Thursday, 2 August 2018

A Grand Day Out


When I first met S we created a mental list of places we'd like to visit and things we'd like to do - we have ticked a fair few off but one place we had never managed to visit together is Cambridge. Work or life had got in the way as well as numerous festivals, a wedding and lots of family stuff too.

Finally at the beginning of the week we went - its only an hours drive from where we live and the park & ride goes straight into the city centre and costs only £3 each - much easier and cheaper than city centre parking.

Kings College - it wasn't too busy when we walked past first thing - easy to take photos without 100's of tourists getting in the way.

The Corpus Clock is a very popular attraction - getting a photo without anyone walking past or getting run over by a bicycle is tricky - I survived!!

No trip to Cambridge would be complete without watching the punts on the Cam. We didn't go on this time - August is a month with several trips away and we were watching the pennies.

Now long term readers of this blog will know I have a thing for vintage style bicycles - my own one finally left its barn storage this week and will hopefully be road worthy again soon once we've had time to give it a thorough service and a few essentials like brakes are replaced!!

Cambridge of course is full of such bicycles - ridden by undergraduates and very clever looking people - all in a rush to get from A to B.

This purple one I would happily own myself - one of my favourite colours. Perhaps my own bike might get a respray!

As well as gorgeous bicycles there are of course 100's of lovely houses. 

and the ultimate picture for me - gorgeous house with a bicycle outside!!

After all of our walking - in total we walked 10 miles that day - it was time for a pit stop - drinks and a snack in Bills before making our way home.

Time for one last photo - me & him outside Kings College;

We are both lucky - we work in the same school as support staff so we have time off over the summer. I get the full 6 weeks whilst S uses a mixture of holiday and owed hours, meaning this year he is off all summer apart from 4 days!

We have plenty of other adventures planned - off to Dorset to stay in a shepherds hut near Corfe Castle, our first wedding anniversary back at Folkeast and a trip to Norfolk in our bell tent. There's lots we'd like to do to our cottage as well - walls to paint, pictures to hang and a garden to spend time in!!

Time now to say goodbye till the next time - there's a garden to water and gin that needs drinking!!

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx