Saturday, 30 June 2012

Photo Scavenger Hunt - June 2012 and Monthly Mosaic


Just a quick visit - suddenly dawned on me its the end of the month today - here are my efforts for the Scavenger Hunt this month - some are a bit hurried but better something than nothing at all;

 Before - one homemade pizza ready for baking

 After - cooked and ready to be eaten by hungry teenagers

Night - fireworks for the Prom by the Sea held in honour of the Jubilee

 Bunting - again at Aldeburgh against a steel grey sky

 Close - Sid the grass snake in the garden

Crown - on my Jubilee mug

 Diamond - a Pokemon game pinched from big sons room

 Majesty - taken from the TV coverage of the River Pagent

On the edge - pink flowers (no idea of name) growing on the cliff edge at Southwold

 Out of reach - the top of the climbing rose on the side of the house 

 Sleep - Little Son asleep in Bertie on our trip away

Symmetry - taken from a revision book left on the floor of Big Sons room.

Thanks Kathy for another month - half way through the year already - scary!!

Whilst I'm online, I might as well post my monthly mosaic pic too;

Jubilee flags/Mumford & Sons live / Proper seaside icecream / rose in the garden / Morris musicians / more roses / geraniums / the first cherries / poppies.

Lots of flowers this month - our garden looks its best in June.

No monthly makes this month - I made one item but that was sent as part of a swap and I've no idea if my recipient has the parcel yet :(

See you next month ;)

xxx Vicki xxx

PS - Spell check not working - hope there aren't too many mistakes!!

Monday, 25 June 2012

Men in Uniform

Good evening

Why think of a snappy title when 'Men in Uniform' is bound to attract some extras via Google search ;) Amazing what brings people to this little blog sometimes!!

Anyhow - these men - 653 Squadron Army Air Corps - given the Freedom of the town of Aldeburgh on Saturday - lots of pomp and ceremony and helicopters - after all these guys (and girls) are responsible for the Apache helicopters and have seen rather alot of active service in the past few years. They've a good association with the town and this honour was well deserved;

 A parade through the town accompanied by the band of Parachute Regiment

 Playing on the seafront alongside the historic Moot Hall

 The Squadron mascot - an American Bald Eagle - he so wanted to be able to chase those pesky seagulls away - you could hear them taunting him - if only he could have escaped and taught them a lesson!!

 A flypast by 3 Apache helicopters 

 Our little band was asked to play at the nearby sports fields - whilst the soldiers and great & good enjoyed a drink or two and lots of free food.

One of the Apache landed and the crew spent ages talking to everyone about this wonderful piece of equipment. This is it just as it was preparing to take off - its just not possible to get pictures as it starts to hover - the force is amazing.

At any one time somewhere in blogland there is a giveaway - I've entered plenty and been lucky enough to win a few. Now two have appeared in my feed today and I'd been thrilled to win either of them - such lovely pressies on off - almost so nice I don't want to share the links with you but of course I couldn't do that.

The first one over a Kazzy's Country Rabbit blog;

and the other is over here at my fellow caravan fan Lavender Attic's blog;

Once I've added these to my sidebar, I shall be going over to visit both and put my name on the lists - fingers crossed hey ;)

It was a good day here today in the VV house - big son sat his final GCSE exam - all over now till the results at the end of August and then hopefully he can sign up for the courses he wants to do in the 6th form. I know others have Y11 aged children - I hope their exams have gone well and it almost all over for you too.

The next point of focus for him is the Prom next week - he's all kitted out and trust me, he scrubs up rather well - I promise to take lots of photos ;)

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx

Thursday, 21 June 2012


Good evening

Oh well so that was the Solstice/Midsummer/Longest Day then - shame here in Suffolk it dawned grey & damp. I had hoped I'd wake (as I often do) at 4am and I'd decided I'd get up and watch the sun rise across the fields nearby - however for once I didn't wake up - perhaps a G&T & painkillers (for sciatica) last night weren't a good idea!!

One year I'd love to go here to celebrate the Solstice;

Its been a quiet week on the photograph front - I can't show you the one thing I've made this month as its for a swap and the parcel was only posted yesterday and I don't think its arrived yet.

