Sunday, 13 February 2011

A family weekend


Just a quiet time here between a late snacky tea and the start of Sunday night back to school sorting and of course TV time - looking forward to the Bafta's later - am hoping Colin, Geoffrey & Helena all win.

The house smells strongly of my hyacinth which has bloomed over the weekend;

We've spent quite a bit of time together as a family this weekend - sometimes just busy doing nothing. The 6 nations has been on and we've cheered the England team on and also offered suggestions to the refs of the other matches ;)

Today we headed out to Ipswich so big son could spend some of his birthday money and so we could have a meal out. Wow for a boy who for many years hated shopping he did very well - new hoodies, t-shirts, books, a game and most importantly a DVD player - I think soon he'll only have to leave his room for meals!! I soon got bored of boy shops and wandered off on my own. I bumped into Dawn in White Stuff - she seemed to be having better luck than me - I left there empty handed. I ended up in M&S and managed to find a few bits to brighten my wardrobe - including some very pretty tights with pink flowers on them - I shall feel 6 years old again!!

Once shopping had been completed we headed over to the Waterfront and to Pizza Express - thanks MrTesco for contributing towards today's 3 course lunch ;) Well 3 course for some - just 2 and the last few scoops of little sons pudding for me - here's the boys tucking into the most delicious ice cream sundaes;

Right I'd best be off - the maid appears to have forgotten to iron school shirts so I'd best do that ;)

Am looking forward to tomorrow as I get to open my Spread the Bloggy Love parcels - am quite excited and I have been giving them a poke and squeeze!!

xxx Vicki xxx


Josie-Mary said...

Sounds like a great weekend :) x

Beki said...

Sounds like you've had a great time and love the sound of your tights!

B xxx

giddynici said...

Just came across your blog but it looks great. Sounds like a really nice weekend and your hyacinth is very pretty. x

Serenata said...

Oh you've reminded me, our maid has been slacking as well! ;-D

Glad you had a lovely weekend.

Jackie said...

Your hyacinths are lovely! Sounds as though you had a lovely weekend - looking forward to seeing you model the tights! ;-))

Can't wait to see what's in your bloggy love parcel - how restrained you have been!! x

Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

Your hyacinths are looking lovely and springy ;0)
Pleased you had a good time this weekend...Your tights sound good to me!
Funny enough, i've been buying tights again recently, and I think I must be getting younger, 'cos mine seem all youngish too ;0)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm you obviously hired your maid from the same place I hired ours!!

Sounds like a great weekend.
Enjoy your parcel tomorrow, mine hasn't arrived yet but I know its coming from an island off Malaysia and they've had terrible weather which has delayed their mail pick ups.
Em xxxx

Claire said...

i was in ipswich today, i went to jessops and bought my camera (eeeeek for the bank account lol) yey for boys who love shopping! x

Crafts @ Home said...

Vicki.... are you supposed to have been poking and squeezing your presents :)
I hope you have a lovely Valentines day, it sounds as though you've had a lovely weekend, I like the sound of those tights, Sue Xx

Lisa said...

Some happy faces there looking at their ice creams!
Lisa x

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

Hello Vicki! I seem to have missed your posts lately but it's nice to catch up with your family. Happy belated birthday to your grown up boy! Sounds like a great hawl!! And you can't beat an ice cream sundae out can you? Looks fab.

Unknown said...

awww sounds like you had a great weekend, enjoy opening your pressie ;-)) dee x

Kandi said...

Look forward to seeing what you get in your bloggy swap. Your boys have me drooling with those ice creams. Hope you are all ok and having a lovely valentines day.
Kandi x