Friday, 8 January 2010

Another snowy day

Schools are closed, supermarket was packed, MrVV has taken a few hours away from his desk and we've been having family fun outside;

(^^ is my favourite picture)

The washing line ghost!! Can you see what I mean?

We buried little son but did let him out!!

The next two pics were taken by MrVV;

Our mad postie - still wearing shorts!

A neighbour & his quad bike

I think we're in for a weekend of snow & cold. The boys were both meant to be a big scout camp in Essex but the decision has been made for the troup not to go - is a 160 mile round trip and deemed too dangerous. Boys both a bit disappointed but I'm sure they'll have fun here AND they'll get to sleep in beds and not in sleeping bags!

Have a good weekend.

xxxxx Vicki xxxxx


Floss said...

Postie in shorts? I'm shivering now!

We had school closures, or semi-closures, despite the fact that the snow didn't actually come when forecasted. A very odd day...

Your photos are lovely.

bellaboo said...

Mr Boo wears his shorts until October!I get the washing line 'ghost'.Really lovely photos,some of the best I've seen.The icicles are amazing aren't they? I opened the upstairs window and knocked a huge one off the gutter down to the garden below.Luckily Bella wasn't standing underneath!


Sarah said...

Great photo's! How funny about the postie - ours wears shorts too!

made with love said...

Brrrrr, postie in shorts and camping in this. I'm off to sit by the fire to warm up.
I did see someone running in shorts the other day. Thats dedication for you.
Have fun this weekend
Rachael XX

Beach Bygones said...

I love the postie in shorts! Great stuff!

Tilly Rose said...

Hi! Love your quirky postie!
Still no snow in Peterborough :(
Snowy hugs
Karen x x x

VintageVicki said...

This postie always wears shorts - says its easier than having wet trousers. I'd for for the waterproof trouser layer is I was him. Men!!

...Nina Nixon... said...

Wow - that is a lot of snow!!

Have a fabulous weekend,

Nina x

Serenata said...

Hey you've whipped my icicles... not posted pictures of mine yet though ;-) Will do so tomorrow and then you will see what I mean!

Diane said...

It must be a posties uniform as ours wears them all the time too!!!! Shame about the camp though - but there is always next time. xx

Jennyff said...

That's a lot of snow for down south, great weather for learning to knit. Have fun and keep warm.

Sam said...


i have just come across your blog...I'm sure I used to have the chalk board when I was little...70's toys were the best!

Sam x

LissyLou said...

lovely piccies x