I've been rather busy in the charity shop this week - I have been asked to be the Key Volunteer for the shop meaning when the Manager & Deputy both are away I get to be in 'charge' and they'll even pay me!!. I've been learning lots of clever stuff with the till and computer and even such essentials as to where all the light switches are as I'll get to open / close up!! Just 4 weeks till my first proper day - rather scary!!

Its rather quiet at home tonight - MrVV & Little Son are playing in a brass concert and Big Son has gone to help at the scout troop ahead of going away with them in the summer as a Young Leader. Lucky thing is heading to Derbyshire in the summer hols for 9 days of activities on land, water and underground caving.

Sadly the TV has nothing interesting on - just 22 men running around and chasing a ball - occasionally mixed with them tripping over their own feet and trying to blame someone else!!

Time to hunt down the cider me thinks.

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx

Monday, 18 June 2012

Sid & Sunshine

Good evening

Hope you all had a good weekend? There was a brass engagement on Saturday for 2 of my men - I didn't go - I stayed at home instead. Yesterday we went out as a family of 4 - for a meal at a local pub - very nice it was too - though I had to guard my chips from marauding teenagers forks!!

This morning whilst I was pottering around half heartedly doing housework, I happened to glance into the garden. There was a very snake shaped thing in the middle of the lawn. I quickly grabbed my camera and phone and crept outside. There was Sid - just lying there - I suspect he'd been trying to catch one of the occasional rays of sunshine instead he was face to face with me. I quickly snapped away and he happily played dead - just moving occasionally to get the flies off him. 

He's quite a decent size - about 2 or 3 feet long;

After I'd taken my photos I went indoors and watched him for ages as he made his way back across the garden to the safety of the hedgerow. He was very slow - perhaps due to the cooler weather but also possibly because he might have eaten today - oddly I've not seen a toad in the garden since he moved in!!

For my non-UK readers - Sid is a grass snake (one of only six native reptiles in the UK) - he is completely harmless and non-venomous. If really provoked he might omit a rather nasty smell but otherwise his first choice is to play dead and hope you just go away so he can slide off.  I am happy that he has decided to live in my garden and thrilled I finally managed to get a decent photo of him.

I've been lucky enough to be awarded a Sunshine blog award by Helen at Moonstruckcreations. Part of the award is for me to tell you 10 things about myself - all fairly straight forward;


Here are the ten questions.

Favourite animal: Elephants – something about their faces that I love.

Favourite drink: coffee – strong and black – never milk or sugar

Favourite number: 7 – as I’m the eldest of 7 siblings.

Facebook or Twitter. Facebook for keeping in contact with friends and Twitter for news/current affairs.

My passion: Depends – current ones are reading & crochet – other times it might be gardening or baking.

Giving or getting: Both – I loved buying presents for family but of course I love getting them too. Can’t beat a parcel with your name on it.

Favourite pattern: Polka dots – so cheerful

Favourite day of the week: Friday evenings – work & school are over for a few days. Time to snuggle up on the sofa with a glass of something and a bar of chocolate.

Favourite flower: Daffodils

Favourite country: It’s got to be the UK – mainly as there are so many places I’ve yet to visit and many I want to visit again and again. From the flatness of Suffolk to the beaches of Cornwall via the Lakeland fells – I love it all.


Now I need to pass this on but am aware that many don't do awards or may have already been given this so I've leave it open - if you'd like to take this and use it on your blog then please do so.

Having seen the forecast we might even seen some proper real sunshine here in Suffolk tomorrow - I hope so - there are summer clothes that I want to wear that haven't made it out of the cupboards yet!

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Jiving & flowers

Good afternoon

Well what a week - everything has been slightly chaotic and the whole rhythm of family life has altered. All this because one teenager is no longer at school all the time! Am sure I'll have just got used to it by September!!The page in my diary for this week was full of names/times/places - hopefully next week will be calmer - hope so or I'll need another holiday!!

Anyhow - its been sunny today - time to sneak into the garden and take photos as so much has come into bloom and is looking gorgeous. So lucky that the lady who owned the house before us loved her garden and planted lots - all in my favourite palette of pinks/purples;
This rose climbs up the side of the house - these blooms were almost at the top of the where the walls meet the roof!!

 Yep the sky has been that colour for a change :)

 Irises have grown this year for the first time - neither of us can remember planting them!!

