Monday, 28 February 2011

Sales & Celebrations

Good evening

Well today was the final day of the half-term and true to form the weather was awful, cold, wet & grey. I think I was the only member of the household to brave outside today - well someone needed to do the post run and get a few baking supplies from town.

How was your weekend??

Thanks to all those who asked about the fair @ the weekend. My verdict?? Brilliant :) Loads of sales, chatting to some lovely people accompanied by some great music and food :)

The proceeds are being put towards taking MrVV away for a weekend next month ;)

Despite it being a soggy day the supporters of the fair, families and holidaymakers turned up in their droves. The hall was packed from just before opening time and was still heaving when the stalls packed away at 5.30 and I believe it was busy in the evening too with more musical entertainment and dancing (next year I shall be staying for that bit too).

Of course - you want pictures don't you - only a few, I was just too busy to take many;

Me behind by stall - not sure I was quite awake at that point!!

This was my sisters stall - they both ducked down behind the table - wimps !!

Just one of the many great musical acts during the daytime - this band were called Twisted Routes - they were fab - made your feet dance :)

I didn't really venture very far from my table all day so I only managed to buy one item - from the lady who's stall was next to me. She made the most wonderful cards - all using photos she'd taken. I spotted this one at the beginning of the day and had to treat myself to it;

I need to now look out for the perfect frame in the charity shops AND hope I spot this lady again at another event - I wish I'd bought more of her cards.

Sunday was a family day - it was MIL's birthday and we knew it was going to be a tricky one for her. We decided to take her out to lunch at somewhere we'd never have been able to persuade FIL to go!! Just our local Prezzo - something there for everyone. The boys munched their way through huge pizza's, whilst the rest of us had different pasta dishes.  Back home just in time to watch the rugby!!

I picked up a couple of potentially promising leads on Saturday so I'd best be off to email them and then have a long tour of blogland - I am seriously behind with my reading and commenting.

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt 2011 - February


This is the first month I've joined in the Hunt and I must say it has been fun finding all the items on the list or at least my interpretation of them. I've had the list in my purse all month and was really happy to cross the final items off the other day. Here in the order they loaded themselves into the computer file are Feb's pictures;

Bench - This bench is actually in the town square - it was designed by children from a local school.

Bridge - I hate this bridge - my boys have crossed it every school day for the past 6 years - I will be glad come July when little son moves on from Middle School to High School and he no longer has to go over it.

Clock - attached to the outside of our little Cinema/Theatre - never quite tells the right time!!

Eyes - those of little son

Heart - the centre of the tattoo on the top of my back

Musical Instrument - Little Son's Euphonium

Lorry - Ok so I cheated. The only big lorries I'd seen were moving to fast for me - so this is Big Sons Transformer Lorry - he referred to it as a big lorry when he was much, much smaller.

Newspaper Headline - one showing good news for a change :)

Postbox - this one was in the wall outside the hospital where I've been having physio - one of the oldest ones I've seen.

Red - well its is Red Nose Day next month!! (Friday March 18th)

Shoes - my boots I bought at Christmas along with my flowery tights from my last shopping trip.

Stripes - the wrist warmers I made to take to the craft fair (which sadly didn't sell).

Thanks Kathy for organising this - am looking forward to the March list.

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Boxes, bags & buns

Good evening

What a difference a day makes - yesterday was grey, wet & chilly - even colder at S&B as the place we used had a broken boiler. I am so glad I put on an extra layer before I went out - just wish I'd left some wrist warmers in my coat pocket. Took me a while to warm up when I got home.

Today has been much warmer and brighter. The sun has shone, windows have been flung open and the washing line has been groaning under the weight of teenagers t-shirts and hoodies.

Big son went off to work with MrVV today - paid in kind with a truck-stop all-day-breakfast and the promise of some cash too - a fair reward for unloading cartons from 2 containers.

Little son spent the day with me - this is the way it always seems to happen - perhaps one day I'll suggest a swap. However he was useful, helpful and fun company. We had to go into town to change library books, post parcels and get a few shopping supplies as there wasn't enough useful stuff left to make any meals!!

When we came home, it was time to do a job I've been putting off. Sorting out all the stuff for the stall @ the weekend. Bags and baskets were emptied and their contents spread over the spare bed;

Quite a lot then - just needed labelling, which took absolutely ages. Then of course it needed packing up again!! Of course no sooner had I done this, I found more things and then MIL called round with a few more bits she's knitted too. There was me when I booked this worrying I wouldn't be able to fill the table!

