my neighbours garden are lots of lovely elderflowers - I'm watching for the perfect picking day and then I shall be collecting them and turning them into cordial (I have her permission to take them whenever they are ready).

When I went to work this morning it was a lovely surprise to see our little town had grown flags overnight - all the high street was covered in UJ flags - so pretty - I'll take a picture next time I'm there with my camera.

It spurred me on to buy some for us to use over the Jubilee weekend and also for July when the Olympic Torch relay visits nearby;

I think this weekend its time to hunt out the bunting for the house and garden.

Now look at this picture;

Can you spot any wildlife??

What about if I zoom in to the bottom of the door ?

Can you spot Sid now? Yep Sid the Snake (grass type) is becoming a regular visitor to the garden - its just that he's camera shy - his tail if the best I've managed to snap so far! Hoping to catch him properly one day soon.

Lastly for tonight - another little ebay parcel - fabric for the back of the scatter cushions for Bertie. Oh yes the home on wheels has a name (well I use it) - Cuthbert the Caravan - Bertie for short. 

Anyhow new fabric - I saw it and couldn't resist a couple of FQ's;

Its still warm here - the doors and windows are still open wide. It great listening to the birds singing - hoping we might hear the owls later.

Have a good weekend all - the sun should be shining here still - there's lots to plant in the garden and I'm hoping MrVV might be persuaded to visit the car boot sale too. Oh add to that Eurovision and the promise of the first Pimms of the season - its going to be a good one :)

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx

Monday, 21 May 2012

A 'Vintage' Brass Band?

Good Evening

Thank you for all the comments on Ollie :) I checked and he did go back to his nest box last night and my neighbour has promised to call me if he poses in a easy to photograph spot again.

The wildlife in my garden are more camera shy - we have a resident grass snake and I've seen it so many time but its just to quick for me to get a picture! I'll keep trying especially as we're promised lots of warm weather later this week and I've spotted his favourite sun-bathing spot!

Anyhow back to yesterday - the morning to be precise. The band were playing in Aldeburgh - an annual engagement - a parade for the newly elected Mayor of the town.

I was there in my role as unofficial band photographer ;)

I took some pics on my phone and whilst I was fiddling with it waiting for the band to come back into the town for coffee, I found a new setting;

Playing on the seafront prior to marching.

 Off we go

 The Mayor & other members of the town council

There's a little gap whilst most of the parade are in church. The band don't stay for that part - instead we head into town for coffee.

After the church service - the parade forms up again and down the hill they march;

Aldeburgh was looking particularly lovely yesterday - lots of flags and decorations for the forth-coming Jubilee celebrations were appearing;

After the march was over the band played for a short while in front of the Moot Hall;

After that? Well behind the Moot Hall is a rather lovely pub - we might have had a quick drink on the green in front ;)

That's all for tonight - I've a hot date with my sewing machine and crochet hook - we've booked our first weekend away in our new toy and there are things I would like to have finished for that!! Oh and we've booked a summer holiday too - watch out Yorkshire ;)

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Just the cutest thing - baby owl


Just a quick post whilst I wait for something to finish cooking. A picture that deserves a post of its own.

Meet Ollie the baby owl. He's been sitting on the fence in my neighbours garden this afternoon enjoying the sunshine. We know Mum is about as you can hear him call to her and her reply.

We knew that owls nested in the big oak tree in my neighbours garden - we've heard them ever since we've lived here. The other year young were hatched but sadly they didn't survive - one got cocky and fell out of the nest box before he/she could fly and we think the others might have met a similar fate. Last year the squirrels got in and stole the eggs :(

This year all has gone well and we think there are 3 babies - they've been out on the branches in the past week and Mum is always keeping a watch from nearby.

This one was sitting on the fence enjoying the sunshine and seemed quite happy for me to take his/her pic - such a sweetie but look at those talons - watch out local mice population they'll be looking for you soon!!