The love of flowers shows in my latest CS purchase - an Art Deco vase;
The jiving? A demonstration/lesson at this months WI meeting - I watched and took photos whilst the rest of the group danced - it looked such fun but I wasn't taking the risk;

The instructors were great - and very patient with all the giggling!!

I do hope the sunshine stays for the weekend but I'll be surprised if it does - am hoping to get to a boot sale on Sunday - seems ages since I've managed that.

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx

Monday, 11 June 2012

Adventures in Bertie - No1

Good afternoon

Such a lovely day here - not - its wet & windy and I've just had to go into town on a post run :( So I decided to make a cuppa and sit down and blog rather than chase around with a hoover & duster!!

We've done our first weekend in away in Bertie :)

We headed up the road just into Norfolk to a campsite we've stayed at many times before - better the devil you know when there's a new toy to test.

Apart from it being a bit windy and chilly Friday evening we have been very lucky with the weather. Even the cold didn't matter - we had electric and a heater! 

Saturday morning dawned sun & bright and after a leisurely breakfast we headed out for the day. A long walk along the beach, lunch out and a playing in arcades - everyone was happy.

It was warm enough for a proper ice-cream;

We spent the evening happily watching the wildlife and other campers trying to put up new tents!

Of course a glass or 2 of wine was needed;

And then when it started to get dark - time for bed. Bertie's beds met with approval from all - very comfy. Never have I slept so well on a camping trip;

As you can see - like at home - the bed never gets properly made!!

It didn't even take long to get unpacked last night. Just a shame the weather means I am struggling to get things dried indoors (again).

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Lula, Marcus and Giveaway winner :)

Good evening

Hope those with children are enjoying the half-term hols. The boys have been busy with friends/revision/screen stuff - the only signs sometimes they are here are the occasional bleep and of course the fast emptying fridge & cake tins!!

We had a visitor this afternoon - my baby sisters puppy - a cocker spaniel / poodle cross, a cockerpoo - she's called Lula and is about 12 weeks old now - utterly adorable;

She was completely smitten with Little Son and him with her. They happily raced about outside till Lula was just shattered - she came in and promptly dozed off on my feet!!

The other night MrVV & I had a night out together - we went to see Mumford & Sons in concert and they were fantastic - a brilliant night out :)

 As well as playing loads from their last album and their forthcoming album - they also played completely unplugged as it was such small theatre - just 750 seats. This was a real treat for us fans and for the group themselves;

Rightly - lastly the important bit - the winner of my 400 posts/followers giveaway (after having their name pulled from the bowl) is;

Fee @ Chipper Nelly

Fee - I will email you in a while :)

Thank you to everyone who took part xxx

Right - its Thursday night - time for a good wander around blogland - I've not had much chance for that this week - its been rather busy!

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Long to reign over us

Good morning :)

Wow what a busy weekend and its not over yet!!

We've had sunshine & showers, spitfires and fireworks and plenty of Pimms.

Also loads of fun - here's just a snapshot of my Jubilee weekend;

It started on Saturday in Southwold with their Street Fair;

Vintage Buskers singing wartime songs

Morris Dancers & their band

A Pipe & Drum band playing in the town too.

Sunday night MrVV & I headed to Aldeburgh for Proms by the Sea;

The weather wasn't too kind - a easterly wind straight off the North Sea and later on rain but we had such fun. There was an orchestra and whilst they played the Dambusters, we were treated to a flypast and display by a Spitfire and her female pilot;

(not my photo - I watched rather than tried to get pictures - photo c/o google)

At the end of the evening there were fireworks to accompany Pomp & Circumstance;

A wonderful if slightly damp evening :)

Monday - another day, another brass event. This time it was the turn of our little town to celebrate. A parade followed by a Picnic in the Park;

That band again ;)

The parade was of children dressed as Kings & Queens - a friend of mine entered her two littlest and they won 1st & 2nd prize;

It was a great afternoon and wonderful turn out - lots of people having a great time.
As you can see - the sun really shone at some points.

Today - there's another brass engagement, a concert for MrVV & I but first I ought to go and get sorted and visit another special 86 year old - my Grandma.

What a great weekend its been - I loved the river pageant and the concert last night - even if some of the singers couldn't quite hit the high notes anymore!!

See you soon - I must remember to draw the names out of the hat for my giveaway later!!

xxx Vicki xxx