Sunday, 16 May 2010

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside, oh I do like to be beside the sea

Oh I do like to stroll along the prom, prom, prom, where the brass band plays tiddly om pom pom (later on).

Good afternoon :)

Not quite sure what happened to the promised ice-cream weather weekend. Its been ok but at times its been overcast & quite chilly, especially on Saturday. 

It started with such great promise - blue skies & sunshine.  After a slow start, a picnic was prepared, shorts dragged out & spades packed.  We headed up to Southwold for a picnic, play on the beach & the promise of a walk & ice-cream to end the day.  We got there late morning and noticed it had started to cloud up - nevermind we're British we can cope with a little cloud. The boys amused themselves digging holes in the sand & hunting out lucky stones. Us parents were happy with our newspaper & magazine.

Amazing what fun you can have just burying each other feet;

Even better when we did that to big son - was so nice to be taller than him again!!

Eventually the sky got very grey & it turned cold - hence me wearing big sons hoodie!! We trooped back to the car with the intention of perhaps have a wander around the town - it didn't happen the heavens opened so instead we headed home again :(

Little son decided that he'd like to bake so under my supervision, he made a banana loaf - he opted to add a couple of handfuls of raisins to make the recipe his own;

(reality picture with laundry in the background ;) )

We'd settled down to watch some trashing TV - a Superman movie when the phone rang. It was my little brother who is in Suffolk this weekend - he wanted to come over.  The boys were thrilled to see him - we've not seen him much this year. Big son was very happy - he's finally taller than his Uncle. I just wish I'd taken a photo as big son & my brother are very similar to look at and even sound the same.

Today three-quarters of us have been in Aldeburgh. Big son opting as usual for a quiet house to himself!  MrVV's band were playing for the Mayors Parade.

Outside the Moat Hall

The band play to lead the parade to the Church and once that is inside they head off for coffee in one of the many cafes in town. Little son went with MrVV and I had an hour or so to browse the shops in peace.  And that's all I did - just browse - didn't buy anything amazingly.

At the end of the time the band go back to the Church to lead the parade back down the hill & back to the Moat Hall. Where the Mayors gives a small speech, the parade dismisses, the Mayoral party head for drinks in the Moat Hall & the band head over the road to the Mill Inn ;)

This afternoon has been spent on domestic chores & preparing a roast for dinner tonight.

BTW is anyone else watching the 80's stuff on BBC2? Am looking forward to the Boy George drama later. The boys can't quite understand my fondness for this period in time - however as I pointed out the 80's were a major part of my life - I started them as a little girl moving up to middle school and ended them as a married woman who was buying her first home! Plus lots of exciting stuff in the middle bit.

I wonder which Dorothy will be off tonight too? Not sure now who we want to win - probably Danielle.

Oh nearly forgot - Amanda @ Amanda Makes is having the most gorgeous giveaway - not sure I really want to tell you all as I really would love to win this one ;)

xxxx Vicki xxxx


Sarah said...

We spent to weekend in Scratby, your brave wearing tshirts on the beach xx

Lisa said...

The ice cream weather never got to us either.
Most of our weekend plans fell through.
Looks like you all managed to make the most of your weekend though.
Lisa x

LaaLaa said...

Looks like you had a great weekend, Vicki. I really hope Danielle or Sophie win. xx

andamento said...

Sounds like a busy and interesting weekend, thanks for sharing it! Aldeburgh looks nice.
I'm intending watching the Boy George program too, should be good.

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Love those beach huts, it was chilly though wasn't it?

I'm with you, I think DANIELLE IS dOROTHY!

Sorry about all those bluebells went a bit mad!

Sarah x

Floss said...

I can't believe you managed the beach! Our weather is horrible too. (See the post I'm about to do...)

Thanks for your lovely news, which is great for nostalgic ex-pats!

bellaboo said...

What a shame the weather wasn't good for your beach trip.Still you had fun just the same.We brits are a hardy lot.I can remember childhood holidays,when we'd be sitting huddled behind the wind break,a force nine gale blowing,sipping soup out of a thermos to warm ourselves up...and this was August!

Bellaboo :0)

BadPenny said...

.....tiddly om pom pom... I was there with you ! How wonderful.
We went to Christen the boat... grey skies prevailed but we did it ! Tiddly om pom pom !
I think Danielle ...... I KEEP telling Dillon... " You could have been TOTO !!!"

Felted House said...

So THAT'S how to make myself taller than son no. 1 again - bury his lower legs in sand! Will have to wait till our summer hols sadly as we are bang in the middle of the country.
You must be about the same age as me - I had exactly the same experience in the 80s starting and ending the decade as you did (very expensive time to buy a first home wasn't it?!). I've been too busy to watch much TV but will try and catch anything on BBC2 that's left, thanks for pointing that out! xx

Anonymous said...

I can remember sitting on Nairn beach in the highlands in the middle of summer wearing a coat and shivering!!
I love going to beaches and walking by the sea,but these days I try to save my sunbathing time for abroad.
I too started high school in the early 80's and finished them as a new mum..literally with 2 days to spare, my oldest was born Dec 29th 1989.
Have a nice week.
Em xx

Jackie said...

I love Aldeburgh! Looks as though you had a good time, despite everchanging weather! x

Linda said...

Oh the 80's --- What a great time was had between my 10th and 20th birthdays! Wham, Simple Minds,Spandau, Duran Duran, first boyfriends etc. etc. etc.!!! (but choose to what "Restoration Man" instead - I like his voice and of course the programme!)

Made your banana loaf last week - went down a treat (added a bag of choc chips to keep the chocoholics happy) and it lasted no time at all!

Jen Walshaw said...

Too cold at the weekend to brave the North Sea! Was the george thing good, I fell asleep - I a shattered again, more blood tests on Friday.