Monday, 28 May 2012

Weekend views & Monthly Makes (May)

Good evening

Phew what a scorcher ;) Another lovely hot & sunny day here in Suffolk.

The weekend was gorgeous - this was my view for lots of it;

Blue skies through the leaves & bunting

I found a string of bunting in with our camping stuff - it has been used many times to identify my tent at festivals - it was just long enough to tie between a tree & the swing.

My corner - pink deckchair, table, drink, lunch and a magazine - happy days

We did get out and about - as well as a car boot sale (dire - lots of overpriced clothes and tat :( ), MrVV & I headed to Aldeburgh for a walk - we parked at the top of the town and here's the view over the houses to the beach;

What you can't see are the 100's of day trippers - we opted for a quieter walk along the seawall between the sea & the river.

Right - its that time again - Monthly Makes photos - it was just going to be this;

A crochet T for our WI banner, a flowery frock (front & back) and my finished granny square blanket.

However on Saturday I came over all patriotic and decided I needed a new dress for the Jubilee weekend! I popped into my friends shop and left with some fabric in the most gorgeous 50's style print. I added in a strip of polka dot fabric I had already - and here it is - red,white,blue with a hint of 50's too;

Oh and on the back I added a couple of buttons I'd bought months ago;

I might as well add my Monthly Mosaic picture to this post too;

Now this is post 399 - I've taken some pictures this afternoon for something special to celebrate post 400 - and also to celebrate reaching 400 followers too :) I missed my 2 year blogversary in September, I was too plastered to celebrate!! So watch out later this week - Vintage Vicki's 400 posts/followers giveaway will be happening :)

See you soon - here's hoping there's another sunny day tomorrow, I getting rather used to them.

xxx Vicki xxx


Vix said...

That jubilee dress is absolutely wonderful! It's a shame you couldn't have knocked up a few, rented a market stall in London and sold them to the tourists!
I love all your makes and Aldeburgh is just stunning. Shame about the car boot sale, there are some seriously deluded sellers at our sometimes. x

Penny said...

What fun making a jubilee dress Vicki, I love it xox

Annie Cholewa said...

Wow, that's a lot of posts. Wonder how many of us will make it to 400!

Loving the Jubilee dress :D

Floss said...

Aw, I want a Jubilee dress too! What are my chances as a non-dress-maker living in France??? Nil... But I thought of visiting one of the vintage shops tomorrow afternoon, which I seldom do. We'll see.

I'm glad you had such a nice weekend. Ours has been sunny and cheerful too - and only finishing, as our bank holiday was today! (Pentecost, nothing to do with the Queen!)

lemonade kitty said...

Love the fabric you've used for the dress and the red spotty goes well. 399 posts, WOW that's some serious writing/typing you've done, Lucey x

Lisa said...

You are going to look the part for the Jubilee in that dress, it's just fabulous and completely perfect for the occasion.
Lisa x

Dina said...

That dress is really lovely. I love the fabric.x

Hen said...

Blimey, you have been busy. Love your makes and tat dress fabric is seriously gorgeous!
Hen x

Hen said...

Blimey, you have been busy. Love your makes and tat dress fabric is seriously gorgeous!
Hen x

...Nina Nixon... said...

I love that dress - you are going to look very swish on the's totally gorgeous.

Nina xxx

Crafts @ Home said...

Lovely dresses, looks like you've had both a busy and relaxing month!
Sue Xxx

Josie-Mary said...

What a lovely dress! Love your garden :) x

Crafty Helen said...

That dress is fab - you really do put me to shame with my continued lack of sewing! XX

Tina said...

Your garden is looking lovely and how I wish I could sew a dress like that for me too. You did really well. xx

Anonymous said...

I love both the dresses you've made, really lovely fabric.

Anonymous said...

The dress is gorgeous!