Friday, 22 January 2010

Sewing, lunch & light shopping!

I always look forward to Friday's - I have done since I was a child. Even now I'm no longer working there's something special about Fridays.

The day started not brilliantly - even with 3 alarms we all were late up this morning so the despatching of boys to school was a bit hurried and frantic!

Once they'd gone on their way, I took myself off upstairs to have my 20 minutes crafting with my sewing machine.  I showed you yesterday the first fabric box - well I've made 2 more and refined the technique;

The stanley one is for me :)

A phone call from a sister suggesting we meet for lunch and a mooch around the charity shops put paid to any plans for further spring cleaning! I'd decided to cycle rather than walk to meet her and had planned a photograph hungry route into town - however just after this picture was taken it started to rain so the camera was put away & all I have is this picture of my bike loaded up and ready for our ride;

Lunch was lovely - we went to a little cafe in town which serves good basic food and at a reasonable price too - cheese&tomato toastie for me - scrummy :)

We then had a wander around the town.  I'm quite lucky our little town is full of small independent shops. Our florists was taken over before christmas by a wonderful lady and it is now doing a roaring trade. I couldn't resist this little hyacinth in its red pot;

The charity shops came up trumps today too - a red polka dot summer cardi for me and 2 pairs of knitting needles (both bought because of their colours rather than sizes)- total spend 70p!! Though it doesn't show it properly the grey ones have the most gorgeous green tops!!

Came home to find the postie had been kind again and brought me a parcel from a friend from another internet forum - 3 Ladybird books for my collection :)

All in all the day that started badly ended really well.

Have a good weekend - here's hoping MrSunshine puts in an appearance.

xxxx Vicki xxxx


harmony and rosie said...

Hi Vicki

I know what you mean about frantic school mornings, it's like that every day in our house and it's especially hard getting up with these dark, cold mornings. Needless to say, you've been very productive and I can't believe you got that haul for only 70p. Bargain!


Serenata said...

What a bargain! I had a few good finds in CS today, but not quite the bargain yours were!

karen said...

wow They were good finds wern't they I love that cardi.
Mornings are the opposite in our house at the moment River is insisting on getting up at 4:30 in the morning even though it is still dark out at that time he insists it's "Time to get up Mummy" lol. I even managed to get my washing and ironing done before the school run this morning lol.

bellaboo said...

Glad your day turned out good in the end.Love the spotty cardi! Have a great weekend.


Mary Poppins said...

Gorgeous books and yes i would keep the Stanleyone too, well done on your lovely crafting :)

Of course you can, help yourself to whatever you want and thank you for thinking of me :)



Sarah said...

I hate frantic school mornings too! You've got some great buys there. Love the Ladybird books.

made with love said...

Love the red cardi, what a find.
I am really impressed with your little baskets. Very nice and really useful too.
Rachael XX

Lark said...

Ooh nice header! And nice things! x

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Fabulous day out. Found you off Lark, hello, greetings from Australia - sunshine & happiness. Cutest blog header ever, nice one. Love Posie

Sal said...

Like you,I have always loved Fridays!! I love them even more at the mo as I have given myself Fridays off!
I deliberately don't arrange social things,preferring to spend Fridays alone ... I get so much done!
I far prefer to shop in small places with independent shops. You found some lovely things! ;-)

Catherine said...

Sounds like a lovely day even with the rain! I love fridays too...I think it's the promise of a full weekend ahead! Cx

Jennyff said...

Good shopping. I too buy knitting needles because they are beautiful, I may never use them but they still make me happy and look pretty in the jar.

charl said...

hi there

ooo thanks for the comment and starting to follow my blog..i always get a little bit excited when i get a new follower!!!..
loving your red cardi you bought.
i use to love fridays as it was the start of the weekend which meant big glam nights out.. now it means the start of a very long weekend with the children!!!!..

Tallis said...

Just popped by to say hi and to see what 20 minutes of inspiration are here. Love the blog

Mise said...

Your fabric boxes are great - that foldover cuff really finishes them beautifully. I may be inspired to have a go at making one for soaps.