Friday 30 March 2012

Photo Scavenger Hunt 2012 - March

Hello again

Almost the last day of the month. At one point I thought I would fail on this months Scavenger Hunt - fortunately our weekend away in Cambridge meant I managed to get the 9 photos I was struggling with! As ever there is some poetic licence with some of them!!

 Buttons - used as flowers on this fab birthday pressie from Dawn

 Kitchen - baking happens quite often in here.

 Fancy - French Fancy anyone? Too late these models were eaten soon after this photo was taken!!

 City - a Cambridge city ranger

 Fashion - I don't do fashion as such - however I did notice that Converse pumps seemed to be popular with people of all ages!

 Half-a-face - MrVV - you've no idea how hard it is to get a 45 year old to sit still and not pull silly faces!!

 Landmark - Kings College and Kings College Chapel - taken from along the Backs

 Morning - Sunday morning football on Parkers Piece.

 Square - the market square in Cambridge

 Street Name 

 Theatre - Cambridge Arts Theatre

Words - Posters on railings advertising all sorts of events - there's nearly as many of these in the city as there are bicycles!

Phew another month done - thanks as ever to Kathy :)

xxx Vicki xxx

Thursday 29 March 2012

Monthly Makes 2012 - March

Hello - me again ;)

Monthly Makes for March - mine first!

A patchwork square for leaving quilt pressie for a S&B friend / The Easter Bunny for a swap / Another square for a quilt for a S&B friend who is unwell at the moment / a felted purse for Dawn's birthday / a crochet jar cover (jar filled with seeds - another S&B birthday pressie) / another felted purse for another S&B friend - what a month as a group we've had so many birthdays - need to start on pressies for April now!!

There is a Flickr group where many more makes have been posted - so many lovely ones to choose from - the link is - Flickr Monthly Makes March Group

I had wanted to be able to show the pictures on here but I can't find a way of lifting them and reposting them.

Here are direct links to some of my favourite items - mostly spring/easter related;

The Easter Bunny

More bunnies

Felted spring flowers

An easter basket

Go over and have a look - I am sure more makes will be added in the next few days.

Well done to all the Monthly Makers and thanks to Annie for organising us all.

xxx Vicki xxx 

Wednesday 28 March 2012

Monthly Mosaic - March 2012

Day 3 - can I keep this up?

Anything to avoid housework ;)

What a month March has been and its not quite over yet.

It definitely roared in like a Lion and hopefully it will continue this going out like a lamb lark - we have the first brass engagement of 2012 this weekend and it would be lovely to have it in sunshine.

Here's my March in 9 photos;

Lots of daffs, some rain, blue skies, a birthday and still waiting for cherry blossom to burst open.

Until next time

xxx Vicki xxx

Tuesday 27 March 2012

Pressies :)

Hello again

Day 2 of a post a day! So far so good ;)

Right - back to my birthday - I've promised friends I'd blog about my pressies - so here it is.

I was very lucky, I have a large family, some lovely S&B crafty friends and another bunch of lovely friends who live in my computer - between them they spoilt me rotten;

 From one of my sisters - a fellow blogger - she couldn't resist it ;) Big son came with me on Thursday night to my birthday evening with my Mum & sisters - he was totally bemused by this 7" vinyl single - he'd never seen one - boy did that make me feel old!!

 Lots of veryVicki pressies - russian dolls, chickens, camping, ladybird books and patchwork - just some of the themes.

Lots to read - the Homespun Style book is gorgeous - full of drool worthy photos (yes Dawn, I'll bring it to group on Wednesday ;) ).

Lovely jewellery - the spotty necklace and the one with the face were both made by one of my clever sisters. The spotty/swirly beads are handmade using polymer clay.

Last but not least - new converse pumps - oh what a choice of colours, I settled for purple;

There were other things too but some pressies have actually been used and therefore missed their chance to be photographed!!

Right - see you tomorrow - this time its the turn of the Monthly Makes post - I just need to decide which of the wonderful things the clever ladies have made this month to show you.

xxx Vicki xxx

Monday 26 March 2012

A birthday weekend away

Good evening

You know that bout of Bloggers Block I was suffering with the other week? Well good news - its cleared - its been replaced by a dose of more posts than there are days of the week syndrome!! Here's day one of my week of blogging (well thats the plan anyhow!!).

We headed off to Cambridge almost as soon as the boys left for school on Friday - no point wasting any of this precious time away. 

Friday was spent shopping - mainly for me - birthday pressies :) A new frock and pretty new Birkenstocks (pics next time) from MrVV and some funky new Converse bought with birthday money. 

The weather was gorgeous - as well as shopping we walked through various parks and sat watching the world go by.

Saturday was tourist day :) Firstly we met up with my baby brother for a coffee and catch up. We then went our seperate ways - tourist time - photo opportunites aplenty - even managed to get loads towards the Photo Scavenger Hunt this month :)

 Cambridge - the city of bicycles

 Graduation ceremonies were taking place.

 Watching punting - we still never got round to having a go.

 The usual chaos - almost a collision.

 So sunny, a shadow picture had to be taken.

 Spring flowers blooming everywhere.

 The Mathematical Bridge at the back of Queens College.

