Monday, 6 September 2010

Times flies by too fast.....

Where has this past week gone?

Seems it started in a whirl of back to school stuff - labelling, haircuts, bag packing and of course the setting of alarms for far too early in the morning.

Think both boys are quite happy to be back - new timetables to learn and friends to catch up with. The first lots of homework have been brought home too - the less popular side of returning to school.

Fortunately it was only a 2 day week last week and the weekend came round very quickly.

Saturday was a lovely day - the boys & I headed out for a walk armed with lots of tubs in case we found anything to forage ;)  We did - more blackberries to add to my collection in the freezer - some will end up as jam and others added to crumbles over the winter months;

We also found sloes - which will end up as sloe gin;

There seemed so many berries in the lane - far more than last year;

Am sure the wildlife will appreciate these when the cooler weather kicks in.

On Sunday, 3 of us headed to Aldeburgh for a walk - big son opted instead to do some gardening for me, in exchange for a long uninterrupted gaming session in the afternoon.  It was a lovely morning - very quiet - I think we beat the daytrippers. We headed along the sea wall towards the martello tower;

River one side;

Very calm sea the other;

Little son spent some time searching for lucky stones & also ones that might be good for skimming;

After all that and before the kitchen called for a mammoth baking session, I found time to finish a couple of makes;

A raggydoll for a niece for her birthday later this month.

A knitted gingerbread house (Mk 1) - think I shall be making a few more of these over the coming weeks.

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


Floss said...

Lovely to see and hear your news - would you believe it, we have two days of strikes to begin this new school year!

Your photos are looking great. We have loads of berries too - melon and blackberries for breakfast tomorrow...

Thedarkerside73 said...

It is a busy time the children returning to school after such a lovely long break. We are back to reality again now too.

Looks like you got quite a lot of fruit to get busy with too!

Love your dolly and the gingerbread house is really cute! You have been busy.


Debbie said...

MMMmmmm. I can smell those blackberries cooking! I think it is one of my favourite cooking aromas.

Me and Ma said...

There does seem to be loads of Blackberries this year, like you my little collection is mounting up in the freezer ready for jam. Your makes are fab, love the little rag doll, what a lovely present :)

Diane said...

I was thrilled to discover that my kids loved getting a new timetable as much as I did when I was little!! I wish I lived near the sea - I am envious of your lovely walk. xxx

BadPenny said...

I made sloe gin a couple of years ago & have never sampled it !
The blackberies are great this year aren't they ?

kim said...

I'm in love.....I joke not.......with that fantastic knitted gingerbread house. That would look lovely hanging from a mantlepiece or doorknob at Christmastime. It looks good enough to eat......move aside Hansel and Gretel, I'm diving in. Lucky you with all your foraging, there's mean pickings around by us this year....that sloe gin sound delicious too.
florrie x

Kelly said...

I used to love going foraging with my nanny! We used to get loads of blackberries and make blackberry and apple pies!!
I'd love you to pop over and join in my giveaway!

BadPenny said...

answer to your Q - our little feathered friend has gone missing - I did post about it & it got a bit horrid. Very sad for everyone that had fun with him & was looking forward to following his further travels. xx

Beki said...

There seems to be loads of blackberries around this year!
I'm also on the look out for the perfect jeans at the mo, I like mine to be worn in so have been checking out the charity shops, no luck so fra though!

B xxx

Pipany said...

It's very strange but all our usual blackberrying spots seem to have very little this year. Ah well, an excuse to go further afield maybe. x

Lisa said...

Lovely destination for a walk.
And Ilove your 2 makes, the gingerbread house is adorable.
Lisa x

JP said...

love the gingerbread house