Monday, 18 January 2010

Sunshine, Sunday lunch & Seaside

Wasn't it lovely yesterday to open the curtains and see green and sunshine?  We were up a bit earlier than a normal Sunday due to it being little son's birthday!  He was a very lucky boy and received lots of pressies & cards.

He choose for his birthday treat to go to our favourite pub for a carvery lunch.  He almost suceeded in eating his own body weight in yorkshire puddings & pigs-in-blankets ;)

As it was such a lovely day he opted out of pudding and instead asked if he could have an ice-cream @ Southwold. So naturally we obliged;

After buying ice-creams we headed along the prom towards the harbour - there was something that we all wanted to see - this;

Can you believe that this beach-hut is for sale and the asking price is £40,000!!!

After reaching the harbour we headed back towards the pier via the canons;

MrVV & I being silly ;)

It was such a lovely day - there were plenty of people on the beach - even a couple of brave children were paddling!  Several dogs were having a 'doggie paddle too'. Hardly a cloud in the sky such a wonderful change after the recent greyness.

Today has seen the start of a massive spring clean & sort out.  I've started with the kitchen, emptying cupboards and drawers - filling recycling boxes and a huge box for the charity shop too. I guess tomorrow will be much of the same, so if I am absent from blogland this week you'll know why - cleaning cloths and products do not make interesting blog pics!!

xxxx Vicki xxxx


bellaboo said...

Looks like you had a lovely family day out!That beach hut...well...I'm speechless.Not THAT long ago £40,OOO would have bought you a very nice house.What a crazy world we live in!!


made with love said...

I bought my first house for less than that. Heehee.
What a great day out. Thanks for sharing.
Good luck with the sort out. I NEED to do the same. Another day I think
Rachael XX

Serenata said...


What a lovely day out!

maryannlucy said...

What a lovely day, fancy being lucky enough to live in the area you do. And to echo everyone else - HOW MUCH??? - I'l have 3! Enjoy your spring cleaning.

...Nina Nixon... said...

Happy belated birthday - that ice cream looks yum, how much do they charge for child size cones??

I can believe the price of beach huts - well beach sheds really as that is all they are. Fortunately we pay seasonally for ours.

take care,

Nina xx

Joshy and belle said...

Hi Vikki
thank you for your lovely comments just recently, your day at the beach looks lovely. Id love a beach hut but not only are they so expensive they never seem to be for sale you have to go on a waiting list for years! fliss xx

Anonymous said...
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Dawn said...

Glad the card arrived - better late than ever.
I remember paying only a bit more than £40,000 for our first home (although a beach hut would have been a better investment!)

MarmaladeRose said...

Hello Vicki
You've been added to the 20 Minuters List. Yes it's official, you have to craft a little every day now, what a chore eh? Teehee!
Good luck, we'll all be popping by to encourage you and if you could do likewise that would be wonderful. Enjoy and don't forget to post lots of photos of your achievements.

Love Fi x

Ps. Liked the pic of the mad postie! I have a mental picture of you sneaking out from behind a bush to snap that picture. lol.