Monday 5 March 2012

Singing in the rain

Good evening

According to the local evening news, we've had more rain here in Suffolk in the past 24 hours than the whole of 2012 so far! I think lots of that fell today when the boys were walking home from school - they dripped into the house and were not happy. Fortunately hot chocolate and cookies were on hand to help cheer them up.

The past two days have been indoor ones - I've got caught up with domestic stuff, made good progress on makes for my PIF (yes ladies, I've not forgotten you), made a couple of pressies for S&B group friends birthdays and watched the rugby yesterday afternoon.

I am glad to say when I went into town on Saturday the shops had replenished their stocks of daffodils - this morning they had opened fully and looked lovely - a splash of colour on a dull day;

Whilst I think about it - don't forget the Monthly Makes Challenge organised by Annie - theres a Flickr group for each month - the March one is here. 

 I am MissMarch so at the end of the month I'll do a post highlighting just some of the makes that have been submitted :)

Why not join in - it can be one item or many, perhaps a long WIP thats been hiding in a cupboard.

Right off now for a wander around blogland and then some more WIP to finish!

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


harmony and rosie said...

It's super windy here and mighty cold too but thankfully no rain. Yet!!
How nice to be greeted with cookies and hot choc !

Unknown said...

we had such horrid rain yesterday it flooded out front garden. what fun to be emptying the path of water.

Magic Bean said...

Evening. Just down the road and hardly a drop of rain all day. Yesterday was a different matter. We had snow after lunch...
Love that window picture.

Lisa said...

Miss March, you sound like one of one Little Women! Now that sounds like you have had a lot of rain, good job you have snazzy wellies!
Lisa x

Unknown said...

The weather is so up and down at the moment. Today the sunshine is here although its cold happy days i say ;-) Enjoy your week, dee x

polkadotpeticoat said...

and I'm singing in the snow...hehe!

Jen Walshaw said...

We had snow on Sunday and it laid. What is the world coming too!

Cheryll said...

I left my pic on flickr for this months Monthly thanks once again to you and Annie! :)

Anonymous said...

We did hot choc and cake after school yesterday too and Fergus came home dripping as he was caught in a blizzard of wet snow. Yes, staying in is good but dangerous as all I seem to do is bake = too much eating!