Friday, 30 September 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt - September

Hello again

Well that was September then - 3/4 of 2011 has gone by - just those final 3 months left.

I rose to the challenge of finding all 12 photos for this months hunt from the relative safety of my sofa. As ever there's some artistic licence and sideways thinking for some of the headings. Please bear in mind that the light in the kitchen isn't great so some of the colours aren't as I'd like - but better to attempt them all rather than not at all. Here we go;

 Apples - I love English apples - can't beat the taste.

 Back to school - just some of the new bits of uniform Little Son needed for his move from Middle to High School.

 Football/Soccer Season - a sideways thinking one here. Delia is a major shareholder in one of our localish football teams! We are not a football household so this one required some thinking!!

 Harvest - this years crop from our little pear tree. Its just 2 years old - last year there was one pear and this year 7 - perhaps next year we'll have enough for cider!

 (Public) Phone Box - again more sideways thinking. The box my new phone came in ;)

 A pile of things - magazines & sewing stuff that live on the dresser beside my kitchen sofa.

 Relaxation - I've done lots of that this month. Sitting with feet up and reading a magazine.

 Road Sign - stolen from a box of Playmobil!!

 Taller than you - well little son is now just an inch off my height and here he is with his much taller big brother.

 View from above - the gorgeous flowers I was given by the lovely girls at our S&B group.

 Desk/Workspace - that corner of the kitchen again! The pile on the floor beside the sofa includes - crochet projects, knitting projects and a bag of felt/stuffing!

What is in your bag?? - the contents of my CK spotty messenger include - phone, camera, comb, chewing gum, a pen, tissues, sunglasses, makeup bag and a cardi.

Hope you've enjoyed my take on things this month - I look forward to seeing what others have done and of course am ready for the challenge of another months list from the comfort of my sofa!!

xxx Vicki xxx

Monday, 26 September 2011

Wiggle those toes!!

Good evening

Hurrah - we've just passed the half-way point in this plaster cast wearing phase of my life :) A trip to the hospital was made this morning and my plaster has been modified again - this time with the aid of something that was a cross between an angle grinder and a pizza cutter! It proved to be a bit of a battle to remove the section of plaster as it was so thick - there was talk of taking it all off and starting again but eventually brute force won and a piece about 4" square and about 1/2" thick was removed from the front of my cast.

I  can now start to try to move my foot upwards - very carefully. It is apparently very vulnerable at the moment to knocks and could easily tear again - nothing like making me even more scared of walking then!!

After leaving the hospital there was quick trip around one of the massive supermarkets in my wheelchair- where else can you get birthday cards, a slotted spoon, slippers for teenagers and new magazine all under one roof??

This afternoon I've been following instructions and taking it very easy!


More reading (this weeks pile of books);

And starting a new crochet project - just a little one. A scarf for me - we picked up these colours at the weekend - the photo isn't great but the colours are - denimy blue, mulberry and a green;

I think that lot should keep me busy this week - trying to take my mind off another treat that's had to be cancelled. We were supposed to go away next weekend for our Wedding Anniversary - that's now been postponed until the spring :( 

I am getting frustrated at not being able to do things - you know it must be bad when I even start to wish I could do the dusting or even clean a bathroom! Am sure that will pass soon though!

Right - off to call my Mum - I promised to let her know how I got on today.

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx

Friday, 23 September 2011

Autumnal Equinox

Good afternoon

We've been building to the point for a few weeks now and it was very obvious this morning before I checked the calendar that this point had arrived. Misty mornings with a warm Indian Summer day - it must be the Autumnal Equinox. After today the days will shorten and in a few weeks it will be getting dark just after the boys come home from school. However its not all doom and gloom - autumn brings forth some wonderful things;

The colours as the leaves turn orange, red and brown;

When they were smaller the boys loved to collect conkers and acorns and of course there's the fun of running through piles of fallen leaves.

Darker evenings mean that its going to get cooler too - I must crack on with my crochet blankets. The Giant Granny blanket is coming on well - the beauty of this one is it keeps you warm as you add each new round;

Another thing I love on cooler and darker days is to snuggle up with a good book or magazine. This week as I've been confined mainly to indoors, I worked my way through another pile of reading;

After all this talk of autumn and keeping warm etc, I've just checked the weekend forecast. Seems here in Suffolk we're promised an Indian Summer - so the cropped trousers might come out again and hopefully someone will be around to wheel me out in the sunshine and possibly we'll even make a trip to the seaside!

Have a lovely weekend, whatever you are doing.

See you next week.

xxx Vicki xxx

Thursday, 22 September 2011 - Review

Good evening

Another day - another review. Seems I was one of a few asked by Al @ if I'd like to receive two free tea-towels to review. Of course the answer had to be yes. The biggest dilemma was which 2 of the 100's of gorgeous designs to choose - I got it down to a short list of 10 and then closed my eyes and chose 2.  Here's they are;

I love this patriotic Union Flag design - if you look carefully, you can see the buttons in the middle - 2 of my favourite things in one.

