Friday, 29 January 2010

Going Green!

Despite the best efforts of the british weather to turn things white again today, inside we are definately going green!  Its been a long standing joke now that there is infact a shade of green called VickiGreen - somewhere between an olive & an emerald green! As every time we decoratr or I choose something new it often ends up being green or having green in it.

Today is very green - firstly I've ended up wearing a green t-shirt & green cardi - fortunately with a purple dress & blue jeans - oh yes I am colourful!!

I decided to dye the thrifted crochet cushion cover I found yesterday and put it in the machine with a couple of other items including the free CK bag from the 'Make' book - I found the dye when I was sorting out last week - the colour? Green of course.

Lunch today was soup from Waitrose - Thai Green Curry of course!!

Did anyone see the family on the news during the week - so green they only throw away one bag of rubbish a year!! Impressive and green to the extreme!

Here's hoping the weekend ends up being more green than white (I hoped we'd seen the back of that).

See you soon

xxxx Vicki xxxx

^^that is proper Vickigreen ;)^^

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Crafting and thrifting

I am still plodding on with my knitting - am hoping by the time I next blog I might actually have something to show you - the first 9 squares all finished and sewn together.  I did take it with me to the Stitch & Bitch group last night but didn't really get much done (and I had to get Country Girl to help me unknit a row I'd done wrong!!).  Instead I spent lots of time chatting with other crafters and also reading some of the craft books that people had brought along.

I have been keeping up with my 20 minutes a day though and one day I made cards for forthcoming birthdays of a couple of my sisters (using the offcuts of fabric from the boxes I made);

I also made the pompoms to decorate the recycled gift bags - somehow I've ended up with lots of these pretty bags from Joules and they are so pretty and make perfect gift bags.

Whilst in town this morning I had a quick look round the charity shops and my favourite one came up trumps again - a ladybird book, a crocheted cushion cover & a pair of red needles all for only 50p!!  The cushion cover is currently in the machine being dyed along with a few other things that I've been meaning to recolour.  Sadly one of the needles got broken in the bottom of my shopping bag but hopefully one day I'll find it a friend - until then it looks rather pretty with my new growing collection of coloured needles.

It has been so cold here again today - am hoping as we move into a new month next week we might start to see more signs that the winter is coming to an end and spring will be along soon.

See you soon

xxxx Vicki xxxx

PS - I would just like to say a huge thankyou to all my followers - new & old. I was so happy to log in the other day and see I'd reached the 50 followers mark :)  I am planning a giveaway during March to mark my 40th birthday, 50 (or even more by then) followers & probably my 100th post!!

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The sun has got his hat on, Hip Hip Hip Hip Hooray :)

Oh yes we've had blue skies and a good hint of sunshine here in Suffolk today - still cold but not complaining.

I'll start with showing you my award from Catherine @ Kids & Capers;

I've not had one of these before but I think I need to past it on to others. Now this is the hardest part and tbh I could pass it on to all of you who read my blog and follow my blog and for all those that leave lovely comments. Or I could single out a few individuals - I started a list and when I got to 20 I gave up! Its too hard to single out just some of the blogs I read every day - I like different blogs for different reasons - some are crafty, some people have amazing homes, others have lives that are similar too mine and some blogs I follow coz its good to here from other mothers of all male families.

So for whatever reason I follow your blog, I'll pass on this award to you.

I said at the beginning we've had real sunshine here today, well it made me linger in the front garden for longer than normal when I returned home from town this morning.  I spent a little while having a look in the garden for signs of spring, I found;

A few daffodils poking their heads through the soil.
Blossom buds forming on my cherry tree :) - look at the colour of that sky!

I'd best be off - peace is about to be shattered as the boys will be in from school in a few minutes.

xxxx Vicki xxxx

Monday, 25 January 2010

Happiness is......................................

For me last night it was a pint of homebrew, some knitting, a granny blanket & watching Larkrise to Candleford (though this series isn't as good as the previous ones);

For little son who came out for a walk with MrVV & I to Aldeburgh, it was;

And for both boys when they came in from school tonight it was the sight of a plate full of warm, chocolate cookies(though they weren't allowed to eat them all - evil aren't I! ;

Off for today's 20 minutes of crafting - though it probably be more like an hours knitting - might even have a picture of the work in progress later this week.

Oh btw the homebrew is good - not quite Adnams but definately better than Tom Good's peapod burgundy ;)

xxxx Vicki xxxx

Friday, 22 January 2010

Sewing, lunch & light shopping!

I always look forward to Friday's - I have done since I was a child. Even now I'm no longer working there's something special about Fridays.

The day started not brilliantly - even with 3 alarms we all were late up this morning so the despatching of boys to school was a bit hurried and frantic!

