Sunday 28 February 2010

A weekend of contrasts

Good evening

Well Saturday was a treat - sunshine, blue skies and most importantly no rain :)

The boys went off to play badminton together, MrVV went off to take part in his band recording and I was left to my own devices :)  As it was nice I cycled into town to get a few bits & pieces.  I treated myself to a magazine - this months Good Homes Mag. My goodness its not often I get an extra mag these days but this one was well worth it - lots of articles, plenty of colour and inspiration.

In the afternoon I settled down in my sewing room - I wanted to get another ragdoll finished. Her she is with her friend;

Am already planning on making another one - there's a chance of selling some stuff @ a craft fair in May and I've been offered the chance to put items into a local shop too :)

Back to the Good Homes mag ;

Apart from the CK article there's one house in there that wouldn't look out of place in blogland;

Loving the random knitted blanket

A girl can never have enough bags ;)
I love this dresser too.

The weather today has not been great - woke to the sound of rain hammering at the windows.  As MrVV was out again today, the boys & I have kept ourselves amused indoors.

Little son is doing a project in History about the 1960's and the Beatles so we've been busy contacting grandparents & friends to ask them some questions for his homework.  We've also had various Beatles cd's on full blast - had forgotten how good some of their stuff is.  Have also been googling information so he now knows more about the Fab Four. 

Have been continuing with my knitting - progress now charted in my sidebar ;)

Lastly I've been playing with my layout & header.  I took the header pic to go on some invitations I need to send to family to my birthday tea-party next month and thought that Jane, Rabbit & Orange would make a new spring header too :)

BTW - Fridays concert was quite good - little sons band of course were excellent.  However I do wish they'd heat our church as I was frozen stiff by the end of the evening!!

xxxx Vicki xxxx

Friday 26 February 2010

Flowery Friday

Seems today has been renamed on so many blogs, so I thought I'd join in ;)

I'd not want to be a flower outside today - its been so blustery here in Suffolk after a night of torrential rain. When I cycled into town it was as much as I could do to stay upright - even worse on the way home with a full basket - the wind kept trying to blow me over :(

Anyhow - flowers :)

Flowery plate from the CS - been tempted all week to get this - finally gave in today ;)

Paper whites & tete-a-tete - a heavenly scent

The first crocuses have braved the weather

A lonely snowdrop & its bud friend

Ok so not flowers but these little butterfly cups made me think of sunny days with butterflies all over the buddleia.

Need to wrap up warm tonight - off to see little son in a concert @ the church.  Expecting him home in a little while for a quick 1/2 hour turn round - shower, change & grab a packed tea before he's off to rehersals.

Planning a quiet weekend here for the boys & I as MrVV is busy with his brass band all weekend.  Hoping to get some sewing finished - some I can show you next week and some which has to remain a secret ;)

xxx Vicki xxx

Thursday 25 February 2010

Ever lost your arm in a CK messenger bag?

As the title suggests - have you?  I've had my bag for nearly a year now and am still amazed at how much I can fit into it.  Its great for days out as it can be worn across the body - I added a zip to make it extra secure when I took it to a festival last summer.   However I regularly lose my arm into it whilst searching for something - today is was my phone. Could hear it ringing but couldn't find it!!

Contents - one CK purse (filled mainly with receipts), CK camera case, pink phone, Ipod touch, sunglasses
& their case, bus/train timetable (am a non driver), reuable shopping bag, purple gloves, spotty notebook containing lists, hair appointment card & some painkillers.  Also in there is one of the free CK clear wallets;

Last ever payslip, spare strap jibbits for crocs, spare car key, CK lipsalve, tissues, 2 pens, antibac hand gel, Olbas oil inhaler, felted glasses case (no glasses), chewing gum and a insect bite zapper.

The phone call that started this? A wrong number!!

xxxx Vicki xxxx

Wednesday 24 February 2010

More spring colour :)

Am trying hard to convince myself that spring is really close - the weather even hinted at it yesterday & today when it didn't rain all day!!  There are bulbs in the garden bravely forcing their way through the soil and I look forward to them bursting into colour when the sunnier days arrive.