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx

Thursday, 17 May 2012

More crochet & some pretty finds

Good afternoon from Sunny Suffolk :)

Oh what a gorgeous afternoon - warm enough to have windows open and dry enough for washing to be on the line :)

Its been a lovely busy week here - the usual house stuff plus spending a morning with my Grandma. Two CS shifts done as well - am loving that so much at the moment. The best bit though this week has been playing 'houses' with our new toy. One afternoon was spent emptying cupboards and cleaning. Yesterday was fun time though - cupboard filling :) I found all our camping gear and found homes for everything we need - there is however more space and that needed filling - a quick hunt around the house found plenty of things;

New tea towels, a cook book, travel scrabble, some postcards to brighten the cupboard doors, card games and a pretty UJ Bridgewater beaker that has been holding things in my sewing room. Oh and off cut of red spotty oilcloth - just enough to line a draw & shelf and also to make a mat to cover the top of unit which is slightly sun bleached.

I had great fun arranging things into the cupboards;

I pinched a vintage milk jug from the kitchen to use for utensils and the thrifted tins were part of our camping kit already.

Essentials such as wine glasses have their own hanging space too ;)

The postman might have been a little busy this week bringing a few bits - yesterday new shiny red camping saucepans and today another vintage board game! The boys requested a tv - the parents have over ridden that and said board games!! (insert devil smilie here);

Lastly - thank you for the lovely comments on my Ta-dah Tuesday blanket. I am so glad that its finished and it will be coming away with us this summer as it fits nicely on our bed :) For those that are interested the yarn is mainly Stylecraft - I can't remember how much of each colour I used but think 1 ball of the small round colours and maybe 2 of the larger and possibly 3 of the red - to be honest I can't remember AND I've pinched some of the yarn at times for other projects!!

I've started a stash busting blanket for the caravan - 2 rounds of every colour I have in my stash - mainly Stylecraft but a few rounds are cottons I've used in other projects;

I think I need to make it at least 44 rounds and then add a border - so a little way to go but I hope to have it finished before we go away this summer! 

Right I'd best be off - the bread maker has just finished making some pizza dough so I ought to get that turned into dinner for tonight!

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Ta-Dah Tuesday


Just a quick post today - am linking up with Lakota's Ta-Dah! Tuesdays for a quick crochet blanket reveal;

Started last June (here) and worked on as when ever since - last night it was finally finished and it way dry enough outside just now for a quick photo!

90 squares and 6 rounds of double crochet edging later :)

Just the thought of all those ends I've sewn in makes me shudder!

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx

Monday, 14 May 2012

A des res on wheels !

Good evening

Thanks for all the comments on the last post - yep I'm still happy - even after a mammoth awning building session on Sunday morning. Quite simple 20 poles, one awning and 4 zip in panels. Just a matter of which of the 20 poles went with which - it took a long time and there might have been cross faces! Also the nonsense situation of the shortest person in the household (me) got given the tallest post to hold! Anyhow eventually we found the right combination and all parts are now labelled and diagram has been drawn and put into a very safe place!!

Here are a few before photos - I've not had time today for any cleaning so the afters won't happen for a little while though we've got a date in mind for our first trip away so it won't be long before it becomes more colourful and less neutral ;)

 The outside (again)

 Little sons bed - we could pull the bunk out and both boys sleep here but big son has no desire to sleep with his little brother just 18 inches above his head so he will be sleeping in the awning (and he's happy with that).

 2 sofas combine to form a big and comfy bed for MrVV & I.

 Catering area - 3 ring stove, grill, oven, sink and fridge (with plenty of wine chilling space).

 Bathroom come travel storage area - complete with shower, fold down sink and a not photographed chemical loo! I don't think we'll use this area much unless we stay on a site without facilities or maybe that 3am dash across a field might become a thing of the past ;)

Hoping tomorrow I might be able to get out there and empty all the cupboards (lots of crockery was included) - clean them out and put things back in places that suit me. I keep finding things I've bought over the past year or so and am now putting them in a heap to move into the caravan.