For my 2nd one I choose this retro design - the lady sort of reminded me of Mum in her younger swinging sixties years and of the slogan sums me up rather nicely.

The UK design is 100% cotton whilst the Domestic Goddess one is a linen/cotton mix. Both are currently undergoing field trials in the kitchen and are doing a sterling job - bear in mind that my kitchen is currently being run by 3 males who don't have the gentle touch of us girls. My 13 year old son is now chief washing machine operator and these tea-towels will be at his mercy at the weekend when he does a tea-towel wash!

Thank you Al for sending these to me and my lovely readers, I recommend this website to you - a wonderful choice and quick, speedy and friendly service await.

See you soon.

xxx Vicki xxx

Monday, 19 September 2011

The ups and downs of everyday life.

Good afternoon

Thanks for all the comments on my last post. I was right Scooby disappeared off upstairs with little son and was last seen in the heap of cuddlies that still share his space every night.

Its been an interesting week - I am surprised how quickly each day goes even those when I'm home alone. I guess that might be to do with how slow I am at doing things - even a simple trip upstairs to get washed and dressed takes about 45 minutes - I can normally get sorted in under 20 minutes. 

Anyhow the ups;

A trip to Aldeburgh on Friday lunchtime - we sat in the car on the sea-wall eating fish & chips - blissful - was lovely and blustery and the sea spray was coming in the car window :)

My wonderful sisters who've been visiting loads. One sister is keeping me supplied in books - I've said I don't mind which authors - I'm happy to read anything. I read these 3 last week - would recommend all of them to you.

A pretty CKish blouse found by a sister in a charity shop - can't wait to wear this when I can wear my skirts again.

The same sister on a shopping trip spotted this cardi and bought it for me - its actually hot pink and red - the light in the kitchen isn't great for taking pics.

The downs;

This great metal frame that's been plastered into my cast since last Monday - its meant to help me walk but I am struggling with it. It does allow me to stand for a little while without my sticks but only a few minutes.

The doctor at the hospital rejected my shoe choice last week (converse pumps) - apparently they are not supportive enough. Instead he recommended some trainers that would be suitable for running. Never has the purchase of new shoes been so awful. I am not a trainer girl and it pained me to spend money on something so ugly. Again the colours aren't great - these are shocking pink and black - no way was I going to wear white trainers. At least teamed with a flowery sock they are ok and I must admit they have eased the aches in my good knee.

I discovered this morning that an important date had passed me by - this little blog was 2 on Saturday. I think a belated party and giveaway will be held once this silly plaster cast has been removed. 

Right off now to enjoy the peace & quiet before the boys come home from school.

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Scooby Doo spook-a-licious snacks - Review

Good afternoon

For a while now I've been getting emails asking me to reviews various products. I've mainly said no as I've not been interested in the item or its been something thats mainly for non-UK markets. However a few weeks ago I was approached by a PR company asking if I'd be interested in reviewing and receiving samples of a new range of sweets from the company Swizzels Matlow.  I knew which company they meant and agreed to do this.

Swizzels Matlow have produced sweets for over 80 years and are responsible for some of my favourites - Lovehearts, Drumstick lollies and Parma Violets. I remember my little Grandma coming to visit us when we were small - she always had been into the village shop before hand and came with a bag of sweets for us all. Always inside were LoveHearts & Parma Violets - the smell of these takes me back to my childhood in an instant.  

Swizzels Matlow have teamed up with Warner Bros to launch a new collection of Scooby Doo inspired sweetie snacks.  Again Scooby Doo formed part of my childhood - we'd often watch the cartoons on TV and will Shaggy, Fred, Scooby, Velma and Daphne to outsmart another crook - those pesky kids ;) This show has now being running for over 40 years and is the longest running animation series on TV with over 360 episodes. I know in particular that little son loves this still - if he gets the chance he'll have an SD marathon watching session on TV.
Anyhow - the important part - the arrival of a parcel;

Inside - one of each of the 3 new products - Scooby-Doo Chew Bar, Gruesome Gums and Fiendish Fizzies - along with a rather plush beanie Scooby - I just know he'll disappear into little sons room very soon!

Before the taste testing could begin - a few photos. The Gruesome Gums along with all the products in the range are free from artificial colours and flavours. They are shaped like characters/items from the cartoon. Shaggy and Scooby were particularly tasty ;)

The Fiendish Fizzies were my favourite - like the LoveHearts each sweet is embossed with a symbol/saying from the show.

The taste testers (big son, little son & I) enjoyed all the different sweets and will be looking out for these in the shops near us. I have a feeling that I will be getting my annual visit from 3 small trick or treaters next month and these would make ideal pressies for their treat bags.

Thank you to RMSPR for sending us the samples - we've enjoyed doing our first product review.

xxx Vicki xxx

Monday, 12 September 2011

Out & About

Good evening

Sorry I've been quiet this past week - I've not really done much that is blog worthy. Lots of sitting around, reading, a bit of crochet and lots of listening to the radio.  The best bit has been when friends and family have called round for a natter - that's the bit I'm missing most, getting out and seeing people.

One visitor was my friend who runs the S&B group - she brought with her a card (full of cheeky messages) and a gorgeous bunch of flowers;

Of course last week saw the boys go back to school. That didn't go entirely smoothly - little son developed a nasty ear infection which meant a trip to the doctors and him missing his first day of  high school. He managed the other 3 days of school last week - dosed up and by Friday night he was shattered. Luckily after lots of sleep and rest this weekend, he's finally on the mend, if slightly deaf in one ear. 

The highlight of the weekend for me, was leaving the house! We've hired a wheelchair and Sunday afternoon we finally had time to get out and use it. We headed to Aldeburgh and eventually found a suitable parking space and I got my first taste of sea air in ages. The menfolk all took turns to push - of course I knew that trusting big son wasn't a good idea - it was definitely hairy at times as we lurched towards walls and kerbs - however he had more control that he let on and survived the trip unscathed.  We even stopped by the boating pond for an ice cream.

 Trust me - there were loads of pretty model yachts being sailed - I just managed not to photograph any of them!! Beside the yacht pond is a statue of a dog - this is in memory of 2 doctors who served the town many years ago. Its been stolen a few times but the town have always raised funds to replace it. Here's little son and Snooks together;

Well if going out once wasn't exciting enough - I've been out today too. Back to the hospital for a modification to my cast - I can now stand using both legs - though I still my crutches to walk and can't walk with my bad foot down - that is something that will come eventually.

There are so many lovely swaps going on in blogland at the moment and I've been sorely tempted but have resisted as I have no idea how mobile I'll be for a while. I was signed up for one swap before the accident (the autumn one) - my lovely swap partner Dawn @ Rattling On has been very patient and understanding with me. I'm slowly getting sorted with that one and we're aiming to swap towards the end of the month. 

Birthday swap ladies - you will get your parcels but they may be a bit late - depends on when I can find someone to push me about around the sort of shops I like to visit. MrVV is wonderful but I don't think he's up to dealing with swap parcels!!
Right - off for a catch up with bloggy news.

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx

Monday, 5 September 2011

Flowers & Thank you

Good evening

Thank you for all the comments & emails - they've made me feel much better :) I did indeed survive being 'minded' by big son last week. Even better I survived his cooking on Friday night! MrVV was supposed to be home from London in time to cook but it being Friday there were delays, cancellations and breakdowns. The choice were not eat or get big son to do it. The boy did well and he even did the washing up! 

The weekend meant more visitors - our kettle worked overtime and I think we'll run out of teabags soon! I've been very spoilt and had lots of lovely pressies & cards;

These massive silk flowers were from the girls I work with in the charity shop.

Roses from my oldest niece

Thank you Sue for this gorgeous brooch (and the lovely un-photographed card) :)

Today we've spent time making sure the boys have everything they need for back to school tomorrow - bags have been packed, new pens/pencils put into cases and uniforms hang on cupboards ready to wear.

I normally miss the boys when they return to school but this year even more so. They have been so great at helping this past week - they are learning new skills which will come in useful in later life and its made them aware of some of the things I do that maybe they don't normally notice.

I've been plodding on with my making when its been quiet. Both blankets are growing steadily. At some point I need a rummage in my sewing room for some different supplies - I just need to remember that when I'm actually upstairs - the journey up & down is still rather tiring.

I don't know about you but I've noticed the change in season the past few days. Saturday was warm & sunny but today has been quite cool & blustery. I expect when I can next get outside I'll notice a real change. Hoping to have sorted a wheelchair hire by the weekend - being indoors all the while is rather boring.

xxx Vicki xxx

Thursday, 1 September 2011

A pinch and a punch

The first of (another) month.  Blimey 2/3 of 2011 gone already!

Good evening

How was the first day of September for you?

Mines followed its new routine of getting about slowly, asking for help for the simplest things and moving slower than a tortoise with its legs tied together!  I looked at the new photo hunt list this morning - I am going to have to be imaginative this month - I wonder if I'll find all 12 things from my sofa??

I've seen all of my sisters this week - they all now know where everything is in my kitchen to make tea and its been lovely to see them all. Baby sister came today and painted my toenails for me - very posh :) Another sister came yesterday bearing gifts;

Apparently she saw this and thought of me - can't think why ;)

She's also a car boot addict and was out over the weekend at several sales. She's a vinyl collector (her blog is here) and she's got a great eye for a bargain. She bought me these pretty cups & saucers;

The Irises on each one appear to be hand-painted as they are slightly different - going to look these up for I start playing with the glue & fabric!!

I've made a few things as well as several rounds of crochet. A pressie for a S&B group friend (need to get a teenager to drop this off tomorrow);

I thought I might as well make a few bits for the shop in town too - thought I'd try & see if eggcup pincushions would go down as well at the cups;

You'll have to excuse my photos - I can't manage the step into the conservatory at the moment so I have to take pics in the kitchen and the light there isn't as good :(

Right back to the sofa - I've promised to call my Mum.

Oh and wish me luck - MrVV & Little Son @ band tonight - so Big Son is Mummy minding! 

xxx Vicki xxx