Thursday, 24 February 2011

Boxes, bags & buns

Good evening

What a difference a day makes - yesterday was grey, wet & chilly - even colder at S&B as the place we used had a broken boiler. I am so glad I put on an extra layer before I went out - just wish I'd left some wrist warmers in my coat pocket. Took me a while to warm up when I got home.

Today has been much warmer and brighter. The sun has shone, windows have been flung open and the washing line has been groaning under the weight of teenagers t-shirts and hoodies.

Big son went off to work with MrVV today - paid in kind with a truck-stop all-day-breakfast and the promise of some cash too - a fair reward for unloading cartons from 2 containers.

Little son spent the day with me - this is the way it always seems to happen - perhaps one day I'll suggest a swap. However he was useful, helpful and fun company. We had to go into town to change library books, post parcels and get a few shopping supplies as there wasn't enough useful stuff left to make any meals!!

When we came home, it was time to do a job I've been putting off. Sorting out all the stuff for the stall @ the weekend. Bags and baskets were emptied and their contents spread over the spare bed;

Quite a lot then - just needed labelling, which took absolutely ages. Then of course it needed packing up again!! Of course no sooner had I done this, I found more things and then MIL called round with a few more bits she's knitted too. There was me when I booked this worrying I wouldn't be able to fill the table!

Little son is doing cookery during his D&T lessons at the moment and he's really enjoying this. He's always been the keenest to help in the kitchen. Yesterday he made Macaroni Cheese for our dinner and very nice it was too. Today he decided to baking choc-chips buns as we've visitors coming for lunch tomorrow.

Such a look of concentration ;)

The finished result :)

Can't believe this half term week is almost over. I've almost completed my list of tasks for the week. One of them was too sort out a Flickr account so I could add my photos to the Scavenger Hunt file. I would also like to do one of those funky mosaics - which programme is the easiest & free??

Right I shall see you after the weekend - here's hoping Southwold is nice & busy on Saturday ;)

xxx Vicki xxx


Unknown said...

Those cakes look yummy, that's great that he's into cooking and baking! Your stalls going to look fantastic with all those fantastic crafts, hope stall goes well for you! :) x

Anonymous said...

Wow your craft stall stuff looks fantastic!
Good luck with it.
I can't believe half term is almost over either, but I've got an unexpected day off tomorrow so I'm going to spend it crafting and having fun with Evie.
Em xxx

Floss said...

Oh your stall is going to be wonderful! We are counting down the hours until our half term begins - much needed I can tell you! We also tend to do family splits like that, except when Ben take Son 2 skiing. (With his injury, Son 2 won't be going skiing now - a fact that appears to have escaped his attention so far... waiting for the explosion...)

Unknown said...

Looks like you've got some fab stuff for your stall. I could do a child that likes cooking and baking! :) x

Bertielove said...

Your stall will be wonderful with such beautiful things to sell on it! The buns looked delicious too, what a clever son you have! As to the photo's have you tried You sign up and then you can use the photo editing suite!! All free of course, I use it for odds and ends. Lesley x

kim said...

Lots of lovely makes, hope you do well at the weekend.

How fantastic that your youngest son enjoys baking.

florrie x

Taz said...

Your stall is going to be fab!
I remember big one going through her baking phase unfortunately school work and friends took over but wee one is just starting to show an interest so here's hoping I'll have lots of goodies to enjoy again soon. :)

Amy (Blighty Boutique) said...

the goodies for your stall looks so pretty and bright, and those buns look yummy. Thanks for the lovely blog comment x

Unknown said...

Those cakes look really tasty - I miss having someone at home who enjoys baking. However I am sure that it won't be that long before Ella enjoys licking the bowl!!

Your items for the stall look super too - wonder if I can persuade Harry to have a trip to Southwold on Saturday?

mother of purl said...

Tastey- looking cakes, my nan used to make ones like that. Good luck with the stall- looks like you have some lovely wares x

Unknown said...

awww bless him to have a son that can cook ;-)) Im doing something wrong with my 2 i feel ;-)) Those cakes have turned out fab, he is going to make his wife very happy in years to come ;-)) Good luck at the fair this weekend, dee x

Dawn said...

Good luck with the stall. You never know, but I might pop up and say hello. (Haven't quite planned that far ahead yet)

Rebecca said...

Your stall looks so pretty! I'd definitely have a hard time choosing what to purchase! I hope you do really well at your fair :-)
Becky x

Lisa said...

Hope the fair goes well,your stall willlook fabulous with all those goodies.
Cakes look delish!
Lisa x

ThePBFamily said...

We were planning on going to the fair in southwold as it isnt too far from here. (lowestoft) We cant make it as Mr has to vist his mum and dad. I hope it all goes well and you sell lots of things!
Hales x

Magic Bean said...

Mmm. Like the look of those fingerless mittens on the spare-bed-stall. Shame we're stuck in Cambridge tomorrow or I'd be up to buy a pair. Have fun, Ax

Kandi said...

Good luck with the stall I would certainally be drawn to you with all of those goodies. I use Picnik you can do collages on there and many of them are free.
Kandi x

Lucy Pursglove-Jones said...

Son's are such a big help! Especially with baking :D All the best for you stall!
Thank you for your comment; there is a full tutorial under the 'stitch projects' tab under my blog header :) xx

maryannlucy said...

Good luck tomorrow - wish I wasn't on the other side of the country! If DS fancies doing some more baking, he is more than welcome to pop over, his baking looks delicious x

topchelseagirl said...

Do you want to send little son round here to cook for me?!? Good luck with the stall.

clare said...

Good Luck with the stall at the sure it will go well!

And those cakes look so yummy...i hope my 12yr son will enjoy cookery this term aswell!

Hugs Clare@weekend crafter xx

Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

Those buns look yummy :0)

Good Luck at the fair Vicky :0)
I'm doing my first one in years next Sunday, so I've been reading and viewing your fair posts with avid interest :0)

I'm very nervouse, 'specially now I've seen everything you've got to sell + more!
I'd better get cracking!

Have a great time, and I can't wait to hear how it goes :0)

♥ emma bear forever ♥ said...

Your craft looks fantastic Vicki, fingers crossed it's nice and busy and you sell oodles.
Love the look of concentration on your son's face looks like his a pretty fine cook, yummy to the buns.

Im so pleased that your my swap partner for Jackies spring swap, I shall be delving further back into your blog for some ideas xx

Rose&Bird said...

I don't know where the weeks go! Your stall looks fab, the doll in the mint green outfit looks so cute!

JP said...

nice to have help on the cooking front - hope he clears up after him!!!!!!!!