Monday, 18 June 2012

Sid & Sunshine

Good evening

Hope you all had a good weekend? There was a brass engagement on Saturday for 2 of my men - I didn't go - I stayed at home instead. Yesterday we went out as a family of 4 - for a meal at a local pub - very nice it was too - though I had to guard my chips from marauding teenagers forks!!

This morning whilst I was pottering around half heartedly doing housework, I happened to glance into the garden. There was a very snake shaped thing in the middle of the lawn. I quickly grabbed my camera and phone and crept outside. There was Sid - just lying there - I suspect he'd been trying to catch one of the occasional rays of sunshine instead he was face to face with me. I quickly snapped away and he happily played dead - just moving occasionally to get the flies off him. 

He's quite a decent size - about 2 or 3 feet long;

After I'd taken my photos I went indoors and watched him for ages as he made his way back across the garden to the safety of the hedgerow. He was very slow - perhaps due to the cooler weather but also possibly because he might have eaten today - oddly I've not seen a toad in the garden since he moved in!!

For my non-UK readers - Sid is a grass snake (one of only six native reptiles in the UK) - he is completely harmless and non-venomous. If really provoked he might omit a rather nasty smell but otherwise his first choice is to play dead and hope you just go away so he can slide off.  I am happy that he has decided to live in my garden and thrilled I finally managed to get a decent photo of him.

I've been lucky enough to be awarded a Sunshine blog award by Helen at Moonstruckcreations. Part of the award is for me to tell you 10 things about myself - all fairly straight forward;


Here are the ten questions.

Favourite animal: Elephants – something about their faces that I love.

Favourite drink: coffee – strong and black – never milk or sugar

Favourite number: 7 – as I’m the eldest of 7 siblings.

Facebook or Twitter. Facebook for keeping in contact with friends and Twitter for news/current affairs.

My passion: Depends – current ones are reading & crochet – other times it might be gardening or baking.

Giving or getting: Both – I loved buying presents for family but of course I love getting them too. Can’t beat a parcel with your name on it.

Favourite pattern: Polka dots – so cheerful

Favourite day of the week: Friday evenings – work & school are over for a few days. Time to snuggle up on the sofa with a glass of something and a bar of chocolate.

Favourite flower: Daffodils

Favourite country: It’s got to be the UK – mainly as there are so many places I’ve yet to visit and many I want to visit again and again. From the flatness of Suffolk to the beaches of Cornwall via the Lakeland fells – I love it all.


Now I need to pass this on but am aware that many don't do awards or may have already been given this so I've leave it open - if you'd like to take this and use it on your blog then please do so.

Having seen the forecast we might even seen some proper real sunshine here in Suffolk tomorrow - I hope so - there are summer clothes that I want to wear that haven't made it out of the cupboards yet!

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


Kashi said...

Congrats on the award. I love your blog and elephants are my very favorite animal as well. I LoVe coffee too. Great minds. The new thing I learned was that you are from such a large family.
We had lots of snakes about in California and Texas when I was young. Now I don't see any here in Iowa. Kind of cool that Sid has taken up residence in your garden. Must be a very nice garden.

Vix said...

He's such a cutie! I bet he'll be slithering around like a good 'un when there's some warm sunshine. Our tortoise is solar powered, I swear!
Great facts, well done on your award. x

Magic Bean said...

Sid, you little beauty. Thank you for keeping so still, hope you showed your best side...
Sun? Are you sure? Wonders will never cease. Ax

Lisa said...

Well deserved award Vicki.
Sid is a beauty.
Lisa x

Gem - BeeReader said...

He is such a cool dude, i love it, haven't seen a grass snake since I was little :) love it!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Ooh there's always the best wildlife pics on your blog! I don't mind snakes but think I'd be rather taken aback to suddenly happen across him on my lawn!

Congrats on your award x

Claire said...

Wow, great pic of the snake......I knew you had grass snakes over there but.......
Would give me a bit of a surprise to see that in my yard.

Always interesting reading 10 things about bloggers, congrats on your award...

Claire :}

Josie-Mary said...

ooh I think I would freak if I saw Sid!! :) x

andamento said...

I've never see a grass snake, he's surprisingly big.
Congrats on your award.

Maria said...

Congrats with the award!
I love what you said and how you kindly offered to others!
Sid is very interesting indeed....
I haven't seen a grass snake, so thoughts of 'Hiss' (jungle book) came to mind....
Have a lovely Tuesday!
Maria x

Deborah said...

Congrats on the award sweetie :) well deserved. Wow, a snake in the UK not seen one myself thought you were brave, hate things like this, have a happy week!

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Connie said...

Hi Vicki, Oh my, I have a huge fear of snakes . . . any snakes. Sid looks huge! How long is he? Thank you for stopping by my blog, it was very good to see you. I'm glad you like my aprons and if you try this idea be sure and post your finished project. I would love to see your version. Have a wonderful day, Connie :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, that grass snake is a really splendid specimen. We used to have a few slow worms in the garden, but unfortunately the cats rather like catching them, so I hope for their own sakes they've moved somewhere a bit safer! x

Diane said...

Now that really is wildlife in your garden! Glad you managed to get such a great photo. x

The Custards said...

I think that I have snake envy - along with a hedgehog these are creatures that I would love to have in my garden!

Unknown said...

ooohhh im still shivering at the sight of Sid even though he is harmless and looks beautiful i would have been staying firmly inside ;-)) You enjoy him. dee xx

Estelle Grace Tudor said...

Wow - Sid is a big snake!

Congrats on your award! Just to let you know I have nominated you for the 'Versatile Blogger Award' - details on my blog, but don't feel obliged to accept, just know I enjoy your blog :)

Estelle xx

Anonymous said...

I know, as you say, that grass snake's are harmless but oooh I don't think I would have wanted to get that close to take the photos! I've had a good peer at your though, so thank you.