In a bid to brighten things up I've treated myself to some new fabric FQ's & ribbon - for making eggs & a raggy doll for myself;

I quickly made a small egg this afternoon using the green & yellow fabric - quite pleased with it, definately a better size.  It & the book are coming with me to S&B tonight as I know a few others want to trace patterns out of there.

I've mentioned that I've been plodding on with my knitting - now have 25 squares finished and sewn together - am definately improving - no more dropped stitches or ones added in ;) Its not perfect by any means but not bad for a complete beginner.

Have now started on the  24 squares that will make up the next border - am loving these colours together;

Right off to pack my stuff for tonight - I wonder how much knitting will be achieved this week?

xxxx Vicki xxxx

Monday 22 February 2010


Well a girl can dream can't she?  Saturday was a lovely spring day - blue skies & a strange yellow blob that made your eyes hurt if you looked at it.  I left MrVV with little son (big son had gone off with friends to play badminton) whilst I headed out with my parents to a greenpeace/craft fair in Southwold.

2 of my sisters had a stall there - one selling cards & the other bags & purses - all gorgeous but no pics as I forgot my camera :(  A friend had a stall there too selling a range of handmade items - from clothes to decorative items.  I'm a sucker for anything with Russian dolls on it and I couldn't resist this rather pretty lady who has come home with me & now lives in my sewing room;

Sunday was definately not spring like so the only thing for it was to stay indoors in the dry & warmth & craft :)  I manage to finally sew together all the squares I've made so far for my blanket - can definately see the progression of ability!! (pics another day).  I was also keen to try something from a book that arrived last week;

I thought I'd make some of the fabric eggs to hang on my easter tree.  I though it might be easier to start with the bigger one - except it appears to be more ostrich size than chicken! So instead I've added a bunny face and it can hang by itself;

Think when I can get some more springlike fabric I'll try the smaller size & hope that ends up more normal egg sized.  This is the 2nd book I've got recently which has pictures of eggs & easter items hanging from branches cut from the garden.  This lovely book has a similar idea;

A lovely idea and one I'll definately be doing again this year - this is the only pic I can find of last years - wish I'd taken another when the twigs began to burst into leaf & when the jug was filled with daffs;

Well I've seen the forecast for the rest of the week, more rain and wintery stuff so I guess I shall be spending more time sewing & knitting - something positive to come from all this wet, cold & greyness.

The boys were back to school today, only another 5 weeks & 4 days till their next holiday - lets hope spring is truely with us by then.

xxxx Vicki xxxx

Saturday 20 February 2010

Watch out there's a monster about ;)

What do you get if you mix a bored 12 year old, Mum's felt drawer & sewing supplies with 5 eyes choosen from the haberdashery shop?


(note the 5th eye on the tail poking over the shoulder)
From this picture;

Little son drew his own pattern and raided the felt stuffed drawer to find what he needed. He did most of the cutting out himself and almost all the sewing. He also realised that some of the original design was too complicated so was able to scale it back. My role was to untangle any knots in thread and to machine sew the 2 colours for the body together.

He's rather proud of it & rightly so and is now planning on making one for his little 5 year old cousin.

Off to watch the celebs embarass themselves @ dancing.

xxxx Vicki xxxx

Friday 19 February 2010

She's finished :)

Oh yes Raggy Dolly is finished and I've fallen in love with her :)  I think I shall have to make one for me now as otherwise my niece won't be getting hers!;

her rear view;)

When the postie came today there was a very interesting thump as the post hit the mat.  When I went to investige I was excited to see an Airmail label on one of the envelopes AND it was addressed to me.  It was my magazine from Megan as part of the magazine swap organised by Floss.  Thankyou Megan - it looks great & you're right some brilliant receipes in there :)

Now this afternoon I'd love to be upstairs sewing however my space has been taken over. Small son has decided to make himself something using my vast collection of felt - all I've had to buy has been some eyes! What is he making? Hopefully I'll be able to show you over the weekend ;)

Till next time

xxxx Vicki xxxx

Thursday 18 February 2010

WIP, Vintage Cath & a hint of crafty stuff

Good afternoon

How is half-term going for all those with school people?  So far so good here - though the awful weather (except yesterday) has meant the boys have been indoors more than I really like.

