Sunday, 27 February 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt 2011 - February


This is the first month I've joined in the Hunt and I must say it has been fun finding all the items on the list or at least my interpretation of them. I've had the list in my purse all month and was really happy to cross the final items off the other day. Here in the order they loaded themselves into the computer file are Feb's pictures;

Bench - This bench is actually in the town square - it was designed by children from a local school.

Bridge - I hate this bridge - my boys have crossed it every school day for the past 6 years - I will be glad come July when little son moves on from Middle School to High School and he no longer has to go over it.

Clock - attached to the outside of our little Cinema/Theatre - never quite tells the right time!!

Eyes - those of little son

Heart - the centre of the tattoo on the top of my back

Musical Instrument - Little Son's Euphonium

Lorry - Ok so I cheated. The only big lorries I'd seen were moving to fast for me - so this is Big Sons Transformer Lorry - he referred to it as a big lorry when he was much, much smaller.

Newspaper Headline - one showing good news for a change :)

Postbox - this one was in the wall outside the hospital where I've been having physio - one of the oldest ones I've seen.

Red - well its is Red Nose Day next month!! (Friday March 18th)

Shoes - my boots I bought at Christmas along with my flowery tights from my last shopping trip.

Stripes - the wrist warmers I made to take to the craft fair (which sadly didn't sell).

Thanks Kathy for organising this - am looking forward to the March list.

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


Crafts @ Home said...

What lovely interpretations, love the wrist warmers, I'm surprised they didn't sell, love the flowery tights too!

lemonade kitty said...

Do you know it look's like you're having so much fun I might just join in too!! Lucey xx

Lisa said...

Great photos,so good to see what others have snapped in this challenge.I love the clock face and that is a really good headline to choose.
Hope the craft fair went well, apart from the gloves!
Lisa x

bellaboo said...

Great pics! Am joining in this month too.Still need to get one or two more pics,the weather hasn't been camera friendly around here!
Hope you have a lovely Sunday. :0)

Kathy said...

Wel done for finishing before the end of the month. I love looking at everyone's interpretations of the subjects! That's a mighty big instrument for a boy to carry!

WinnibriggsHouse said...

These are great. Love your boot/tights combo!.Am going to join in too for March as this looks such fun.

Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

Hiya fellow early bird :0)

That treasure hunt business looks like fun..I'm going to have a nose at it..

I can't believe thoses lovely wrist warmers didn't sell, they are so lovely!
How did the fair go? Did many people turn out? Or do you think it's a bit early in the year?
Love your boots and tights, thats how I wear mine :0)

Have a good day Vicki, take care ...xx

clare said...

Great pic's..well done!
Hugs Clare@weekend crafter xx

Unknown said...

Interesting post for some reason not all your photo's showed up for me. But what fun i bet you had ;-)) enjoy your sunday, dee x

Unknown said...

Fantastic picture! I really enjoyed reading / seeing this post!

andamento said...

Great collection of photos. I was going to join in this month but never quite got round to it which I regret now, looks fun!

Madison said...

What gorgeous eyes your son has. The kind you could fall into and swim in.

Josie-Mary said...

What great photo's, looks like lots of fun... I might join in next month :)

Louise said...

Wow I love those stripy handwarmers! I'm enjoying the scavenging so much, that after posting my pictures I went out walking and challenged myself to complete the list again on my walk, just for fun!!

The new list is going to require a bit more thought but I can't wait to see all our attempts at the end of the month!

Kerrie said...

Great photos! I especially like the park bench, the clock, oh and the post box!

Pene said...

Don't know why I didn't read this before but it's uncanny your tattoo is almost identical to the one around the top of my arm!!
Pene x