Thursday 27 May 2010

Summerhouse makeover (part 1) & a lovely little parcel :)

Good evening

What a difference a few days makes - today has been mainly grey here with downpours :( I've had to rush out and rescue the washing and also race to close windows :(

After my Monday post I had a message from Sarah @ Red Gingham asking what the little building in the corner of our garden was. I explained that it was our summerhouse and it had me thinking about a post or 2.

This little building was in the corner of the garden when we bought this house almost 8 years ago.  We decided to give it over to the boys who were only 5 & 7 at the time as a playhouse.

It really hasn't altered much in that time - it had new doors a couple of summers ago and some new gingham door curtains but otherwise its remained slightly unloved & uncared for :(  It gets an annual spring clean and yesterday was that day;

Inside - a slightly tatty sofa, toys, scooters & an inflatable alien!

and lots and lots of cobwebs and dead things :(

Not really selling it to you am I!!  I spent a couple of hours in there - hoovering, cleaning and tidying.  The door curtains have come down for a wash and so has the large Jolly Roger flag.  Once this was done and I sat on the sofa for a breather I looked around and realised this was only the tip of the iceberg. So sometime next week, I shall be re-painting the inside, finding throws to cover the sofa, making some cushions and hanging some pretty bunting at the windows. MrVV has promised to re-install the electrics so we have some lights out there for evening and it opens up the possibly of one day sitting out there sewing :)

One thing I did notice once the windows were clean - the views of the garden - when the roses & honeysuckle flower soon it really will be a lovely place to sit;

Oh yes - the windows are really old leaded ones that were reclaimed from an old cottage :)

Another day - another 'thud' as a parcel hits the doormat :) - this time a little giveaway win from Jackie @ Sew Special Bears . No pics of the unopened package this time - no many address details to hide. However inside was;

A prettily wrapped pressie with added chocolate :)

Some new bedtime reading (or hopefully summerhouse reading) :)

Thank you Jackie very much. Now Jackie & I have been paired up in the Strawberry Swap organised by Pixiedust @ Faerie Nuff. So I shall be studying Jackie's blog in detail to find out her likes & dislikes - just hope she really does like strawberries ;)

Oh I haven't forgotten I mentioned the Giveaway word last time - just need to sort a couple of things and then I'll share it with you.

Until next time

xxxx Vicki xxxx

Wednesday 26 May 2010

The Great Apron Swap 2010 - The Result :)

Good morning :)

Well what a mixed week so far - my breadmaker pan has died so I'm back to making it by hand (new pan on its way), my sewing machine threatened to die (thank goodness for goggle & some sewing machine oil) and worst of all my lovely little Olympus camera has gone to the camera shop in the sky - goggled lots of suggestions none worked & its terminal :(

The worst thing for a blogger is no camera and a scrummy parcel to open. That happened yesterday lunchtime - the postie knocked with a parcel for me. I took it in and went to get my camera ready for the customary unveiling pics. Switched it on & it went bananas and just wouldn't work :( Mild panic set it and a very sad face appeared :(

Fortunately MrVV came to the rescue and has lent me a camera that belongs to a group he works with. Its taking some getting use to but I've got it to take pics and I can upload them onto my computer & into blogger.

Anyhow this parcel - it was from the lovely Traci at My Handmadehappiness - she was my partner in the Apron Swap organised by the equally lovely Sarah at Red Gingham 

Quite the prettiest packaging I've ever seen :)

Inside, the naughty girl had included more than just a pinny;

Some UJ fabric, a crocheted dishcloth, a little hook, a huge button, a ladybird book and

wrapped around it all was this pretty ribbon.

The apron is gorgeous - very pretty and very well made. Now I tried to take a pic of me wearing it but haven't sussed the settings on the camera yet so had to retake the pics today outside - now there's only me here so no model photos - instead the washing line did the honours;

and the back

Traci - you are a star - I have loved this swap and all the teasing & laughs we've had. I shall be keeping in
touch and watch out for the postie in a couple of weeks. I've a little idea that needs making and will be winging its way over the Irish Channel very soon ;)

Traci has already blogged about what I sent her but here's a few pics - some of the last ones my lovely little camera took;

Thank you Sarah for organising this swap - for all your hard work and for pairing me up with a new mad friend :)

The postie has just been again :) and he's brought some special things - more on them next time as the word 'Giveaway' might be on the cards ;)

Off into the sunshine - I have shopping to do and summerhouse to spring clean. Then I'm looking forward to putting together metres of bunting that's half made.

Until next time

xxxx Vicki xxxx

Monday 24 May 2010

Feeling hot, hot, hot :)

Good afternoon - is it warm enough for you?? Actually its just clouded over, hence I've come in for a while - though it was time for a blogpost.