Little son is doing cookery during his D&T lessons at the moment and he's really enjoying this. He's always been the keenest to help in the kitchen. Yesterday he made Macaroni Cheese for our dinner and very nice it was too. Today he decided to baking choc-chips buns as we've visitors coming for lunch tomorrow.

Such a look of concentration ;)

The finished result :)

Can't believe this half term week is almost over. I've almost completed my list of tasks for the week. One of them was too sort out a Flickr account so I could add my photos to the Scavenger Hunt file. I would also like to do one of those funky mosaics - which programme is the easiest & free??

Right I shall see you after the weekend - here's hoping Southwold is nice & busy on Saturday ;)

xxx Vicki xxx

Monday, 21 February 2011

Hurrah for half term

Good evening

All alone again - Little Son & MrVV are off to their normal Monday night band practise and tonight Big Son has deserted me, to go and play badminton with his Uncle. The house seems very quiet after having the boys at home today. When I worked in schools I always looked forward to half-term and spending time with just my children. Even now I no longer work, I look forward to the holidays as a break from the exciting term time stuff of white shirts/pack-ups and of course early morning alarms.

So far so good - today has been spent mainly with the boys watching dvds, whilst gaming on the DS's and chatting to friends on Facebook - who says males can't multi-task ;)

After I'd done the boring jobs, I decided to spend some time doing things I like;

Finishing off the last few things I want to take to the Fair on Saturday. I also finished knitting & felting another piece which hopefully will be turned into a purse this week once its dry.

I needed to go into town to post another Birthday Swap parcel so whilst I was out I took the opportunity to drop off a bag of cast-offs in the charity shop. Whilst browsing in there, I spotted cupcakes and had to investigate further. The shop sells new goods too and the cupcakes were in fact printed onto tea-towels. Now I've needed some new teatowels for ages but hadn't found any I really liked so these had to come home with me.

They looked so pretty tied up with their gingham ribbon - just hoping the males don't use these ones to wipe their not-quite-clean hands on nor mop up any kitchen spills!!

Taking of kitchen spills - I tried a new (to me) receipe today - cheese & marmite savoury rolls - whilst they didn't turn out the most photogenic of things - trust me, they were tasty;

Lastly today I've been trying to collect a few more pictures towards this months Photo Scavenger Hunt (see my sidebar for link). I am almost there - just 4 more to find and I think I know where I can find those. I can't wait to see what photos others have taken and how they have interpreted the catagories.

Wow at the response to yesterday's post. So many more toys were mentioned and there were quite a few that I'd also owned. However as the oldest of 7, I often handed on to my younger siblings the toys that were less precious to me - that means that my Sindy & Pippa dolls were rather worn and tatty by the time my little sister had finished with them, so they are definately no more. I've looked on ebay at the Pippa dolls and was gobsmacked at the prices they fetch - perhaps one day if I win the lottery I might treat myself to a couple.

Right off now - soon be time for my Monday night, hiding behind the cushion and getting the breathing right time with 'One Born Every Minute'.

xxx Vicki xxx

Sunday, 20 February 2011

What's in the attic??


I know posting during the daytime - must be avoiding housework again!!  Actually the house is quiet - big son is spending the day with a friend and little son & MrVV have gone out for a bike ride.

Yesterday morning I went to see my parents. They are due to have their loft reinsulated and roof refelted in the next few weeks and decided to take the opportunity to empty their attic completely. They've lived in their house for about 35 years now and stuff has been put up in the attic but very little has come down until now. I went not to help ( they have son-in-laws for that) but to rescue some of my childhood toys that I knew were lurking up there.

Trust me when I say 35 years worth of stuff is a lot - mostly belonging to us older ones - it was a vintage toy collectors dream or actually nightmare. I am not sure why they kept some things but anyhow the attic is now empty and those that asked have got their favourite things back.

Here's what a I saved for myself;

I was thrilled to find Noddy & Big Ears and their car in the bottom of an old suitcase. Sadly Mr Golly is missing and the car is in a well played with condition. But tbh I thought that this was long gone and was really pleased to find it.

