Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Blanket progress & a parcel from Cath

Good afternoon from sunny & warm Suffolk :)

Oh yes after the not so great weekend the sunshine is finally here. It was here for a while yesterday too but the afternoon brought a wonderful storm.  I knew one was coming as I had the most awful headache.  Amazingly the torrential downpour stopped just before the boys were due to finish school so they didn't get soaked.

I've been plodding slowly on with my blanket in between other crafting/sewing projects - thought it was time for an update - I've now knitted 65 squares, 64 of which are sewn together - another 16 and it will be a full 9x9 - then I shall decide whether than is enough of whether it needs to be the full 11x11. TBH as long as its finished for the camping season I'll be happy - first day for that is the Latitude Festival in July :)

This morning I've been to see my Grandma as I do every week. My Grandad has been in hospital for the past 7 weeks - they've a meeting today to decide where he goes next - home or a nursing home. We all know in our heart of hearts that home isn't the best option but need to hear that from the professionals.

Anyhow despite the fact that I'm 40, my Grandma still likes to treat me like a little girl - so often I get given pocket money!! I tend to save this up for holidays & days out but occasionally I like to treat myself - today was one of those days. I saw in the window of a little shop in town this bracelet & I couldn't leave it there;

It will go with everything :)

I got home to discover that I'd missed the postie :( - I think it was my Fabric Swap parcel from Karen - I shall have to collect that from town tomorrow.  Yesterday I had better luck - I was home when MrPostie arrived bearing this;

Oh yes a parcel from Cath - I had to use that Easy Living 15% voucher didn't I ;) Only 3 things - one for a swap so you can't see that, these for me;

and this for the kitchen - hoping it makes baking less messy sometimes;

Right its so sunny here I think I shall take my lunch out into the garden & make the most it.

See you soon - I shall be able to share my other parcel with you then.

xxxx Vicki xxxx


Catherine said...

I had a parcel like that yesterday!! Bliss! Love your purchases!
Hope all works well with your Grandad. We are kind of at that stage with my father in law. It's not easy.

Pixiedust said...

Love the ck purchases. xx

Dawn said...

Love the pumps, I might have to sneak in and pinch them.

Andrea said...

Beautiful blanket.
Blessings, andrea

Anonymous said...

Oooh the blue CK pumps are lovely..I got the same in green yesterday.
Em xx

bellaboo said...

Your blanket's coming on a treat.I've come to a full stop with my crochet.I think it's because I'm sewing up the squares and it's so boring!
I like what you chose with your CK voucher.

Bellaboo ;0)

Lisa said...

Those pumps are great. I love anything dotty.
And I have bracelet envy, it's gorgeous!
Lisa x

melanie said...

Your blanket is looking lovely, love the shoes too. :) xx

Felted House said...

You've chosen such great colours for your blanket, it's looking fab - hope you have time to decide its size and finish it soon, then you can use it! xx

LaaLaa said...

Lovely Cath purchases and fab blanket! I've got the pumps in the cherry design. They're so comfy! xx

JP said...

the blanket looks great - I chose the daisy shoes over the pumps!!!!!


Thanks for following me Vicki and for entering my giveaway. Your blog is great. Good luck with the blanket. One of news resolutions is to learn to knit :-) Gemma x

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

Don't you hate it when you miss the arrival of a parcel? The suspence must be killing you! Love your new buys very much. Cute bracelet! Your blanket is really coming on nicely. It's quite neat to stitch the squares up as you go. Probably makes you go a bit faster as well, seeing it grow.

LissyLou said...

I have the flour shaker!! i'm not sure how often i'll use it but its just soooo pretty!!

Alijane said...

Your blanket is looking good. Love your CK purchases,pumps look fab.

Like your bracelet, how sweet your granny gives you pocket money still.

Artesanías en lanas e hilos said...

hi! I love your blog, you have beautiful creations!

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Money very well spent, I love the pumps. I have been thinking of getting myself some.
I think it's really sweet that your Grandmother still gives you pocket money. How lovely of her to do that.

Well done with the blanket, looking good!

Take care
Isabelle x

::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

I'm such a child, I still can't utter the word 'pumps' without a wee giggle escaping and your pumps are gorgeous (heehee!).
Loving the blanket, I was thinking of making a large cushion cover for my Biscuits' room just like it!
Ali x

JuicyFig said...

oooh, you lucky thing! I wish I got parcells like that.

Love the pumps - I want one of those oil cloth saddle bag thingies in that spotty fabric!


Jennyff said...

I love the shoes too, been in town today looking for something just like that. Off to browse Cath's website immediately.

birdie blue said...

your little bracelet is darling. your gran is so sweet to give you pocket money!

Jen Walshaw said...

Oh do let me know how the shoes last. I am lusting after a pair, if I can find some money - I am going to do a boot sale on Fathers day.

Amanda Makes said...

Oh, where to begin??? First off I want to eat that bracelet...it looks so juicy, doesn't it? Love all your CK treats. How lovely is your Gran, giving you spends. Hope all goes well with deciding about your Grandpa. It's hard isn't it? Lots of love, Amanda xxx

Anonymous said...

Lovely blanket and great pumps!

Shirl x

Diane said...

You made me really miss my Grandad today - he always used to give me a £1 for my birthday and I always spent it wisely!! Love your parcels!! xxx