Well what a gorgeous weekend - the sun has shone - the sky has looked mostly like this;

With lots of these taking people off on their hols;

I've been lucky - I was able to spend quite alot of time here - sewing & knitting;

or having lunch under the shade of the parasol;

Lots of washing has been done & has dried very quickly;

A new bird bath has replaced a dead shrub - I hope the birds will approve;

We've planted out our beans & sweetpeas. Big son cobbled together a cage to protect the strawberries & spinach;

We visited the garden centre - lots of hanging baskets filled & hung up. Enough plants left over to plant up my pig feeder - this came from my Great Grandfathers farm;

Will look very pretty I hope when the Red Verbena flower.

Water fights have been had and ice-creams have been eaten.

We've made the most of this glorious weekend - never quite sure when the next sunny one will happen.

xxxx Vicki xxxx

Thursday 20 May 2010

Fabric swaps, buttons, ribbons & a ravishing rabbit!

Good evening :)

I meant to type this post yesterday but somehow ran out of day!! Its been one of those weeks with everyone having to be in different places at different times! Looking forward to Saturday when we've a day all together and no need to be out in the evening :)  Big son has got himself involved in a couple of badminton tournaments which require extra practise and being up & out rather early on Sunday morning and little son has been involved in a variety show at school for 2 nights this week.  Poor MrVV he is running a rather unprofitable taxi service at the moment!!

Anyhow on to nicer things - I collected my parcel from the post office yesterday morning - I was at the door when the collection office opened at 10am!! I was right, it was my Fabric Swap parcel from Tilly Rose. Now before blogging I'd have just ripped into a parcel but now I am a reformed character. No parcel can be opened until I have time to photograph it properly!! 

Inside was;

Inside that - am I teasing?

Some Rosy fabric

Some beautiful handmade ceramic buttons - had to take these off a sister who wanted to pinch them today.

Lots of pretty trimmings, buttons, bows & pins :)

and this;

At first glance I only saw the flowery print but when I unfolded it, I discovered that it is in fact 2 pre-printed kits for making a big ravishing rabbit & a little one. I look forward to making these up and then having to hide them from visiting small girls who I am sure will want to adopt them.

Thank you Karen very much for my gorgeous pressies :)   Karen has blogged about my parcel and to be honest her pictures are so much better that the quick snap I took before I wrapped all her pressies up - but here it is anyhow;

When I opened my parcel & had a little chuckle to myself - see I'd bought a little piece of fabric that morning from the charity shop and thought I'd look out for something to go with it & then make a new summery cushion - seems with the stripey/rosy fabric in my swap parcel, Karen had beaten me too it!! Here's my CS piece;

Am thinking rosy/stripey front with the stripey/dotty on the back :)

Last night was Stitch & Bitch so off I trotted armed with some knitting and a couple of craft fair makes I wanted to get finished.  These were some pin cushions similar to those I've made for swaps - thought they would sell quite well. One of my sisters who was there took a shine to them and I promised to make one for her. I would of done this anyhow but made it a priority as she'd bought me a little pressie at the weekend. I think I've mentioned before that I collect russian dolls - well she'd found one at a boot sale that was a bit unusual;

and this is what I made her in exchange - her favourite flower is a daisy & I'd one daisy button left;

I'd better wander off now - just realised that I need to water some pots in the garden - its been so warm & lovely here in Suffolk today.  One last thing before I go - the lovely Laalaa is having a giveaway - and as much as I'd like to keep it a secret - I can't ;)

Tomorrow is promising to be a lovely day here in Suffolk - am hoping to spend most of it outdoors - either gardening, sewing or lounging on the hammock!!

xxxx Vicki xxxx

Tuesday 18 May 2010

Blanket progress & a parcel from Cath

Good afternoon from sunny & warm Suffolk :)

Oh yes after the not so great weekend the sunshine is finally here. It was here for a while yesterday too but the afternoon brought a wonderful storm.  I knew one was coming as I had the most awful headache.  Amazingly the torrential downpour stopped just before the boys were due to finish school so they didn't get soaked.

I've been plodding slowly on with my blanket in between other crafting/sewing projects - thought it was time for an update - I've now knitted 65 squares, 64 of which are sewn together - another 16 and it will be a full 9x9 - then I shall decide whether than is enough of whether it needs to be the full 11x11. TBH as long as its finished for the camping season I'll be happy - first day for that is the Latitude Festival in July :)

This morning I've been to see my Grandma as I do every week. My Grandad has been in hospital for the past 7 weeks - they've a meeting today to decide where he goes next - home or a nursing home. We all know in our heart of hearts that home isn't the best option but need to hear that from the professionals.

Anyhow despite the fact that I'm 40, my Grandma still likes to treat me like a little girl - so often I get given pocket money!! I tend to save this up for holidays & days out but occasionally I like to treat myself - today was one of those days. I saw in the window of a little shop in town this bracelet & I couldn't leave it there;

It will go with everything :)

I got home to discover that I'd missed the postie :( - I think it was my Fabric Swap parcel from Karen - I shall have to collect that from town tomorrow.  Yesterday I had better luck - I was home when MrPostie arrived bearing this;

Oh yes a parcel from Cath - I had to use that Easy Living 15% voucher didn't I ;) Only 3 things - one for a swap so you can't see that, these for me;

and this for the kitchen - hoping it makes baking less messy sometimes;

Right its so sunny here I think I shall take my lunch out into the garden & make the most it.

