Sunday, 5 January 2014

New Year - New Challenges

Good morning

Happy New Year

I was thinking the other day about the forthcoming year and what I am hoping it will bring to me and the boys here at No6. We are hoping this year is calmer than 2013. There are some big things happening this year - GCSE and A level exams for the boys in early summer and then the wait till August for the results. If all goes to plan then Little Son will be heading off to 6th form and Big Son off to University! 

We talked about remembering all the good stuff rather than the bad bits. With than in mind I pinched an idea off the internet and am aiming to do this for the whole of 2014. 

Take one tin and a pile of post-it notes. Each day write one good thing that's happened on a note and put it in the tin. At the end of the year or beginning of next, I can then tip all the notes out and remind myself of stuff that's happened.

 So far so good - 4 days in and there are 4 notes in there!!

One good thing - a day out with the boys. We spent the day with a friend who works in a leisure centre - it meant the boys were actually out of their bedrooms and away from their screens! We played badminton - yes even me! and had a go on a climbing wall. Little Son took to this - he's always been a climber even when he was small and you'd see him climbing onto things he shouldn't!

Another challenge for me this year - this blogging lark - it was a big hit and miss last year - I started several things but lost interest/got sidetracked and never saw them through. This year I am aiming to blog at least once a week - along the lines of the 52 weeks of happy posts - 52 weeks of Vicki ;)

Here the first photo - my Christmas hyacinth has finally flowered - guess our house a bit on the cool side - others who were given them at the same time had theirs flowering on Christmas Day!!

Right I'd best go and get sorted - one last lazy morning here before school and work start again tomorrow. I thing those boys of mine were planning on doing their homework today - that's if they can even remember what they are supposed to be doing!!

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


Sue in Suffolk said...

There were 3 here who always left homework until the day before school started, but they seemed to survive the stress!
Good luck with your note and blogging plans

moonstruckcreations said...

Great idea!

We have last going on here as we speak - at least I ironed all the uniforms and work shirts last week (hate ironing).


Country Rabbit said...

love your happy day notelets in tin idea, thats what i need too ;0) even in the mist of unhappiness you always find a happy/joyful bit that gets you through ;0)xx

Jen Walshaw said...

We have a joy jar too and it is a wonderful thing, when I remember to do it!

Happy new year lovely lady

Tracy said...

The tin idea is lovely and a wonderful way if looking back over the past 12 months when the time comes. I keep trying to ignore the shirts that need ironing for tomorrow but I fear they will get me in the end!!

Jacquie said...

Hi Vicki, I love the tin idea and the photo of your Hyacinth on your happy dresser.
I'm looking forward to your weekly posts and hope your year is great.
Jacquie x

Clicky Needles said...

Looking forward to the 52 weeks of Vicki!

Swallow Barn said...

fab idea - love the hyacinth!

forgetmenotsblue said...

Love the idea with the tin lots to be thankful for I'm sure. I must organise myself and do a tin too.
What a year you have ahead!
Happy new year x

Peg said...

Post it notes and tin, great idea, we can always think of at least one good thing per day even when the rest of it is total garbage and life has thrown us a curve ball. Just as it has to several of us in 2013.

Every good wish for 2014 and I hope there will be more than one good thing pr day for you.

Peg x

Josie-Mary said...

Looking forward to 52 happy posts :) x

**Anne** said...

Happy New Year to you Vicki and wishing you a wonderful year full of good things and happy times. I looking forward to 52 weeks of Vicki. :)
Anne xx

two bones and a bagle said...

I too fell out with blogging but am back on the bloggy waggon and am hoping to post this year. Looking forward to seeing your 52 happy posts.

Unknown said...

Hope your 2014 goes well. I too had a memories Jar full of little notes for 2013- I shall definitely continue them this year too.

Unknown said...

Happy New Year! And here's looking forward to hearing from you once a week!

Kandi said...

Sounds like this is going to be a busy hectic year. I'm hoping to blog on a more regular basis this year too I missed blogland. I love your flowers they are beautiful, I always love seeing them but I hate the smell so I can't have them in the house, it's a shame. xx