Saturday, 5 February 2011

Protest, thankyou & balls!!


All peaceful here - boys busy with technology and avoiding being asked to tidy their rooms and MrVV is watching the rugby. Am happy to watch England play but can't quite muster the same enthusiasm if its the others - sorry to my Scots, Welsh, Irish, Italian and French readers. A good win last night wasn't it :)

This morning started bright and early for a Saturday - no hanging around in pj's till lunchtime for little son and I - we were off to peacefully protest!! Oh yes our County Council wants to save money and close lots of our libraries here in Suffolk - s'ok they say there will still be some - oh but btw we are making cuts to the local rural bus service too so you'll need to allow a whole day just to change your books!! Enough to turn a girl to drink except they also want to close our wonderful recycling centre - making it a 50 mile round trip to get rid of anything they don't collect.

Our little town can sometimes be said to be apathetic so it was wonderful so see a big turn out of supporters - over 200;
Another meeting is planned for March 5th and little son and I shall both be there.

Yesterday morning I was feeling a bit down and sore - I'd spent a few hours on Thursday in hospital having a minor 'girlie' trip to the day surgery unit. There was a knock at the door and there stood my friend the postman with a parcel for me. It was my giveaway win from Em @ Garden Peas and Fleas - it was from her Banish the Winter Blues Giveaway;

Lots of shiny blue parcels and a card - all for me :)

Look what was inside - gorgeous fabric, pencils, notebook, CK tissues, chocolate, crochet cloths, a Yankee tart and also;

These sweet little brooches - I shall be wearing them lots, so pretty.

Look at this little sparkly fairy soap that Em made - she reminds of of a Lalique treasure.

Thank you Em - it arrived just at the right time and certainly hit the spot :)

Whilst watching the rugby last night I finished knitting another purse to be felted. After sewing the ends in I was left with some yarn. Being a fan of waste not / want not I needed to do something with these pieces. I've spent some time at the kitchen sink armed with a bar of soap (not my pretty one) and have turned the offcuts into little felted balls - not enough to do much with at the moment but hopefully eventually there will be enough for a bracelet;
Right - I'd best get one. Got a sister coming in a little while - she wants some sewing doing and then I ought to get sorted as we're planning a trip to the cinema to see the Kings Speech tonight.

Thank you to all who've asked after the family - MrVV & the boys are doing ok - though there is obviously a dread about the funeral on Monday, they are dealing with things in their own very matter of fact way - rather like my FIL would have done. Oh yes I can see FIL in MrVV (have been able to do so for a long while) and now the traits are coming through in Little Son too. Big son is more like my Dad - similar deep voice and warped sense of humour.

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


WinnibriggsHouse said...

What a perfect pick me up! Love those brooches and the fairy soap. Hope you are feeling a bit more perky. Thinking of you all for Monday.

Sarah said...

Sounds like the giveaway win was perfect timing for you then. Good luck for Monday and hope it goes as well as it can be expected.
I went to see the Kings Speech on thurs and it is absolutely brilliant - British actors at their best!

Unknown said...

Very impressed with you balls! Sending you love and strength for monday xx

SewHappyGeek said...

Oh Vicki, you poor thing, you're in my thoughts, m'dear! Take care of yourself and the boys! Hope the weekend is loving and peaceful...

♥ emma bear forever ♥ said...

Well done with the little protest about the library. Did you hear about the library where recently it was fighting closure and in solidarity they (members) all got together and withdraw all the books they could on their card limits and emptied the library!!!

Just looked it up if anyone wants to find out more:

Love your felty balls and the winter blues giveaway treats from Em. I shall be thinking of you on Monday.
Justine xxx

LaaLaa said...

Good for you for protesting, Vicki! It stinks that they're planning to do this. I live in a big city so am OK but I grew up in Shropshire and they're making similar plans there. Great goodies from Em. xx

Jenny said...

lovely giveaway win, that shiny blue paper is great - appeals to the magpie in me, haha! Good on you and all your town for the protest, bet it was good to see all that local support all together! jenny xxx

mother of purl said...

Yay, I do hope your collectives are succesful x

Pink Milk said...

Hear, hear. Well done you for registering your protest. (Think our overdue fees are keeping our local library open!)

What a gorgeous giveaway win, especially the little brooches. They'll look so pretty on a cardi.

Do hope all goes smoothly on Monday.


Lalabibaby @ Dreaming of The Simple Life said...

Hope everything goes off well on Monday VV .... a lovely bit of Colin should take your mind off it tonight .... great film x

JP said...

glad you are all coping - take care

Serenata said...

Lots of lovely goodies here. Hope everything goes well on Monday and that you all stay strong.

{{hugs}} Lorraine

Amy (Blighty Boutique) said...

hat lovely goodies, and go fighting for your local services x

Amy (Blighty Boutique) said...

I clearly can't type. That was meant to be 'What lovely goodies, and go you fighting for your local services' x

Northern Hi-Lights said...

good for you for protesting - council cut backs seem to be as usual, hitting rural areas the hardest. What a lovely parcel of goodies too xx

Unknown said...

sorry to hear about all the planned cuts to your little town, it really does get your back up when you hear what this government is doing to out country. What a lovely parcel ;-)) I hope all goes well on monday for you all. take care, dee x

harmony and rosie said...

Good for you for making a stand, I just hope you left the fire extngshers alone! I haven't popped in for a while so I'm sorry not to have offered support and best wishes to you all over your FIL's passing. Wishing you much love for the funeral tomorrow, they're always to be dreaded but as you know things get much easier over time.

Kate x

harmony and rosie said...

Extinguishers !

Lisa said...

Well done you for getting out there and protesting,got to make sure the powers that be hear what the people have to say.
Lovely goodies in the giveaway, hope you are ok after the day surgery.
Looking forward to seeing the bracelet, bet it'll look fab.
We saw the King's Speech last night, it was totally superb.
I shall be thinking of you all tomorrow.
Take care
Lisa x

melanie said...

What a lovely give away you won :) Hope your feeling better now :) xxx

topchelseagirl said...

Good on you for protesting. Thankfully Norfolk say they won't close any libraries, but just cut back on staff and opening hours. Not ideal but I suppose it is better than closures.