See you soon - I shall be able to share my other parcel with you then.

xxxx Vicki xxxx

Sunday 16 May 2010

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside, oh I do like to be beside the sea

Oh I do like to stroll along the prom, prom, prom, where the brass band plays tiddly om pom pom (later on).

Good afternoon :)

Not quite sure what happened to the promised ice-cream weather weekend. Its been ok but at times its been overcast & quite chilly, especially on Saturday. 

It started with such great promise - blue skies & sunshine.  After a slow start, a picnic was prepared, shorts dragged out & spades packed.  We headed up to Southwold for a picnic, play on the beach & the promise of a walk & ice-cream to end the day.  We got there late morning and noticed it had started to cloud up - nevermind we're British we can cope with a little cloud. The boys amused themselves digging holes in the sand & hunting out lucky stones. Us parents were happy with our newspaper & magazine.

Amazing what fun you can have just burying each other feet;

Even better when we did that to big son - was so nice to be taller than him again!!

Eventually the sky got very grey & it turned cold - hence me wearing big sons hoodie!! We trooped back to the car with the intention of perhaps have a wander around the town - it didn't happen the heavens opened so instead we headed home again :(

Little son decided that he'd like to bake so under my supervision, he made a banana loaf - he opted to add a couple of handfuls of raisins to make the recipe his own;

(reality picture with laundry in the background ;) )

We'd settled down to watch some trashing TV - a Superman movie when the phone rang. It was my little brother who is in Suffolk this weekend - he wanted to come over.  The boys were thrilled to see him - we've not seen him much this year. Big son was very happy - he's finally taller than his Uncle. I just wish I'd taken a photo as big son & my brother are very similar to look at and even sound the same.

Today three-quarters of us have been in Aldeburgh. Big son opting as usual for a quiet house to himself!  MrVV's band were playing for the Mayors Parade.

Outside the Moat Hall

The band play to lead the parade to the Church and once that is inside they head off for coffee in one of the many cafes in town. Little son went with MrVV and I had an hour or so to browse the shops in peace.  And that's all I did - just browse - didn't buy anything amazingly.

At the end of the time the band go back to the Church to lead the parade back down the hill & back to the Moat Hall. Where the Mayors gives a small speech, the parade dismisses, the Mayoral party head for drinks in the Moat Hall & the band head over the road to the Mill Inn ;)

This afternoon has been spent on domestic chores & preparing a roast for dinner tonight.

BTW is anyone else watching the 80's stuff on BBC2? Am looking forward to the Boy George drama later. The boys can't quite understand my fondness for this period in time - however as I pointed out the 80's were a major part of my life - I started them as a little girl moving up to middle school and ended them as a married woman who was buying her first home! Plus lots of exciting stuff in the middle bit.

I wonder which Dorothy will be off tonight too? Not sure now who we want to win - probably Danielle.

Oh nearly forgot - Amanda @ Amanda Makes is having the most gorgeous giveaway - not sure I really want to tell you all as I really would love to win this one ;)

xxxx Vicki xxxx

Friday 14 May 2010

The sun has got his hat on..............

Hip, hip, hip, hip hooray

The sun has got his hat on and at last it is Friday (again).

Good afternoon - can you tell I'm in a good mood?

First bit of good news - I've finished the dollies I want to take to the craft fair later in the month;

The second bit, MrSunshine has returned to Suffolk and I've spent the day out & about.

This morning it was into town to collect some bits I forgot to add to the shop yesterday! and whilst I was there it would have been rude not to go into the charity shops. I spotted this book in the window of the first shop - its one I've wanted for a while;

I headed off round the rest of the town and got to the last shop just seconds too late - there was a gorgeous F&M picnic hamper being bought :( for just £5 - heyho just not my turn for one :(

The postie had been when I got home - some new violin books for little son and a book for me - I've seen this on several blogs & also in Coast magazine. Whilst we've no money for the real thing, pictures will have to do instead;

This afternoon I headed out with Country Girl to the Emporium at Thorpeness - a favourite haunt of ours. The normal pattern of browsing, buying & tea followed. A couple more Ladybirds have been added to my collection;

Thorpeness was lovely - warm & sunny and quiet. I guess of the weekend weather is as promised tomorrow it will be busy with daytrippers & weekenders.  We wandered over to the Mere for a look and a photo opportunity;

You can just see the House in the Clouds & White Mill in the background.

Not many people out of the water today - again I suspect that might be different tomorrow;

Loads of swans on the water today - they started to come over & look at us to feed them - so we didn't hang around. I remember them being rather unfriendly when I was small.   On the way back to the car, we passed this gorgeous vintage car - I'd love one of these - don't stand a chance, I don't drive & I can't see MrVV trading his modern car in for something with no mod cons, however gorgeous it is;

I was home in time to take the dollies out for a photo session in the garden before the boys arrived back from school;

This one ^^^ is my favourite

Have a good weekend folks - lets hope its a warm one for all :)

xxxx Vicki xxxx