Whilst I won't be doing any permanent decorating for a while, I think plenty of removable stuff will be going in - I've got some great postcards to brighten up the walls & cupboards, plans for bunting & cushion covers and almost one blanket to go out there.

Yep the one I started last June is almost finished - just a few ends to sew in - here's a sneak preview;

I've started on another one for the 2nd sofa and little son has picked colours for one for his bed too - big son pulled one of those 'You've got to be joking' faces when I offered to do one him!!

After all the driving on Saturday and awning building yesterday morning, MrVV wanted a walk yesterday. The hobbits of course didn't come so just the 2 of us headed to Aldeburgh late afternoon. The weather was lovely - warm enough for ice-cream and a walk along the pebbly beach. Even warm enough for my Crocs to make an appearance. Even that wasn't simple - I could find the right foot but the left one was hidden in the back of cupboard - of course for a long while I only wore the right one! 

Right I think that's enough for tonight. I'll be back later in the week with pictures of the completed blanket, another flowery frock and hopefully some more colourful inside photos.

BTW good luck to anyone who's children are now into exam season - I know its Y6 SATS week and also the dreaded GCSE/AS/A levels have started too - big son has his first one next week - by half term he'll have finished his Science & English courses leaving him with 5 exams after the hols and then he'll be school free until September!!

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx

Saturday, 12 May 2012

It's here!

Good evening

Just a quick post - its here - its arrived - our new (to us) home on wheels.

Not a VW camper but a caravan :) If Wayne Hemmingway has decided that the 90's are vintage enough for his Vintage Festival this summer - then our new toy can be described as 'vintage'!!

Here he/she is (not named yet) in all its 22 year old caravan glory;

It needs a bit of a clean inside and out as its not been used this year. However it has lots of space and potential. I shall take some before pics tomorrow and I'm sure over the next few months after pics will be taken as we head out and about on our hols :)

MrVV left Suffolk by 3am this morning - called me from Yorkshire by 6.30am where he was having breakfast - had time to go via bits of the Lake District before collecting the caravan as planned at 10am. After a quick tour of how things worked and what goes where he was heading home. The sat-nav said by 6pm and he was here showing up around by 6.05pm!! What a day he's had - I don't think he'll be late to bed tonight!

BTW I didn't burst - just had that feeling all day of excitement - like a small child gets on Christmas Eve!! (actually I still get that Christmas Eve too!!).

xxx Vicki xxx

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Almost bursting!!

Good afternoon

There are so many other things I should be doing but sometimes you have something to tell and you just can't keep it to yourself and need to share it!!

Fingers crossed - if all goes smoothly at the weekend then this model & book will become a reality for the VV household. Yep MrVV is off on a very long drive almost out of the country to (hopefully) collect a home on wheels for us. We've been looking for a little while and had created a wish list and one has been found that is perfect - it just involves a long drive which MrVV is more than happy to do. My role? Over excitement and planning all the pretty things it will need to turn it into our own home on wheels :)

Its been quite a good week here - we've seen the sun a few times and there have been plenty of opportunities for photo taking;

The 1st birthday Molliemakes sitting on new frock fabric - I hope to be able to make this on Saturday. Am loving the new mag - I know some find it twee but I am still a happy subscriber :)

As you can see Instagram is still my current love (sorry to those Instagram friends seeing these pics yet again!!). The other morning I was glad I had my phone with me - I spotted a chance to recreate the current Ideal Home magazine calendar picture;

The original.

My version.

Right lastly - I don't think I ever cleared up a mystery - the record from this post. 

Many of you will never have heard of Blue Mercedes but the chap on the left is a 'boy' from our town with his 5 minutes of pop fame. A very 80's synth pop group who had a few hits and even appeared on Top of the Pops & Blue Peter. I know his Dad & Uncle really well so when I spotted this record in one of the charity shops for 50p I had to buy it for my vinyl collecting sister - she's done some more research and has even managed to find a YouTube video of these two strutting their stuff - here - have a look you never know you might even like it!!

Right - I'd best go and do some domestic stuff and trying not to get overexcited & burst!!

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx