Thursday, 17 May 2012

More crochet & some pretty finds

Good afternoon from Sunny Suffolk :)

Oh what a gorgeous afternoon - warm enough to have windows open and dry enough for washing to be on the line :)

Its been a lovely busy week here - the usual house stuff plus spending a morning with my Grandma. Two CS shifts done as well - am loving that so much at the moment. The best bit though this week has been playing 'houses' with our new toy. One afternoon was spent emptying cupboards and cleaning. Yesterday was fun time though - cupboard filling :) I found all our camping gear and found homes for everything we need - there is however more space and that needed filling - a quick hunt around the house found plenty of things;

New tea towels, a cook book, travel scrabble, some postcards to brighten the cupboard doors, card games and a pretty UJ Bridgewater beaker that has been holding things in my sewing room. Oh and off cut of red spotty oilcloth - just enough to line a draw & shelf and also to make a mat to cover the top of unit which is slightly sun bleached.

I had great fun arranging things into the cupboards;

I pinched a vintage milk jug from the kitchen to use for utensils and the thrifted tins were part of our camping kit already.

Essentials such as wine glasses have their own hanging space too ;)

The postman might have been a little busy this week bringing a few bits - yesterday new shiny red camping saucepans and today another vintage board game! The boys requested a tv - the parents have over ridden that and said board games!! (insert devil smilie here);

Lastly - thank you for the lovely comments on my Ta-dah Tuesday blanket. I am so glad that its finished and it will be coming away with us this summer as it fits nicely on our bed :) For those that are interested the yarn is mainly Stylecraft - I can't remember how much of each colour I used but think 1 ball of the small round colours and maybe 2 of the larger and possibly 3 of the red - to be honest I can't remember AND I've pinched some of the yarn at times for other projects!!

I've started a stash busting blanket for the caravan - 2 rounds of every colour I have in my stash - mainly Stylecraft but a few rounds are cottons I've used in other projects;

I think I need to make it at least 44 rounds and then add a border - so a little way to go but I hope to have it finished before we go away this summer! 

Right I'd best be off - the bread maker has just finished making some pizza dough so I ought to get that turned into dinner for tonight!

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


Beki said...

I have the sudden urge to play card/board games.
It's all looking lovely, am a tad jealous here.

Beki x

Thedarkerside73 said...

Sounds like you have been having great fun playing house in your new toy! lol

I could well imagine my elest girl wanting a t.v. and me saying No way! lol.

Hope you have lots of happy days away in your fab home on wheels.

Loving the crocheted blanket by the way. Such lovely colours.

P x

Josie-Mary said...

ah happy summers playing board games in the caravan... it takes me back :)

Crafty Helen said...

My lot like nothing better than an afternoon playing board games. it usually involves lots of arguing as they're all far too competitive! XX

Unknown said...

Its going to be so lovely and so much fun ;-)) Great choice with the games and no tv ;-)) Have a great weekend, dee x

harmony and rosie said...

Wow, roll on summer and hopefully sunshine to go with! Just been checking out the new wheels - how cool are you?! :)

Happy weekend x

♥ emma bear forever ♥ said...

Lovely ! I'm on the look out for some vintage playing cards, ideally happy families :0) Love your crochet, I need to make myself a stash busting blanket soon xx

Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

Looking good my lovely!

Good to see you having some fun -especially after your last year with your leg :o(

Happy weekend Vicki.
Take care.

Lisa said...

Have you made anything from that cookbook? I borrowed it from the library. Liked the sound of the jelly baby kebabs, I think it was jelly babies!
Lisa x

Unknown said...

I think you have the same philosphy (probably spelt that wrong) as me with children I love board games they bring famillies together thats what holidays and mini breaks are all about.
What you have done to your cravan is fab so far keep up the good work. Cant wait to see the rest.