Sunday 22 September 2013

A fab day out

Good morning

Excuse my absence again from blogland but real life is all rather busy at the moment. I am working more as my boss is off work ill and then with the house, family and a rather fab newly discovered social life, blogging is rather losing out!!

Yesterday the boys & I were up rather early for a Saturday - we needed to leave the house at 7.30 as we were heading out of Suffolk to visit my little brother in Cambridge. We nearly had a problem when the train from Ipswich to Cambridge broke down in the station but another was found and we were soon on our way running just 10 minutes late. We were met by my little brother at the station and we headed into the city centre;

 I love the old college buildings.

 3 of my favourite menfolk - the boys & my brother :)

We walked around the shops, the market and of course past many of the old college buildings. We stopped for a lovely lunch and afternoon coffee too. The boys were happy to shop - their pocket money and wages were soon being spent. Big son bought the most amazing pair of Converse - I must remember to get a photo sometime - they are almost a work of art!

I wasn't planning on buying any shoes for me but when we were in the shop I spotted a pair that I fell in love with - not buying them straight away but thinking about it for a few hours and then returning and hoping they had them in my size - they did, they fitted and I love them;

Obviously not normally to be worn with flowery pj bottoms !!

Whilst the boys wandered around the market buying dvds - I spent just 5 minutes in the Cath Kidston shop - I must confess the current stuff is rather lovely but I really don't need anymore mugs, tins or teatowels! I did treat myself to a couple of little things;

A brooch and bracelet for me and a keyring to stop us from losing the back door key!!

We are already planning on going back to Cambridge next spring and hopefully finding somewhere inexpensive so we can stay the whole weekend as its rather a tiring journey to do in one day - as this photo shows;

See you soon - can't promise when as there's more work this week and next weekend is looking rather fab - can't tell you what yet but I promise there will be photos!!

xxx Vicki xxx

PS - just realised I missed this blogs 4th birthday last week!! and today is the Autumn Equinox - where is the year going!!

PPS - Spell check not working !!

Thursday 12 September 2013

3 is a magic number

Good morning

Just a quick post before another busy day happens - work, nephews birthday and dance practise. Does seem life is rather busy as the moment - lots of lovely things to look forward to mixed with some domestic stuff and more house alterations.

The week started relatively quietly - time on Tuesday afternoon to go and get a new tattoo done - I've wanted a 3rd one for a while but couldn't decide what. However doodling with henna over the summer I kept doing the same thing - 3 hearts - one for me and one for each boy. I took my doodle into the shop and explained what I wanted and here's what I went for;

Its on the inside of my wrist and I love it - I know these aren't everyones cup of tea but heck the world would be a boring place if we all liked the same things or didn't do something because others might disapprove!! No it didn't hurt - odd as I am normally a complete wuss with pain/needles.

The weekend saw a very sudden switch between seasons - summer on Sunday morning so plans for lunch in the garden were made. Just as we finished eating the seasons switched from summer to autumn and we hurried indoors from the rain!!

Am thinking at the current rate, we'll be having a roast this summer rather than a lovely picky buffet lunch!

Monday saw Big Son go back to school for his final year of school. Unlike his smaller brother he was happy to have his photo taken - even reminding me it needed doing. Thinking one day of finding all the back to school pics and making a collage of them;

We are taking this giant boy on his first Uni visit this weekend - it means an early start but the course is so very him that the 4.30am start will be worth it. More visits are being planned to others places. Not sure how I will feel next year when he leaves home - he's so useful to have around - so often saving me having to get a ladder out!!

Right time for work - hoping for less nutters than yesterday!

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx

Friday 6 September 2013

Chasing my own tail!

Good afternoon

Blimey ok so a week of a new month has gone past and it seems ages since I've sat down to blog and have a good blog reading session. Simply life has been just too hectic - so hectic that back to school has happened for one boy but the back to school shop doesn't happen till tomorrow!

Time has been spent getting more of the house sorted, planning what happens next, spending lots of time with friends and family and making the most of the last of the summer days.

Summer appeared to end at about 4.30am this morning - I was woken by the rain - I could hear it over the sound of the fan I'd got going in the bedroom - very tropical. Things perked up this morning and washing was hung out and got dry. Its now raining again - must be nearly school ending time then!

Here's a few pics of some things that have caught my eye in the past couple of weeks;

 We've a huge old apple tree in the garden and its appears a bumper crop. Not sure of apple variety but I think I'll try stewing some this weekend to see if a winter of crumbles lays ahead!!

We have finished all the unpacking and everything that needs to be fixed to the walls is up (well apart from a pile of family photos which may get done this Sunday). I spent a lovely afternoon filling my dresser and a new lovely dresser top I bought from a junk shop;

 A scaled back china collection but all my favourite pieces are here still.

I also filled up the little printers tray I painted earlier in the year;

 Finding new homes for much loved and long owned things has been a challenge. Polly the Parrot has been with me for many years and lived in many of my houses. She's getting rather tatty know so I didn't think she'd mind too much if she spent her time outside in the garden - might have a rethink when the weather turns really bad;

 I am loving the outside space here - the garden and yard are very practical and for once very tidy! The last load of junk was collected by the scrap people at the beginning of the week. Meaning at last there is space for my bike to lurk near the house for the quick dashes into town which seem to happen rather a lot - supplies got so run down before we moved that nearly every day when I go to cook I realise that an essential item is missing!!

Of course this week saw Back to School time for many. Little Son has entered his last year of school uniform wearing - reluctantly he posed for a photo - same shelves as almost every year of his school life but this time in a new space;

At 8 o'clock on a sunny, Thursday morning this is the closest to actually not snarling that I could get!!

I will try very hard to have a blog visiting session this weekend - I am very much missing reading what everyone is up too. I must also remember to take more photos - I am planning on rejoining the Photo Scavenger Hunt this month as its something I've always enjoyed doing. Trouble is I've got loads of extra work hours and a growing social life which both keep me away from the computer!!

Have a good weekend all and I'll see you soon.

xxx Vicki xxx