 Reflections of the blue skies in the Cam.

Another bicycle - a very Vicki pink one.

We did more walking on Sunday - really happy to say my ankle held up really well.

We were so lucky with the weather - nothing I like more than wandering around in the warm spring sunshine.

See you soon - I might share some of pressies with you ;)

xxx Vicki xxx

Thursday 22 March 2012

Oh yeh its my birthday :)

Good morning

Happy birthday to me ;)

The sun is shining :)

I've had lots of lovely pressies from friends and family :)

A girls night later with my Mum & sisters :)

A weekend in Cambridge with promised sunshine and a catch up with my little brother to look forward too :)

and then there's cake - not just any old cake but one made by a S&B friend and given to me last night (got thoroughly spoilt there by all the clever ladies - pics another day);

But first, the weekly battle around the supermarket - can't leave the boys & MIL with an empty fridge and cupboards can I?

Oh and they are playing Bohemian Rhapsody of the radio at the moment - its very loud!!

Happy days

xxxx Vicki xxxx

Tuesday 20 March 2012

Officially Spring

Good Afternoon

Hurrah its officially spring - the weather has taken notice and its gorgeous out there today. Washing is drying easily and I've a vain hope that the bottom of the laundry bin may actually be found - a very rare sight.

The flowers from the weekend are still looking pretty - sorry here comes another daff pic - they are my favourites;

I keep checking the cherry tree each day - I am waiting for the first blossom buds to burst open;

I seem to have spent lots of time this week wrapping parcels and delivering them to the Post Office - firstly my Vintage Easter parcel left yesterday and today I finally posted my PIF parcels to my 3 ladies - hopefully they'll all be at their new homes soon.

Here's just a little tease for the PIF ladies;

3 colours of parcel - one colour for each lady ;)

The postie has even brought me a few parcels this week - I turn another year older on Thursday and there are a couple of pressies here already from long distance friends - lots of poking and prodding going on!!

Right - I've a sewing project to start - just need to make a pattern for it first!!

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx

Sunday 18 March 2012

Happy Mothers Day :)

Good morning

Happy Mothers Days Ladies

 Mothers Day flowers from Big Son in the green jug - new jar cover for the daffs I bought myself on Friday - all in full bloom today :)

Big Son came home from Explorer Scouts on Friday night clutching a bunch of flowers - one of the activities was making up bunches of flowers and wrapping them neatly for their Mums. Can just imagine a bunch of sausage fingered 15-17 year old males doing this! Anyhow he gave them to me late on Friday night so I could put them in water - just a quick snap of them all wrapped by him!!

Have a lovely day all - the menfolk are cooking later (and washing up).

xxx Vicki xxx

Monday 12 March 2012

My minds gone blank :(

Good afternoon

Yep a blank mind ie. bloggers block :(

I just can't think of anything blog worthy to write about :(

The crafting projects I'm working on need to remain secret until they've gone to their new owners. 
The charity shops have turned nothing up at all - no vintage bargains and theres not been the slightest hint of a Ladybird book in months :(

I have been busy - mainly spring cleaning but that's not worthy of any photos.

Even photo opportunities have been no existent - I've not even started on the Scavenger Hunt this month - in a normal month I'd be half way through the list.

Hoping this lifts soon - off to see if blogland can inspire me!

xxx Vicki xxx

Tuesday 6 March 2012

Anyone know Seaside Sundae???

As above - does anyone know Seaside Sundae or her contact details?? It would seem her blog has been hacked and her account used by someone posting nothing about Hotels and Reviews.

I've looked through my blogroll and I can't find her blog.

Hope someone can help.


Vicki xx

Monday 5 March 2012

Singing in the rain

Good evening

According to the local evening news, we've had more rain here in Suffolk in the past 24 hours than the whole of 2012 so far! I think lots of that fell today when the boys were walking home from school - they dripped into the house and were not happy. Fortunately hot chocolate and cookies were on hand to help cheer them up.

The past two days have been indoor ones - I've got caught up with domestic stuff, made good progress on makes for my PIF (yes ladies, I've not forgotten you), made a couple of pressies for S&B group friends birthdays and watched the rugby yesterday afternoon.

I am glad to say when I went into town on Saturday the shops had replenished their stocks of daffodils - this morning they had opened fully and looked lovely - a splash of colour on a dull day;

Whilst I think about it - don't forget the Monthly Makes Challenge organised by Annie - theres a Flickr group for each month - the March one is here. 

 I am MissMarch so at the end of the month I'll do a post highlighting just some of the makes that have been submitted :)

Why not join in - it can be one item or many, perhaps a long WIP thats been hiding in a cupboard.

Right off now for a wander around blogland and then some more WIP to finish!

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx

Thursday 1 March 2012

A pinch and a punch on the 1st of the month

And a poke in the eye for being so sly!!

Happy St Davids Day to my Welsh readers.

I went looking in town this morning for a bunch or two of daffs to add some spring brightness to the kitchen - sadly it seems everyone had the same idea and there were none left. 

Instead I had to settle for some almost opened ones in the garden for today's picture;

The sun eventually made it through the mist this morning, so the windows are now open, washing on the line and its time to domestic goddess a bathroom or two!!

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx