Friday, 10 December 2010

Almost stitched up!!

Good afternoon

According to the forecast its supposed to be warmer here today - my bones don't agree and I'm writing this post in between mugs of tea and dashes around the house trying to get some little jobs finished and too keep warm.

Its been a heck of a week - my 'dear' husband had to go delivering this week and his route took up the country via the Lakes and over the border into Scotland. As everyone knows and of course so many have seen, the weather up there has been awful. He was very lucky - apart from a few delays he managed to complete all his drops over the three days and get home just 1/2 an hour later than he expected last night!! I didn't let on whilst he was away but I was so worried that he'd get stuck or have an accident - quite glad to have him home again.

I've been trying hard this week to get some festive preparations sorted and have so far managed to cross some essentials from my list - I've been to the butchers to order something for Christmas Lunch and finally written my christmas cards and also hunted out pressies which have been bought & made to make sure I hadn't forgotten anyone!! Oh and I finished little sons wrist warmers - am so glad its been dull otherwise I might have had to wear sunglasses to knit these!!

He loves them and now wants a scarf to match - least they'll never get lost or stolen!!

When I sorted out the pressies I was pleased to see how many I'd managed to make - mainly for the females in my family;

For my not-so-secret-sibling-santa-swap

For my Mum

For one niece

This is for my youngest niece - she's getting a mini sewing machine from Father Christmas so I've made her a starter kit (based loosely on a giveaway win I had earlier this year from Lissylou). A thrifted jar filled with ribbons, cotton, a patchwork pin cushion, buttons, pins and 3 pretty FQs.

Even for my oldest niece who is far more interested in gadgets, I've managed to find something on her list that I wanted to buy - a beginners knitting book :)

Right my hands are getting cold - time to find another job to warm them up.

Quite a busy weekend ahead - brass engagements, a christmas party and then on Sunday the menfolk are helping MIL move house. My role in that is providing meals!!

See you Sunday for a 3rd Pause in Advent.

xxx Vicki xxx


Coco Rose Diaries said...

Wow, you have been a busy bee! Lots of lovely goodies, i'm sure your family are really going to love!

Have a great weekend!

Vanessa xxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Oooh all lovely makes!
I love the sewing starter kit, I gave my youngest daughter something similar for her birthday when she got a mini sewing machine and it went down very well as She had all her own pins, buttons etc instead of using mine.
Have a nice weekend.
Em xxxxxx

bellaboo said...

Glad your hubby managed to get around despite the weather conditions,and is back safe and sound.Luckily Mr boo works round the corner otherwise I would be worried sick if he had to commute. You are really well ahead with all your preparations for Xmas...well done! It's a nice feeling when everything is sorted isn't it?
Hope MIL's move goes well on Sunday. :0)

Jackie said...

Glad hubby is home safely. Your makes are all lovely! Have a good weekend x

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

I absolutely adore that owl. As for those orange wristwarmers - uber cool!!

Kandi said...

I bet it feels great looking at that pile and knowing you made it all! Those gloves are mega bright my kids are into those colours at the minute too, they each buy a pair of bright gloves and swap them so they are odd colours!?!? Kids eh?
Keep warm!
Kandi x

Serenata said...

So glad your hubby made it home safely. Those mits are fantastic and I can imagine the scarf already!

You are doing so well with your Christmas pressies. I think that is what I need to do...actually sit down and write a list. Ha! Me master list writer, hasn't actually done a Christmas list yet!

♥ emma bear forever ♥ said...

Glad your hubby managed to get home safe and sound.
You have done so well with all your pressie making I still have bit's to finish off, not as organised as I would like to be this year. x

BusyLizzie said...

Thank you for your all your handmade gorgeous gifts. xx

Unknown said...

Fantastic gifts! Everyone will be so pleased with them, I wish I was getting handmade gifts from my family, although I doubt that will happen! The mini sewing kit is such a great idea! :) x

Naturally Carol said...

I love your header, very cute jelly babies and lights! I am glad your husband made it safely home, over here I am always worried when it is rainy because we have torrential downpours and the road becomes invisible. I'm thinking you may be a trendsetter with those orange gloves! Isn't it great that he loves them so much.

Unknown said...

I love your gifts wow you have been busy. Your family are going to love them all and what a lovely idea a little starting off sewing kit ;-)And those gloves WOW where's the sunglasses ;-)There fab. Im so glad your husband returned safe and sound poor Scotland have had it bad. Enjoy your weekend. Dee x

JP said...

what lovely presents - lucky family