Work has continued on my doll and as of first thing this morning she looked like this;

Anyhow back to yesterday - it was a gorgeous spring day here in Suffolk - ideal for getting out & about.  I took myself off out for a few hours & caught the train to visit my oldest friend.  She lives in the lovely town of Beccles.  For once as we'd no children to please we decided to meet in town & have a potter & lunch.  The pottering naturally took us round the shops. Despite the town having a huge amount of charity shops, I found no bargains jumping out at me :(  However it also boasts a wonderful wool shop, a superb sewing shop and a few other great places.  I didn't come away empty handed;
(an EB beaker - currently holding pencils)

(more ribbon, some self-cover buttons & knitted card toppers)

(red, white & pink buttons which were then crying out to be put into jars)

We've busy here again baking as today we've had visitors for lunch - one of my sisters & her 2 children.  Little son appointed himself chief-cake decorator;

My nephew who is 5 rather looks up to both boys but especially big son.  Usually they play upstairs with lego or other delights dragged from the back of the boys cupboards.  Today was different, nephew has discovered Nintendo and the wonders of MarioKart, he was determined to beat the boys at this (amazingly they didn't even notice the camera - though looking at the pic I'm wondering if I forgot to switch the flash on!!);

Last but by no means least, Melmel mentioned on her blog about vintage cath stuff and the wonderful wishing books.  I've had a quick hunt through the cupboards & dragged out the oldest ones I can find - Spring 2005 is the oldest one I have and I've completed lost the 2008 ones - am wondering if someone (MrVV?) has recycled them :(.  Trying hard to rack my brains as to my first CK purchase - think it was a classic rose pinny in the blue colourway.  I always wear a pinny when I'm cooking, cleaning and doing stuff in the house and sadly this pinny has worn out completely - and been replaced with a strawberry print one which is also now showing signs of wear :(
I wonder what others will find and blog about??

See you soon

xxxx Vicki xxxx

Tuesday 16 February 2010

Body parts ;), needles & a crafting space

Hello - todays post is a mish-mash of things that I want to share with you. 

Firstly these gorgeous vintage coloured knitting needles that the lovely SewHotMitmot sent me.  As a newbie knitter I've only got a few pairs of needles & have been trying to build my collection via the charity shops.  These will all be used for projects eventually - the very longest pair have been earmarked for my next knitting project (more on that another time).

I've finally got my sewing/crafting space more sorted - amazing what the addition of a shelf can do ;)

Now its like this I've also got my sewing mojo back and I've started on a birthday pressie for my niece who is 6 soon.  I've made in the past for my other nieces a rather traditional ragdoll and was going to do the same for this one until I saw this pattern in last months SewHip magazine;

I've got it all cut out now and have started sewing it all together - have the fun job of turning and stuffing the arms & legs to do in a little while.  It is going to be made entirely for recycled materials - both the legs & body are made from t-shirts that I nearly sent for recycling until I saw the pattern;

I had planned a very picture heavy blog, however the weather today is so gloomy & the light so bad, I've put off taking too many pictures until (hopefully) we get a glimpse of sunshine.

