Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Signed and sealed

Thanks for all the comments and message both here and on Instagram xxx

Today something amazing happened - something that has at times seemed like it would never happen!

S & I exchanged contracts on our first bought together house.

Those that have been with me for a long time, will remember my last move and the reasons behind it. My boys & I moved into a gorgeous Edwardian house when we became a family of 3. We were incredibly happy there - so happy that blogging got put off and eventually ceased to happen. There were many many happy times there - our first christmas together, the boys growing into young men, finishing their A levels and then both going to Uni.

4 months before Smaller Giant went to Uni, S proposed to me (more about that another time) and we started to make plans for our future. We talked to both boys at length and plans were made. No6 would be sold first, then we would sell S’s flat and buy a home where we could be together when the boys weren’t at Uni. So in October 2016 No6 went on the market - and I moved in with S as I had been offered a job in the same school he works in (again more another time). Eventually after several false starts No6 sold in March 2017 and we put the flat up for sale. This process ended when a buyer pulled out a week before exchange and just a month before we were due to get married!!

We decided to remain in the flat and remarket in once the wedding was over! Then along came other things and then Christmas! The flat eventually went back on the market in Feb 2018 and sold quickly and we found a gorgeous quirky Victorian cottage just a mile from where we are now.

Today contracts were exchanged and we have a moving date for the end of this month - 16 days time!

So there will be more blog posts but a bit hit and miss until we are packed and moved. After all when your husband has spent hours getting you access back to your blog when you cannot rmemeber the log in details nor to which of the many email accounts it is linked too - it would be rude to give up!

Blogger has changed so much in 3 years and I am still battling to upload photos to a suitable platform - hence the stock pic today!

There have been some amazing highs in the past 3 years - 2 gorgeous little nephews,  our wedding, many days out with and without my giant boys. 2 fab jobs! As well as numerous gigs and festivals!

Hopefully more pics and posts about these soon.

Vicki xxx

Monday, 11 June 2018

Dipping my toe in the water

Wow - almost 3 years to the day since I last logged into blogger, one comment on Instagram and hours spent by my patient husband (yes you heard that right) getting me access to my account once more and I am typing a test post!!

What has happened in 3 years ? Well apart from gaining said husband - absolutely loads. My life now is very different to where we left off and is about to take another leap (hopefully) this month!

For now I will leave a photo here and hope I still have followers and then we can see where we go from here!!