A 5th birthday pressie - my first camera - a little creaky but as soon as I looked through the view finder I was transported back to the days before punk has even happened!! Such a simple toy but I remember playing with it and getting my little siblings to pose.

Another pressie for my 5th birthday - that was a good year!! Sadly the clock hands are no more but just finding all the pieces was lovely as this had ended up in the attic loose!

Lastly for today - the main reason I went was to collect this trio. Tiny Tears was a pressie when I was about 6 but the other 2 were presents for my 2nd birthday from my parents & grandparents. It took a while to clean them up and even now they'll need another good scrub to remove some marks that are on them. Sadly their clothes were beyond saving - its seems that my grandma only knitted dolls clothes in pure wool and the moths had had a field day. My task therefore is to make/knit something for each of these ladies to wear. The one on the right had hair which made her look like Russell Brands lovechild - thanks to the SCC girls and a google I discovered that fabric softener works wonders and she now looks much neater - I don't ever remember her having perfect hair, must have been a trend setter.

What have you saved from your childhood? I'd love to see photos.

Right my cyclists are back so I'd best go and look busy!!

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Felting and Flowers

Good evening

What a mixed day its been. Glorious sunshine this morning and springlike temperatures and then after lunch, it went grey & misty and I had to rescue my washing from the line.

During the sunny spells this week its made me realise that some serious spring cleaning is needed as the spiders appear to have been working very hard indeed. So once the craft fair makings have been completed I shall be arming myself with a bucket, pile of cloths and making my house shine.  I had a little go this afternoon, I'd treated myself to a pink primula this morning and thought it would like to live on one of the kitchen windowsills - after moving things around I realised that this was not a simple task. Instead the windows had a clean and the sills cleared and tidied.

A wander around the garden this morning found loads of spring flowers in bloom or just about too burst open;

Here's hoping half term has plenty of sunny days and then these daffs might open up and make the garden feel sunny.

As I said at the beginning, I've been busy making more stuff to sell - I've become rather addicted to knitting/felting and so far this week, 3 purses have been produced - the russian doll one was for a friends birthday. She was delighted with it when I handed it over @ S&B last night.

I had to chuckle @ some of the comments on my last post re. the lacy bunting - just wonder what sort of swap some of you thought I'd signed up too - trust me - am definitely more Bridget Jones than Jordan in my choices ;)

Hurrah half term starts tomorrow - can't wait - think the boys are ready for some late mornings and just having a break for routine & organisation. There's been talk of what they want to do - mainly seeing friends and catching up with family. Little son has promised to cook dinner one night - I am really looking forward to that - especially if he does the washing up too!!

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx

Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Hello lovely ladies

Happy Valentines Day to you all

Well today was the day I could finally unwrap my pressies from the Bloggy Love Swap - well worth waiting for they were;

A hand painted tea light holder and the cutest tea light I've ever seen

A bear bearing chocolate - what is there not to love?

A gorgeous brooch (which I am wearing today) and lovely hand sewn/painted card - definitely need to find a frame for this one.

Lacey bunting - this flag I though most perfect for today

And chocolate - all heart shaped and rather tasty - need to hide these from my menfolk ;)

Thank you to Sue for the lovely parcel and and Jackie for organising this lovely swap :)

MrVV & I have also exchanged cards/pressies - edible for me and CD shaped for him!

I have the joys of a Valentines Physio visit later to look forward to and then probably a romantic bag of chips on the sea wall @ Aldeburgh for lunch - some of us really know how to live!!

Have a lovely day - whatever you are doing

xxx Vicki xxx

Sunday, 13 February 2011

A family weekend


Just a quiet time here between a late snacky tea and the start of Sunday night back to school sorting and of course TV time - looking forward to the Bafta's later - am hoping Colin, Geoffrey & Helena all win.

The house smells strongly of my hyacinth which has bloomed over the weekend;

We've spent quite a bit of time together as a family this weekend - sometimes just busy doing nothing. The 6 nations has been on and we've cheered the England team on and also offered suggestions to the refs of the other matches ;)

Today we headed out to Ipswich so big son could spend some of his birthday money and so we could have a meal out. Wow for a boy who for many years hated shopping he did very well - new hoodies, t-shirts, books, a game and most importantly a DVD player - I think soon he'll only have to leave his room for meals!! I soon got bored of boy shops and wandered off on my own. I bumped into Dawn in White Stuff - she seemed to be having better luck than me - I left there empty handed. I ended up in M&S and managed to find a few bits to brighten my wardrobe - including some very pretty tights with pink flowers on them - I shall feel 6 years old again!!