Right I'm off back upstairs to stuff & sew.  Have a quiet house - big son is busy playing with his computer & listening to music, MrVV is out all day and little son has gone to the cinema with Country Girl's son :)

Think I'll manage an hour or so up there until its time to come down and have my annual battle with pancake making!

xxxx Vicki xxxx

Sunday 14 February 2010


Ok so slightly less cynical than yesterday - mainly due to the large box of Thorntons chocs that I was given this morning - along with a card. Very sneaky MrVV had managed to buy these yesterday when we were shopping and I'd not even noticed - must have been when little son dragged me into a shop to look at clothes - think they may have planned this!
and yes Country Girl - despite my Facebook status - I have shared them :)

So of course I had to get even in the soppy stakes - so whilst doing the veggies for dinner tonight, I happened to shape a roast potato for MrVV;

Well now thats another celebration almost over - judging by the shops this weekend we've a few more to come over the next few weeks - starting with Shrove Tuesday this week, via Mothering Sunday & my 40th next month and Easter of course in April.

This coming week of course is the school holidays and the boys have several things planned with their friends. On Friday big son went off to a Scout/Explorer camp - we've got the packing for these down to a fine art and really only put the essentials in - changes of clothes for only if he gets really muddy or wet.  The deal is that he comes back and literally gets straight into the bath, stopping only to leave his camp clothes in the garage by the washer. This weekend was no exception - everything smelt of campfires and apparently possibly had a hint of rabbit remains on it.  One activity was gutting, skinning and cooking rabbits (fortunately these had already been caught).  This pic was taken before he left & was all nice & clean - trust me you wouldn't want to see the home coming version!!

Right - off to knit & watch Larkrise. See you sometime during the week - have a few things I'd like to show you. For those with children - enjoy your half-terms.

xxxx Vicki xxxx

Saturday 13 February 2010

The look of love

Oh yes that day is almost upon us - the day florists, chocolate shops & card sellers sit back & rub their hands with glee & watch the money roll in! Cynical aren't I!

We've been out today to Norwich and my goodness the shops were stuffed red this & valentines that - some tasteful and some definately not.

However there is a hint of Valentines spirit here in the VV household - it started with these (made by me);

and then the one of these (again made by me);

and lastly I found this silk rose in the CS the other day & have attached a pin to the back to make a brooch;

I wonder what tomorrow will bring for us all - chocolates, flowers, cards or just a lovely day??

xxxx Vicki xxxx

Thursday 11 February 2010

Just Thursday

Will this winter ever end?  I can't remember one like it - seems we've had snow/frost almost every day since the middle of December.  I have a real longing now for wearing sandals and a lot less layers.

Despite the best efforts of the weather to scupper S&B group last night - it went ahead.  We're now a group of over 20 regulars - with about 15 of those there last night.  Have to blame the icy roads for putting those living out of the town in more rural areas off.

A real mixture of skills and abilities. One lady who came last night is a brilliant knitter but wanted help learning to use a sewing machine.

I'll have to be honest - lots of nattering does go on but even with that I was able to finish another square for my blanket.

One of the things we all do is bring craft books to share and inspire. I was lent this book by a sister (an amazing knitter);
Haven't actually uttered those words yet - but the phrase 'Wait till I've finished my row' is becoming increasingly used in this house!!

Lots of stuff in there and loads of pictures - my favourite is this one - perhaps its a Peruvian S&B group?;

Right the half term holidays start in about 1/2 an hour when the boys come in. Lots planned including big son going on a scout camp for the weekend - rather him than me.

BTW - thanks for all the birthday wishes & comments yesterday - he had a great day.

Tiil next time

xxxx Vicki xxxx

Wednesday 10 February 2010

Another day - another birthday :)

Yep, we reached another birthday here in the VV household, this time its the turn of big son, who is 14 today.

From this little baby who fitted nicely onto Daddy's lap;
Via a cute little boy who was obsessed with tractors & trains;

Growing into a huge lanky teenager with an enormous appetite, a big smile and wicked sense of humour;

Blowing out the candles on his Top Gear inspired car (made by me)- note the Lamborgini car (stolen from his room) and gingerbread & fondant icing Stig (made by little son);

As he's off out tonight to test his badminton raquet it means I can escape to S&B group for more nattering and knitting :)

See you soon

xxxx Vicki xxxx