Thursday, 24 May 2012

The one with sunshine in it :)

Good evening

Firstly - thank you to all my lovely new followers - I've been to look at as many blogs as I can - blogger is being a pain and won't let me add any new ones to my follow list at the moment but I've got you all bookmarked so I can visit that way instead.

What a stunning day its been - wall to wall sunshine and blue skies.

The old saying 'Ne'er cast a clout till May be out' is certainly true - the May (Hawthorn) blossom is out and you definitely don't need a vest at the moment - unless it replaces a t-shirt ;)

Also growing  in my neighbours garden are lots of lovely elderflowers - I'm watching for the perfect picking day and then I shall be collecting them and turning them into cordial (I have her permission to take them whenever they are ready).

When I went to work this morning it was a lovely surprise to see our little town had grown flags overnight - all the high street was covered in UJ flags - so pretty - I'll take a picture next time I'm there with my camera.

It spurred me on to buy some for us to use over the Jubilee weekend and also for July when the Olympic Torch relay visits nearby;

I think this weekend its time to hunt out the bunting for the house and garden.

Now look at this picture;

Can you spot any wildlife??

What about if I zoom in to the bottom of the door ?

Can you spot Sid now? Yep Sid the Snake (grass type) is becoming a regular visitor to the garden - its just that he's camera shy - his tail if the best I've managed to snap so far! Hoping to catch him properly one day soon.

Lastly for tonight - another little ebay parcel - fabric for the back of the scatter cushions for Bertie. Oh yes the home on wheels has a name (well I use it) - Cuthbert the Caravan - Bertie for short. 

Anyhow new fabric - I saw it and couldn't resist a couple of FQ's;

Its still warm here - the doors and windows are still open wide. It great listening to the birds singing - hoping we might hear the owls later.

Have a good weekend all - the sun should be shining here still - there's lots to plant in the garden and I'm hoping MrVV might be persuaded to visit the car boot sale too. Oh add to that Eurovision and the promise of the first Pimms of the season - its going to be a good one :)

See you soon

xxx Vicki xxx


Crafty in the Med said...

Hello Vikki,
This makes me terrible homesick as I bet my home town Minehead will be decked out for the Jubilee celebrations too tch!

Neat snapshot of Sid...perfect camouflage because I certainly couldn't see him without going to your zoomed shot.


Pretty at Heart said...

I bought some flags and bunting today too!
I really love that fabric - its going to look fab in the van!

Pink Fairy Vicky said...

Oh My! I am not often glad that I live in a Town but when I see photos of grass snakes slithering around it makes me happy I do, Ironic really since other half has 2 corn snakes in my living room!
Blogger is not allowing me to "follow" new ones either, its a pain and I hope it sorts itself out soon.

Thrift Bee said...

Great print Vicki. Perfect for Bertie.

Lisa said...

We had our first Pimms last night! A bit naughty as it's a school night, but it was just the one!
Love the name for the caravan and that fabric is just perfect.
Have a tremendous weekend in the sun.
Lisa x

Lucy said...

Bertie - very Jeeves and Wooster, brilliant. The fabric is very cute, I especially love the metal one - had the pleasure of seeing one in the flesh a couple of weeks ago. We're enjoying the Suffolk sunshine too, have fun at the boot sale :)

two bones and a bagle said...

Love the fabric and glad Sid is in your garden and not mine! We do get snakes around here too my friend had a really 'big' one in her garden sunbathing on her rockery. Enjoy the sun and have fun with Bertie.

Unknown said...

Sid scary Sid i would call him im afraid snakes is one thing i like to never see except far far away ;-)) Bertie love the name and that fabric is gorg, dee x

Estelle Grace Tudor said...

Lovely summery pics. I think I would be scared of little Sid - snakes and spiders are not my faves!

The Olympic torch is passing through our town tomorrow - I think I am more excited than the kids :)

Have a fab weekend xx

bellaboo said...

Nothing as exciting as snakes in our garden..but we had a squirrel with his head in the peanut feeder this morning.
Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the sunshine! :0)

Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

What a lovely post my dear :o)

Owls, sid, flowers, fabric, sunshine, Bertie...pour me a pimms, I'm on my way ;o)

Have a great weekend my lovely.
Enjoy the sun.

Vix said...

That fabric is beyond gorgeous, I'd love a maxi dress or some wide legged trousers made from that!
I love elderflower cordial, my friends make a fizzy wine from it that tastes delicious but is deadly for hangovers. x

Annie Cholewa said...

Ooh goodness that fabric is fabulous, love it. Looking forward to seeing what you make with it :D

Louise said...

We have grass snakes too, I love them but I don't see them often as I don't look for them. I love that caravan fabric.