Once they'd gone on their way, I took myself off upstairs to have my 20 minutes crafting with my sewing machine.  I showed you yesterday the first fabric box - well I've made 2 more and refined the technique;

The stanley one is for me :)

A phone call from a sister suggesting we meet for lunch and a mooch around the charity shops put paid to any plans for further spring cleaning! I'd decided to cycle rather than walk to meet her and had planned a photograph hungry route into town - however just after this picture was taken it started to rain so the camera was put away & all I have is this picture of my bike loaded up and ready for our ride;

Lunch was lovely - we went to a little cafe in town which serves good basic food and at a reasonable price too - cheese&tomato toastie for me - scrummy :)

We then had a wander around the town.  I'm quite lucky our little town is full of small independent shops. Our florists was taken over before christmas by a wonderful lady and it is now doing a roaring trade. I couldn't resist this little hyacinth in its red pot;

The charity shops came up trumps today too - a red polka dot summer cardi for me and 2 pairs of knitting needles (both bought because of their colours rather than sizes)- total spend 70p!! Though it doesn't show it properly the grey ones have the most gorgeous green tops!!

Came home to find the postie had been kind again and brought me a parcel from a friend from another internet forum - 3 Ladybird books for my collection :)

All in all the day that started badly ended really well.

Have a good weekend - here's hoping MrSunshine puts in an appearance.

xxxx Vicki xxxx

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Cath, cloths & crafting

Its always wonderful when the postie brings something other than bills especially if its my magazine subscriptions (CL & Coast) arriving or even better the latest CK magazine :)

There are so many lovely things in there - I shall be dropping big hints for my big birthday in March ;)

Todays 20 minutes of crafting actually was probably over an hour by the time I'd got everything sorted and persuaded my sewing machine to play fairly.  Taken from this book (though tweaked to suit what fabric I had available);

I have made a fabric box - its part of a birthday pressie for a sister who is 30 @ the end of this month.

I've since made another one for another sister (who also has a birthday this month) using the leopard print fabric from the background (will take a photo tomorrow) and I've cut one out for me as well :)

Oh the cloth reference - darling Sarah Smith and her attempts to brighten the cleaning up - another packet of cloths jumped into the trolley today when I was shopping ;) Which design? see the background of the first photo ;)

Now did you know this wonderful lady has her own website and blog ?

Off to catch up on the other crafters blogs and plod on with my knitting.

See you soon

xxxx Vicki xxxx

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Midweek already!

Afternoon :)

We've reached the midway point of the week already - can't believe how quickly January is plodding by.  Have noticed the shops are now full of Valentines cards and Easter Eggs with a smattering of reduced christmas stuff just to confuse us all.

I've joined in with MarmaladeRose's 20 minutes of crafting a day idea.  So far so good. 

As part of my new year resolutions I promised myself I'd learn to knit.  I've been going each week to a stitch and bitch group and thanks to the patience of one of the group leaders I'm getting the hand of it. I've decided to knit myself a blanket from squares.  Started with the red in a basic knit stitch and have now changed colours to a lovely fern green and these will be a mix of knit stitch and knit/purl.

The blue is from a 'My first knitting kit' which I picked up in a charity shop - I use this to practise with! Though I think that colour will be the next one I buy as it goes rather well with the other two.

Spring cleaning is going fairly well - huge box waiting to be taken to the charity shop and the recycling bin is overflowing with stuff too.

S&B tonight - I love Wednesdays :)

See you soon

xxxx Vicki xxxx

Monday, 18 January 2010

Sunshine, Sunday lunch & Seaside

Wasn't it lovely yesterday to open the curtains and see green and sunshine?  We were up a bit earlier than a normal Sunday due to it being little son's birthday!  He was a very lucky boy and received lots of pressies & cards.

He choose for his birthday treat to go to our favourite pub for a carvery lunch.  He almost suceeded in eating his own body weight in yorkshire puddings & pigs-in-blankets ;)

As it was such a lovely day he opted out of pudding and instead asked if he could have an ice-cream @ Southwold. So naturally we obliged;

After buying ice-creams we headed along the prom towards the harbour - there was something that we all wanted to see - this;

Can you believe that this beach-hut is for sale and the asking price is £40,000!!!

After reaching the harbour we headed back towards the pier via the canons;

MrVV & I being silly ;)

It was such a lovely day - there were plenty of people on the beach - even a couple of brave children were paddling!  Several dogs were having a 'doggie paddle too'. Hardly a cloud in the sky such a wonderful change after the recent greyness.

Today has seen the start of a massive spring clean & sort out.  I've started with the kitchen, emptying cupboards and drawers - filling recycling boxes and a huge box for the charity shop too. I guess tomorrow will be much of the same, so if I am absent from blogland this week you'll know why - cleaning cloths and products do not make interesting blog pics!!

xxxx Vicki xxxx

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Happy Birthday Little Son

Happy birthday to little son who is 12 today - actually not till about 4.20pm but we'll overlook the fact he made me miss lunch that day ;) 

Happy birthday to one of the most cheeky kids I know - full of enthusiasm, crazyness and also sweetness.

From this chubby little baldy;

Via this very hairy hippy;

to this fun loving, festival going, pretending to drink cider cheeky chap;

Of course someone like this deserves a very special cake;

Though the alien fell over just as I pressed the button - you can see lots of his favourite characters on here ;)

Off out for a birthday sunday lunch and then hopefully a walk along the beach & an ice-cream!!

xxxx Vicki xxxx

Friday, 15 January 2010

Bargain :)

Blimey, where has this week gone? Seems to have past me by in a whirl of cooking, cleaning, crafting and a bit more cooking thrown in!!

