Thursday, 20 May 2010

Fabric swaps, buttons, ribbons & a ravishing rabbit!

Good evening :)

I meant to type this post yesterday but somehow ran out of day!! Its been one of those weeks with everyone having to be in different places at different times! Looking forward to Saturday when we've a day all together and no need to be out in the evening :)  Big son has got himself involved in a couple of badminton tournaments which require extra practise and being up & out rather early on Sunday morning and little son has been involved in a variety show at school for 2 nights this week.  Poor MrVV he is running a rather unprofitable taxi service at the moment!!

Anyhow on to nicer things - I collected my parcel from the post office yesterday morning - I was at the door when the collection office opened at 10am!! I was right, it was my Fabric Swap parcel from Tilly Rose. Now before blogging I'd have just ripped into a parcel but now I am a reformed character. No parcel can be opened until I have time to photograph it properly!! 

Inside was;

Inside that - am I teasing?

Some Rosy fabric

Some beautiful handmade ceramic buttons - had to take these off a sister who wanted to pinch them today.

Lots of pretty trimmings, buttons, bows & pins :)

and this;

At first glance I only saw the flowery print but when I unfolded it, I discovered that it is in fact 2 pre-printed kits for making a big ravishing rabbit & a little one. I look forward to making these up and then having to hide them from visiting small girls who I am sure will want to adopt them.

Thank you Karen very much for my gorgeous pressies :)   Karen has blogged about my parcel and to be honest her pictures are so much better that the quick snap I took before I wrapped all her pressies up - but here it is anyhow;

When I opened my parcel & had a little chuckle to myself - see I'd bought a little piece of fabric that morning from the charity shop and thought I'd look out for something to go with it & then make a new summery cushion - seems with the stripey/rosy fabric in my swap parcel, Karen had beaten me too it!! Here's my CS piece;

Am thinking rosy/stripey front with the stripey/dotty on the back :)

Last night was Stitch & Bitch so off I trotted armed with some knitting and a couple of craft fair makes I wanted to get finished.  These were some pin cushions similar to those I've made for swaps - thought they would sell quite well. One of my sisters who was there took a shine to them and I promised to make one for her. I would of done this anyhow but made it a priority as she'd bought me a little pressie at the weekend. I think I've mentioned before that I collect russian dolls - well she'd found one at a boot sale that was a bit unusual;

and this is what I made her in exchange - her favourite flower is a daisy & I'd one daisy button left;

I'd better wander off now - just realised that I need to water some pots in the garden - its been so warm & lovely here in Suffolk today.  One last thing before I go - the lovely Laalaa is having a giveaway - and as much as I'd like to keep it a secret - I can't ;)

Tomorrow is promising to be a lovely day here in Suffolk - am hoping to spend most of it outdoors - either gardening, sewing or lounging on the hammock!!

xxxx Vicki xxxx


lemonade kitty said...

Those bunnies will look gorgeous when they're made up, love the buttons,love your blog header too, Lucey xx

Tilly Rose said...

So glad you likie your goodies hun!
want to see your projects with them!!!
Karen x x x

Anonymous said...

Lovely goodies - am glad that you enjoyed the swap.:-) xx

Andrea said...

Beautiful fabrics and accessories! Happy gardening, tomorrow.
Blessings, andrea

Lisa said...

You sent and received some really pretty things. I bet that cushion you have in mind is going to look great.
Enjoy the sun.
Lisa x

andamento said...

Lots of lovely bits and bobs! Hope the weather's living up to expectations.

Dawn said...

Suns out today! It's looking good for the weekend:)

LaaLaa said...

Lovely goodies! Although I was thinking that a Ravishing Rabbit was something quite different. Ahem! xx

JP said...

love the idea of the rabbits

Vix said...

Thanks for your kind message and support, Vicki!
Just getting back to blogging and having an enjoyable catch-up.
What pretty things and such glorious weather,too.

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh - lots of swappy goodness here!

Jen Walshaw said...

I have really enjoyed these swaps lately. What lovely things you have received

The Fairy Glade said...

Love those yummy fabrics, the rose on looks familiar but the yellow and rose one is gorgeous, do you know what it is by any chance? Fabric is high on my list of priorities at the moment. Also, I have got to have one of those bracelets, absolutely scrumptious. Dev x

driftwood said...

so many lovely things! that pin cushion is adorable, and I'm looking forward to seeing the bunnies x

Perfect Balance Marketing said...

You lucky thing - those goodies are fab. I received my fabric swap parcel yesterday and it was so exciting. I also had to stop myself from ripping it open before photographing it! Your daisy pin cushion is really pretty - bet your sister will be delighted, Lucy xox PS Thanks for entering my bag giveaway - I'll draw the winner on 13th June so will be in touch if it's you - good luck! Hugs, Lucy x

Anonymous said...

I love the way you've put your buttons and ribbons on playing cards thats so imaginative!!
Can't wait to see the rabbits made up either.
Em xx

Anonymous said...

your artical is so funny!! it make me so happy!! ........................................

Claire said...

ooo there's nothing like getting parcels in the mail! & such pretty things! I have the Blogging for Bliss book, must dig it out again and get some tips..:) Isnt' the weather great at the moment!?