Friday, 17 December 2010

Little tiny bears and the kindness of ''strangers''

Good evening from frozen Suffolk

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr its gone very cold again :( Don't think its been above freezing all day here - even a little wander down the lane to the postbox required lots of layers and careful treading. Everywhere was frozen solid and yours truly needed ended up on her well padded rear end several times!!

Little son remained at home again today - is feeling much better but we decided that he'd be better off in the warm rather than risk getting to school and then feeling ill and having to return home.

The presents never got wrapped today instead I've been knitting - I saw these cute little bears on Wispo's blog and I fell in love. Unfortunately I didn't win her giveaway but she did post the link to the pattern on this blog. I had a look and decided that I'd give it ago.

This is my first attempt and its turned out ok - I've now sussed how to make the top of the head neater and the 3rd one will be perfect!!! I think I might use these as tags on my little nieces & nephews pressies.

It seems after a slow spell the post is moving again and today I've been very lucky - 3 parcels/envelopes for me all containing lovely things - pressies from ''strangers'' - other bloggers I've never met but who have pulled my name out of a hat or just kindly thought of me and sent me something lovely and festive;
This was a giveaway on a forum from this lovely and very clever lady. Thank you so much it will become a very treasured part of my christmas collection :)
A gorgeous vintage inspired card and one of those so very Cath felt doggies from the lovely Kandipandi. I wasn't lucky enough to win her giveaway but she had a spare one and kindly sent it too me.

A total surprise - a pretty hand made card & little felt holly heart from Pene (and Daisy). Again thank you very much - its been a pleasure opening post today - so many treats :)

Really looking forward to putting our tree up tomorrow - so many lovely handmade things to put on there this year :)

Right I'd best go and finish another bear and then wait for MrVV to arrive home. Typical as there's bad weather he's been out driving today and is running a couple of hours late :(

Wrap up warm and keep cozy

xxx Vicki xxx


Serenata said...

Very cute little bear and lots of lovely gifts for you.

So cold outside today, I didn't venture out at all. Will have to do all my posting on Monday now!

Amanda said...

The post is THE topic of conversation, that and snow. You've had some lovely gifts. I can't wait to see your tree!

Kathy said...

Aren't the bears sweet ...I made a set of them for my tree!
Love Kathy xxx

Unknown said...

Love the little bear, they will be so cute on presents! Our post still doesn't seem to be coming through, still waiting on things ordered at the end of November! Oh well!
Lots of lovely goodies, isn't the blogging world filled with lovely people! :) x

liz said...

Lovely bear, I must must learn to knit in the New Year! It is so very cold in Suffolk, we had ice on the inside of every window this morning. Looking forward to seeing the tree, keep warm, Liz

Kandi said...

Oh you are welcome. I saw those bears and remembered I had printed that pattern out to make those and the bunnies and never used it yet, it made it onto my very long list of things to make though. Hope the weather is kind to your Hubbie.
Kandi x

Dawn said...

Following patterns now? You are getting brave!
It was -8.2 in our garden last night, the coldest i can ever remember it.
(BTW, I have W's tree with lights from Science club which I will drop round to you sometime)

harmony and rosie said...

Lucky you getting such lovely gifts and I love the little bear you made. So sweet. It took us 2 hours to drive what is normally a 10 minute journey today, grrrrr!

Amy (Blighty Boutique) said...

The bears are very cute. The gingerbread man and robin I bought from you are hanging on my tree looking lovely, although Lily the dog has taken a particular liking to mr robin so I've had to move him to a higher spot on the tree. I think she likes his dangly legs and I kept finding him (totally unscathed) in her bed x

Sheila said...

Oh my goodness, how cute!! I love everything, the little dog and card picture is beautiful!

kim said...

Sweet little bears.......maybe I could squeeze a couple into my knitting schedule........socks are begining to loose their knitting appeal, never mind, nearly finished.

Fantastic pressies, it's lovely when you recieve unexpected gifts, leaves you with a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Have a Happy Peaceful Christmas.
florrie x