Once shopping had been completed we headed over to the Waterfront and to Pizza Express - thanks MrTesco for contributing towards today's 3 course lunch ;) Well 3 course for some - just 2 and the last few scoops of little sons pudding for me - here's the boys tucking into the most delicious ice cream sundaes;

Right I'd best be off - the maid appears to have forgotten to iron school shirts so I'd best do that ;)

Am looking forward to tomorrow as I get to open my Spread the Bloggy Love parcels - am quite excited and I have been giving them a poke and squeeze!!

xxx Vicki xxx

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Happy Birthday LummyLonglegs!


Oh yes (said in best Churchill the dog voice) tis the turn of No1 son to have a birthday - seems the first 1/4 of the year involves an awful lot of cake making and decorating. Now the old brain cells are struggling at the moment and it took me a while to find any inspiration for what to put on his cake. However during a rare dusting session I happened upon a tub of magnets which get used very rarely now by small visiting people.  After a quick rummage I came up with enough letters for this;

The squirrel is a current injoke which was started by school friends and has spread.

One happy smiling face as he gets to blow the candles out;

Annoying parent in the background ;)

He was also smiley this morning whilst he opened his pressies - a snazzy new camera, tickets for a comedy show (Tim Vine) and good selection of sweets, clothes and money. Its been tested fully - taking a new facebook profile pic;

He keep trying to take pics of me too - testing out all the fancy settings;

We are off out on Sunday for a birthday meal somewhere and so the money that's currently burning a hole in his wallet can be invested and boost the high streets takings - I think I shall leave him to do that alone and go and investigate some far nicer shops - really the Apple Store and Top Man do nothing for me - give me Paperchase & White Stuff ;)

Thanks for the comments on his room - if you say its tidy then I shall believe you - am sure big son would too after all the last thing he wants to do is too tidy up when he could be slaying dragons or messing around with his new camera. I really don't think I should comment on his muddle having spent ages this morning looking for something in our room - it was there, just buried under a heap of clean washing waiting to go away!!

Oh the postie appeared today with a parcel for me - my Spread the Bloggy Love Swap parcel from Sue - I've opened the outer layer but the parcels are now hidden up until Monday;

Ok so my spotty conservatory table wasn't the best place but the light here today has been truly awful - here's hoping the sunshine comes out tomorrow.

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Making & baking

Good morning

Not often I blog during the daytime but I've a cake in the oven and I can't wander too far from it as its getting to the almost cooked stage. Another birthday tomorrow - big son. Cake gets made today and then decorated once he's gone to school tomorrow as I want the finished item to be a surprise. Lets just say it will be along the lines of my normal over decorated and colourful cakes! I've also a pile of pressies to wrap too - am hoping that he'll love the Toy Story paper I found yesterday.

Been finishing off more items for the craft fair this week but I found time to finish a felted purse for myself;

From knitted piece, to felted shape to purse :)

I've another piece of felting drying at the moment and started knitting another piece last night whilst watching mindless nonsense on the tv.

I've also been playing around with a collection of random cups & saucers that I've got - far cheaper than Liberty's - I've started making these again;

Teacup pincushions with Annie's lovely pins in them.

I treated myself earlier in the week to some lovely new fabric to make myself a new dress - so far I've got as far as washing it to preshrink it and then hanging it out to dry;

The 2p gives you an idea of how small the squares are - all those straight lines should make sewing nice and simple!!

As I was wandering around the house earlier opening windows, I thought I'd take some reality photos of my house - here's big sons room complete with floor 'storage' and the mess of a soon to be 15 year old male.

Who lives in a mess like this????

Study area complete with card collections and a radiator based Top Gear cool wall.

I need to have a hunt through old photos later to find something suitably embarrassing I can post on here or Facebook tomorrow - can't believe another year has gone past so quickly. As he informs us - only 2 years till he can learn to drive - have suggested he starts saving ;)

Finally before the timer goes ping, Monday went really well. The crematorium was packed with people from the many parts of FIL's life. We heard so many stories about him and laughed as well as cried.

See you tomorrow with some cake pics.

xxx Vicki xxx