Today has been rather good - Country Girl and I headed to Aldeburgh this morning for a moochie around the shops and of course coffee & cake :). You can see on her blog her shopping success ;).  I didn't find anything that took my fancy not even in the charity or 2nd hand book shops.

After lunch I decided that I'd cycle into town to post some letters, visit the greengrocers and have a looksie at our charity shops. BINGO, I struck lucky - a Boden wool jacket - in my size & colourway - not only that it has hardly been worn & only cost £10 :)

The other thing I thought I'd show you today also comes under my resolutions for 2010 - praise the boys more.  Big son made this pencil case at school for his art pens & pencils.  Now bearing in mind he's never used a sewing machine before and he's fairly cack handed most of the while, I thought this was rather good;

I was most impressed that he'd sewn the zip in himself on the machine and that the whole thing is entirely his own work - so well done big son :)

My knitting is coming along well - dishcloth is finished and just needs its ends sewing in.  I've started now knitting squares when will eventually be turned in a blanket.  Am impressed with myself - can cast on & off and do a knit stitch - next target is purling & ribbing :)

See you at the weekend with another birthday post - this time little son who will be 12 on Sunday.  He's been full of it this week not only has he got a birthday to look forward to but his violin he's spent his christmas money on arrived.  Naturally for the lively person he is, a plain wood one was not good enough - instead he chose this rather cheerful red;

xxxxx Vicki xxxxx

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Keep warm & carry on

Brrrrrr - yes its still cold here in Suffolk and yes there's still some of that blooming white stuff on the ground and as I type some more is trying to fall!

Its been my first proper week at being a SAHM as last week never really got going with the boys only doing a day and a half at school!

The birthday cake from the previous post was well received - thanks for all your comments too.  Think I've started something as its little sons birthday at the weekend & he's hinted he'd like something Mummy made too.  When he was out the other night big son & I snuck into his room and hunted down lots of things to decorate this cake with - will reveal all at the weekend when it gets made ;)

One of the biggest tasks of the week (apart from the domestic chores) has been keeping warm - much to MrVV's amusement I've often gone for the warm rather than stylish option!! However one recent purchase is both warm & stylish and will probably not leave my body until the temperature again returns to double figures!

The other warming option other than copious mugs of tea is soup - think we've had soup of one flavour or another nearly everyday for lunch - I'm getting the hang of making it from whatever leftover veg we have in the baskets & fridge;

(carrot & parsnip)

The other thing I've taken on board this week from other blogs is 20 minutes of crafting a day :)  This has meant that the knitted dishcloth is finished (just need to learn to cast off at S&B tonight) and I've ticked the first item off my making list - birthday bunting;

Off to hide the ginger biscuits I've made for S&B group before the boys get home from school ;)

See you later in the week

xxxxx Vicki xxxxx

Monday, 11 January 2010

Happy Birthday Mr VV

For the 25th year I've wished MrVV Happy Birthday!! and struggled to find him a suitable birthday pressie - I always struggle with my January birthday people.

The boys & I hid ourselves in the kitchen yesterday and made him a cake which he gets to see later when the boys are arrive home from school (back there today much to their disgust!!). So you are all treated to sneak preview ;)

See you soon

xxxxx Vicki xxxxx

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Tracks in the snow - who's are these footprints & where do they go?

Borrowing a line from the Gruffalo's Child for today's blog post title ;) 

Actually they are my footprints - have been trudging through the snow again.  This time to visit my parents and collect some birthday cards & pressies which are needed for various members of this household this week.  Sensibly my parents were staying indoors in the warm!

Just wish my footprints could lead me here;

Instead of snow - could it be sand and instead of wellies could it be my favourite flowery birkenstocks? We can but hope its all over in a few days and life can return to normal!

I've spent alot of time in the past few days like this;

Armed with my knitting (nearly done), a mug of tea, a magazine or book and covered by a granny blanket - guess this snow isn't so bad after all!!

Have been busy in the kitchen this afternoon with the boys - MrVV has a birthday tomorrow and we've been baking ;)

See you tomorrow.

xxxxx Vicki xxxxx

Friday, 8 January 2010

Another snowy day

Schools are closed, supermarket was packed, MrVV has taken a few hours away from his desk and we've been having family fun outside;

(^^ is my favourite picture)

The washing line ghost!! Can you see what I mean?

We buried little son but did let him out!!

The next two pics were taken by MrVV;

Our mad postie - still wearing shorts!

A neighbour & his quad bike

I think we're in for a weekend of snow & cold. The boys were both meant to be a big scout camp in Essex but the decision has been made for the troup not to go - is a 160 mile round trip and deemed too dangerous. Boys both a bit disappointed but I'm sure they'll have fun here AND they'll get to sleep in beds and not in sleeping bags!

Have a good weekend.

xxxxx Vicki xxxxx