Thursday, 2 December 2010

My babies were up to their waists in snow!!!


Oh yes that white stuff has been falling here today - not enough to close the boys schools - though their little cousins in the primary school did get a snow day today.

Since lunchtime its been coming down more & more and now we've about 3 inches of the stuff and the sky is laden with more for later.

The school websites are being checked and they are hopeful for a day off tomorrow.

Anyhow - my snowy babies;

I won these little lads & lasses on Tuesday night in a draw!! Very tasty they are too - the big question - heads or feet first????

I braved the back garden this afternoon - mainly to feed my feathered friends and to rescue my radio from the now abandoned till springtime summer house!!

I hid in the summerhouse for a while hoping to get some pics of all the feathered visitors - they seemed to sense I was about and after a cold ten minutes I gave up and came indoors again.

Almost as soon as I was indoors a flock of seagulls (no not the 80's band) came and devoured the bread crusts I'd put out. Then the robin came and raided the feeders - just wish I could get a photo of him - he'd make a lovely christmas card picture.

Just before the boys arrived home it started snowing heavily so of course I had to take a picture;

Please keep your fingers crossed that they get the day off tomorrow - as even at almost 15 & 13 they are no too old for snowball fights, making snow angels and building a snowman or 2 ;)

Keep warm and snuggle under lots of blankets & quilts.

Till next time

xxx Vicki xxx

Their snow dance worked - school is cancelled tomorrow - hurrah :)


Pixiedust said...

Love the jelly baby pic . xxx

bellaboo said...

Oh heads first...definately! Would you believe,we have a foot of snow here!I can't get the car out,the roads are lethal,so enjoying slobbing around at home,watching a bit of daytime TV and doing my crochet.Did venture out with Bella to the fields for a walk though.It all looks so beautiful.Hope you get to build your snowman with the boys tomorrow...(very cold fingers) crossed. :0)

Scented Sweetpeas said...

ooh you lucky thing to have thick snow, ours was just a little bit and has now melted :-( oh those poor babies I hope you popped them in your mouth to warm them up :-)

Sophie - Chez Sophie said...

Oh those babies look chilly!
I would have to say all in one go for me, heads & feet don't even come into question!
I hope your boys get a snow day tomorrow.
Luv Sophie xxx

Vix said...

Poor babies! Gorgoeus pictures, we've had so much snow here today but I think the roads are okay...phew! Enjoy your snow day tomorrow. xxx

Unknown said...

awwww im keeping my fingers crossed for them. We woke up to 2 inches today and my boys are praying its going to snow again tonight so i think if all the kids dream and pray hard enough tonight maybe it will ;-)) I love your last photo you have captured it so well i can never seem to photograph it coming down. Ohh got to be the heads im afraid ;-))) Dee x

Claire said...

Love the snow! Hope your boys get their snow day..our schools are all open, we always seem to miss the worst of it. I really should move.

SewHappyGeek said...

My 12yr old girl had a blast today too (Southampton area so no school here either!) - and I LOVE the pic of the empty bird feeders, kind of a 'food-in-waiting' sweet! and jelly babies have to go head first, right?

Jackie said...

Love the snow falling picture! Miss S is disappointed her school hasn't been shut - but we live on the same road so wouldn't have much of an excuse not to go!! We still had a snowball fight, made snow angels and got the sledge out after school though!

Stay warm xx

Lisa said...

Very happy for your boys!
My two loved being off today. School closed tomorrow too.
Lisa x

Ditzy and Dotty said...

Love the jelly babies photo! They're never too old to play in the snow are they! My eldest had fun as the senior school was closed, but sadly the primary was open so the youngest two had to go. They had fun at playtime though with a mass snowball fight - teachers too. Enjoy your day tomorrow.

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Ah you crazy chick! Loved the snowy babies! Really made me smile, glad everyone had a day at home, they are good these impromptu mini holidays from ordinary life.

Sarah x

Anonymous said...

I think we've got over a foot of snow in some places now and even more in others!
Evie has had a 1 day week at school so she's very happy!!
Glad to hear your boys are getting their snowday, I hope they put it to good use and build a big snowman and throw lots of snowballs!!
Em xxxx

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

I love that last photo of the snow falling, so pretty. I'm glad your boys are seeing some good benefits of having snow. Have a happy day with them at home.

Magic Bean said...

Hooray for the snow dance, however, it hasn't worked in our house. Frozen babies... I'm calling social services! Ax

Unknown said...

Wow so much snow, we've not had much here at all (East Midlands) which has disappointed my daughter no end! I'm definitely a heads first kind of girl :) x

Ellouise88 said...

Black ones, head first!

Your boys are the same age as my girls! Do you think we should set up a double date? Mind you, I don't call my eldest Scary for nothing!

Lovely post, gorgeous photos and smashing wellies!

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Love your pics and the jelly baby header has to be one of the best headers I've ever seen! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm jelly babies yummy!

Victoria - Florence and Mary said...

Glad to see your boys got their snow day!

Victoria xx